Starbucks's layer collection & new lunch food items!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Starting today, February 21 - Starbucks releases their layer collection - the new Espresso drinks!

Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato offers a twist on the classic pairing of vanilla and coffee – a marriage made in heaven. Tahitian Vanilla has a unique floral aroma and mild sweetness which pairs the roasty coffee, complemented by a layer of velvety steamed milk, then topped with Starbucks signature espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle in our classic double crosshatch pattern.

Meanwhile, the refreshing Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino is perfectly blended to suit the taste of those who need the reinvigorating sweet flavor. In this beverage, Valencia Orange Mocha Sauce is combined with milk, topped with dense and creamy foam and then layered with affogato-style signature espresso shots, sweet cocoa powder and tartly-sweet bits of orange peel to add even more flavors.

And here are some of the new lunch items, I'm so looking forward to having them.  I sooo love Starbucks' food items!  Hihi...

Cheese Steak on Ciabatta Bread 

 Clubhouse on Sourdough Bread

 Cold soba with Chicken

 Salmon Dill on Multigrain Bread

Sweet Potato Salad

Everything looks delish guys!

Head on to your favorite Starbucks and try these!

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