Tokyo Diaries: Car Pick Up Service by Mizo

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Whenever I travel with kids, I try my best not to get stressed and so most of the time, I arrange for a car pick up service (to and from the airport), that way - I won't need to worry if we can fit the bus or what time we'll arrive at our destination and etc.  Most will say I'm maarte - but I say, I'm practical and smart.  Hahaha!!

During my last 2 trips to Tokyo - I've had different car service pick ups, one was Tokyo Asahi Kotsu and last year was Yen.  Both have been very good - it was just that with Yen, we had other passengers with us during our trip back to the airport - I assumed it was private, but I guess - he was just trying to make money, but that's okay.

This trip - I asked Yen how much he charged for a pick up, he sent me a reply via Line Messenger that it was JPY15,000.00.  To be honest, I expected that much since he charges at least JPY3,000.00 per head per way.  But I made sure to ask around for a lower rate, so I emailed here and there.  The rates I got were from JPY18,000.00 to JPY11,000.00, and as you guessed - I got the JPY11,000.00

The good thing with this company - the Tokyo Airporter, was that you didn't need to pay in advance.  Well, you can - via credit card or you can pay in cash upfront when you get dropped off (at your destination) by the car service.  The only risk was that - you might not get picked up at all.  But it's Japan, I would think most people are good natured and so for sure, you'll get picked up.

When we arrived in Haneda Airport and got our backs, we were waking toward the arrival area.  My Panget saw the sign that held my name.  We approached the man holding the sign, he greeted us in  English.  I was glad!  He took over pushing our cart from my Panget and was very nice and chatty.  He told us to wait for him at the car park's entrance.  We waited about 5 minutes and he was there with his mini van.  He did all the heavy lifting, carrying the luggages to the car.

His mini van was very comfortable - he offered us water and even had a portable wifi for us to use!  It took us about 35 minutes from the airport to our drop off address.  On the way, we were talking about how the president of the Philippines just left and that how this month, he was going to Cebu to eat lechon.  Mizo is very nice and polite.  His car is clean and comfortable too.  He then handed us his card for future reference.  I liked that he was on most messaging apps - Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Skype, KakaoTalk and Facebook.  You can even email him!

Here is his card below.  He can do pick ups in Narita or Haneda.  He said he'd be happy to welcome any of my friends.  So I'm sharing his contact details - here:

A few days after we arrived in Tokyo, I decided to ask him for his rate for a return trip to Haneda.  He gave a very reasonable rate - and so I booked him right away.  We were messaging one another via Whatsapp.

I messaged him to come pick us up at 1:00PM.  My Panget said to give allowance because he might be late.  So on the day that we were leaving, we decided to walk around instead of just waiting for our pick up.  We thought, we had a good hour just to walk the streets.  And so at 12NN we decided to stepped out of our place, I was shocked to see him outside on the street!  He was already there!  I loved that he is prompt.  When he saw us, he apologized for being early.  He said that he will wait in the car.  Hahaha..  So funny and strange that a person apologizes for being early.  I love the Japanese!  So when we came back at about 12:30-ish, I asked my Panget if he wanted to leave for the airport, I mean since the pick-up was already there - and he said yes.

So if you're worry is if Mizo will be late or if he will arrive - YES HE WILL!  He replies fast too.

Please consider him if you're going to Tokyo with kids and elders.

Good Luck!! :)

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