Jun: The goodness of an Uber Driver

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So, when we got back to Manila - it was midnight.  I was trying to call the driver assigned to us but both his numbers were not reachable.  To make the long story short - we didn't have anyone picking us up from the airport.

So what's the solution?  Get an Uber.

Unfortunately, all I saw on my app were UberX vehicles - we won't fit.  We had to get an UberBlack.  The map on the app was empty - there were no UberBlack cars around.  There was a message to check back after a few minutes.

I tried to book via Grab but it was always small cars available.

Then lo and behold - a lone UberBlack car - so I booked him immediately.  On his profile was the car make - Ford Everest.  I asked my Panget and he said - we'd fit.  So we waited for about 10 minutes and our car arrived.

I'm very used to riding Uber.  So I was just relaxed - while my Panget was anxious.  The ride was very smooth - our Uber driver was very careful in driving.  When we were near the house, my Panget started chatting him up and he was very nice.  We got home safely and thanked him.  He was telling us that he lived near Terminal 3, but decided to turn on the Uber app and there we were.  I was telling him thank you because he was a lifesaver - if he didn't turn on his app, we won't be able to go home *safely*.  Before he left, I asked for his name - he said his name is Jun.

At about 2:30am, I noticed that my other cellphone (XiaoMi Redmi) was missing.  I looked everywhere in the house and nada.  I called my Sun number and went on a hunting the vibrate sound spree and nothing.  So I finally decided to send Jun - a message:

So last Friday - my driver met with Jun along Shaw Blvd to get my cellphone.


Thank you Jun - super duper!  May God bless you more pa!! :)

Thank you Jun and THANK YOU UBER!

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