Auntie Cata's Green & Leafy Lettuce!

Friday, October 21, 2016

I am very picky when it comes to veggies.  There are only a handful of veggies that I am willing to eat and one of them are lettuces!

Look at that beauty:

I noticed that my mom would get deliveries of fresh lettuces every so often.  As it turns out, Auntie Cata - my mom's BFF, grows them in her home - using hydroponics!  Brilliant right?  It's not made in some facility far away - and is instead it's home made and home cared for!  So I assure you, the quality is very very good.  I noticed too that her lettuces don't brown that easily.  Thank goodness for Auntie Cata's lettuces - we can have regular Taco Tuesdays now.  Hihi.. :)

I am honestly wishing and hoping that Auntie Cata will venture into other veggies as well - like ARUGULA!  Hahaha....

These lettuces are at P400.00/Kilo.  Order at least 500grams for FREE DELIVERY!

You may reach Auntie Cata at +639175208096.

Before I forget, Auntie Cata also makes delicious Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

I can't stop gushing about how pretty her lettuces are, hihi:

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