Residents only policy along Sorsogon Street in QC

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Traffic is something that hassles most everyone.  We are less efficient because of traffic.  I am so thankful for the Waze app on my phone because more often than not - it gets me to places using road I am not familiar with.  I mean, seriously - it's a wonderful help. I often ask myself (when in unfamiliar territory) Saan ba ako dinadala ni Waze??  Hahaha..  But it has served it purpose.  I am still alive!  Hahaha...

There's this road that Waze introduced to me a while back.  It's Sorsogon Street in Barangay Nayong Kanluran in Quezon City (near West Avenue).  I honestly would NOT have used that road if not for Waze and ever since I first used it - I use it every single time I pass by that area, as a short cut.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a sign that says that, that particular street will be implementing a sticker system with the initiative of Kagawad Steve Gan (supported by Capt. Randy Serrano and Council).  And this morning - well, I was welcomed with this tarp on the gate:

A brief backgound on the area - at one end of Sorsogon Street (near Del Monte Avenue) they close that gate at 10:00PM every night, they maintain only one (1) gate open which is the Zamboanga gate which is on the other end of Sorsogon Street.  I was honestly surprised (when I first moved in the area nearby) because they have people manning these ends and directing traffic (to be honest two or three cars max) even at night!  I have always admired the cars passing through Sorsogon Street because the people/cars who pass by Sorsogon Street give way most of the time.  There are so many cars parked on the street, so it's quite hard to maneuver - but in all fairness the few cars that pass by do not engage one another and instead GIVE WAY all of the time.  I don't think I've ever experienced a road rage incident because somehow that street is always blessed with *nice* drivers.  I have a complaint though - and that are those tricycles and pedicabs that are parked on both ends of the street.  Plus those barangay vehicles parked on the street (well, where else will they park?! diba??)

On the Del Monte end - there's a small wet market.  But that doesn't give these tricycles and taxis the right to park on the road.  To be honest, they cause a LOT of traffic because they use up too much space on the road.  Another thing is that they REFUSE to move their trikes to let cars pass!  They just sit on their trikes and stare at you.  Some months ago, there were bars installed on the middle of the road - to separate the two lanes (two way direction) but to be honest, I found it really silly because of the trikes and jeepneys (and even barangay vehicles) that are parked on the street!  I understand that they want organization but they didn't think their plans through.  I think they had a hard time controlling the drivers - and so they just install it on different times of the day.  At the other end - the Zamboanga Street - there are so many parked pedicabs on the road.  Now, it's semi parked on the road - half of the trike is up on the side walk, while the other half is on the road.  I honestly don't see the point - was it an effort to decongest?  My gosh - it's still an obstruction on the road!

Going back to the stickers.

I would understand if the road is a private road in a subdivision or a village.  But in all honesty, it's NOT a private road at all.  So this led me to ask - is it really LEGAL for the barangay to privatize a road and implement a *residents only can pass* policy?  

I called the barangay office and spoke to secretary Yojan.  He said that the council came up with this because the residents have been complaining that there are so many jeepneys and UV express vehicles that pass by the street.  So the council submitted a resolution to implement a no sticker no entry policy.  This is *with the accordance to the city government*.  He said they sent the resolution and it was approved.  I feel that since it's a public road - there's no provision that says what types of vehicles are allowed and not allowed on a particular street.  Although I know for a fact that tricycles are NOT allowed along West Avenue - but they still traverse it without being caught, warned and apprehended.

This made me think - in the street that I live in, we've experienced rampant theft.  Container vans are parked on the street nightly - and the helpers and drivers of these vans are often robbed when they're asleep.  I've reported this to our barangay and they can only say *Please just tell them to not stay there* that's it!  And then while the street is being repaired (it is until now) traffic was horrendous - it takes me at least 15 to 20 minutes to get out of my house to reach the main road (it usually takes 5mins or less)!  I complained on this and was told by the barangay official to call QC DPOS because traffic is NOT their (barangay's) job.  Should I encourage the council to implement too a *residents only can pass* sticker on my street?

Is this even legal?  To privatize a public street?  Or even implement a sticker system (with a fee?) for residents only?  Because if it is - I'll start an initiative in my street just for the sake of being able to start one and implementing one.

Any barangay councils out there who can help and shed light?

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