GOOD JOB NSO Serbilis Center East Avenue

Thursday, September 01, 2016

For ONCE I am raving about a government office's service!

So last Friday, I called up NSO Serbilis Center in East Avenue.  I inquired on what day was a not so *full* day for them and got an answer that it was everyday.  I also asked for a not so busy time - and was told they were busy all the time.  One thing though, the one I spoke to said - whenever it rains, the people are few.  Good idea!  So I told myself, go when it rains hard.  Hahaha!!

Then suddenly she told me *Ma'am, open na po kami every Saturdays 9am to 3pm po*  I asked her again and she repeated what she said.  WOW, I can't believe it, a government office that is open on a Saturday?  Someone must be playing a joke on me.  I had to ask for a third time if what I heard was correct.  Yes, apparently they've started to open on Saturdays!

I was told to visit by 9am so as not to be part of the *madness* crew.  She also told me to go the next day because only a few people know that this serbilis center was open on Saturdays.  So I readied myself the next day.

I got there a little after 9.  There was no parking, so good for me that I brought a driver with me.  Traffic was non existent since it was still early.  I was with Kailee (she just wanted to tag along) and Yaya Belen (I needed her NSO birth certificate and marriage certificate).  To be honest, the place was - well, not up to my standards in cleanliness, but since it was empty - well, pwede na.  I had to walk through a darkened path (because the light were not all opened) and at the very end it was like a HUGE gymnasium but instead of a basketball court, it was filled with chairs.

When I entered their makeshift entrance, I was asked by two (2) men what I was applying for and how many.  To be honest, I found it silly - can't they just hand us the forms and not ask anymore?  Anyhoo - I got the forms and filled them out immediately.  I headed to the counter on the right most - she *checked* my details - and wrote on the form, encircled some things and told me to pay at the cashier.  I handed the cashier the forms and paid the amount she asked of me.  It was P140.00 per birth certificate and marriage certificate, CENOMAR was more expensive (I don't for the life of me understand why it costs more?!?!).  Then I was told to wait until the name of the applicant is called.

In less than 10 minutes - I heard CONNOR BRACE TANG.

Yaya Belen was laughing and saying *kawawa naman yung pangalan ng alaga ko!*  So I went to the *receiving counter* to pick up the NSO birth certificate.  I then noticed that it was only one (1) copy.  I knew I ticked the box that said TWO COPIES.  I called the attention of the one who handed me the NSO paper and yes, she did see it was supposed to be TWO instead of just one.  She handed it back to the cashier - I was ready to tell her off, but nope - I controlled myself because I the service was already fast.

So there, we were in and out of the NSO Serbilis Center in less than 30 minutes.

I must say, this is the FASTEST service ever!  It beat the LTO Sto. Domingo (circa 2013) by 15 minutes!!

Good job to whoever decided to open this Serbilis Center on Saturdays.  Good job too to the staff who came in the office to serve us (even if we were just a handful).

Good job NSO Serbilis Center East Avenue!

Mabuhay kayooooo!!

I used to always order my NSO thingies over the phone but man it costs P350.00 PER COPY.  Imagine the expense!  I needed two birth certificates and two marriage certificates - that's P1,400.00 but with the Serbilis Center - it's just P560.00 savings of P840.00.  Trade off is that it's on a Saturday, but I wake up early narin naman, so - no biggie.  Hihi..  Maybe if I was driverless - it would be deadly.

Here's the link to the East Avenue branch:


  1. Hi! I just want to clarify if I got it right that you went there, requested for documents, and got them - all on the same day? Just want to make sure cause I have a friend requesting documents in my behalf (with authorization and ID ofcourse). Thanks!

    1. Yes. This was a Saturday - there was no line and only a handful of people. I spent 30 minutes the most inside, I think.

      If your friend were to go on a weekday - expect a LOT of people and long lines and long waiting.

      Good luck Eunice!

      Love, Didi

  2. Good day, NSO on Quezon city are still open ? thank you for respond