Titans for the age of ICE

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Press Release


The ice age is coming to Manila!
Get ready to experience a cold period of the earth’s history.

MANILA, August 2016 – Ayala Malls together with Limitless Ventures is bringing the latest and spectacular event, “Titans from the Age of Ice”.

Come face to face with a gigantic Mammoth, fight-off saber-toothed tigers and experience what it would have been like at the start of the last ice age 70,000 years ago.

Australian and local guides will meet guests at the magical ice entrance, walk through falling snow and enter the age of ice. Prepare to meet the mammoth family who stretch out their trunks and trumpet loudly! Laugh with the hipparion! Roar with the gigantopithecus as he towers over you in terror! Interact and get to know more than 25 ice age animals making you believe you’re really there.
Experience a full guided tour, a mammoth activity and never seen before live musical stage show “The Mammoth and the Zoo Keeper” – featuring Maurice the mammoth and Sabe the saber-toothed tiger!

Bring the whole family for an ultimate fun and educational ice age experience.
Catch the amazing Titans from the Age of Ice come alive at these selected venues for a limited time only:

     Alabang Town Center, Activity Center from September 2 to 11, 2016
     Glorietta 5 Atrium from September 16 to 25, 2016  
     Trinoma Cinema Lobby from September 30 to October 9, 2016

Buy your tickets now!
Visit the following ticket booths at these venues: 
Alabang Town Center Level 1 concierge area, 
Glorietta 3 concierge area, 
Greenbelt 3 Level 3, 
Trinoma Cinema Lobby.
You may also call 02.925.7421 / 0916.240.3572 / 0998.312.7252.

Facebook Page and Instagram: @titansageoficePH 
Event commercial: https://vimeo.com/179748126

WELCOME - Blue Posts: Boiling Crabs & Shrimps

Thursday, August 25, 2016


People close to me know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CRABS.  I love them and I am very patient when it comes to de-shelling crabs (and most crustaceans).  I make sure that I take out every meat that I can from these crustaceans.  When everyone else doesn't want to get their hands dirty I am the exact opposite when it comes to crabs.  I don't care if I'm in formal attire (let's say it a wedding reception with Chinese lauriat) I WILL NEVER TURN DOWN eating and de-shelling crabs.

My Panget, well - he's really tamad to de-shell.  He's very lucky that I LOVE to de-shell, well I don't mind to make himay for him.  Honestly, I don't mind making himay for anyone (just make sure you feed me more crabs! Hahaha).

So last Wednesday, I gamely joined Gerry and Donny.  Secretly, I was very excited - I was telling my kids that I will be going to the mall to eat some crabs!  And EAT I did!  Hahaha!  I'm so lucky that I don't have any allergies when it comes to seafood.  Thank you, Lord!!

First up was the Seafood Gumbo.  Honestly, I've only heard and seen Gumbo on TV.  I've never actually tried it but it looks really interesting.

I had no expectations whatsoever really.  And when I scooped up a spoonful - let's just say that I couldn't stop myself from having more spoons full.  I actually asked for seconds.  Yes, it was that good.  It was rich, very flavorful, seafood pieces were just the right size.  IT WAS AMAZING.  I had to say out loud *Soooo, this is what a gumbo tastes like*.  I loved the texture, it was thick and spices were just right.  It was an explosion for my tastebuds!  I initially declined to have a cup of rice, but then I just had to try pairing the rice with the gumbo - AMAZING.  I couldn't stop myself, really.  Ask Gerry!  Haha!! :)

When the crabs and shrimps arrived - I was ready.  My tastebuds have *warmed up* and I was ready to take on the crabs.  Bring it on!

This is the crab boil.  Look closely and you'll see the spices and the garlic.  It's orange-y red and I was at first intimated, but then what the heck!  I love crabs.  They were serving drinks and I can just ask for water when my tastebuds can't take it anymore.  So I dug in.

I dug in like crazy.  I was in the zone.  I de-shelled, peeled, pulled, cracked every shell that was hindering my way into getting those crab meat.  I didn't care anymore of the mess, I just did what I had to do (for the love of crab).  The crab was HUGE.  I have to say the biggest that I have had so far - and I have had MANY many crabs in my lifetime.  The flavor was - wow.  The spices, the garlic, the sweetness of the crabmeat, the combination was WONDERFUL.  Honestly, I wanted more.  Hahaha!! :)  Seriously!

One thing though, I didn't want to make too much of a mess.  So I put the shells and whatever inside the empty bowl of the seafood gumbo.  I created a (tiny) mountain of empty crab shells:

Game OVER.  Truly, this crab boil was game changing.  I was so used to eating the steamed crabs from chinese restaurants that I never thought I would enjoy a crab boil.  I remember that a true test of a crab's flavor would come out with the simplest of method - steaming.  But this Crab Boil just took it to another level - and I LOVED it.

Here is a dear live crab before cooking. Look at the size!

After dear crabby was shown to us, I think he was cooked into this fried version:

Steamed, fried, boiled with Cajun spices - BRING IT ON!  Yes, that's how much I love love love crabs!!  And you know whats more?  I am willing to de-shell for friends.  Hahaha!!  Yup.  I don't mind de-shelling for friends who don't want to get their hands dirty, diba KonyoQueen Raina? :)  Haha.. I'm very nice that way - and of course, all for the LOVE of crabs!! :)

There are other dishes of course!  This one below is the fried shrimps:

They also have Kinilaw with Liempo.  Something I haven't seen combined ever.  It's usually just kinilaw OR liempo, but this was both!  Seafood and meat - I'm not complaining.

Blue Posts Boling Crab & Shrimps had clams, mussels, squid and a whole lot of different seafood for you to try.  These seafoods are flown in from Davao and are LIVE and fresh.  They are only cooked upon order.  So be rest assured that you are having FRESH seafood to consume.

For their dessert - of course Davao pomelo!  It's a Pomelo salad with cream, corn, nuts and shredded pomelo!  It was a good way to end the meal filled with seafood eating.

Another first is their MIXOLOGY drinks:

You can mix and match you drinks!  You can drink them individually or just mix whatever you fancy!  A friendly lady server told me that if I mix all the drinks together, it will come out to a black colored concoction.  And so I told her I was game to try it and she mixed them all!

But, it didn't come out black.  Hahaha!  But the taste was still good.  I still liked it and even asked for seconds.

I was envious of Karl though, because his drink turned black!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps is opening tomorrow, August 26.  Hurry on and try it!  I promise you, you won't be disappointed!  Make sure though to enjoy the meal with your hards.  Getting down and dirty with seafood is the best.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps
4/Floor SM The Block (North Edsa)
+639085165 and +639158563383
FB - https://www.facebook.com/BluePostsBoiling

Toy Kingdom's TOY EXPO 2016 this weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016



            Toy Kingdom once again brings the most amazing gathering of toys in the Philippines in its Toy Expo 2016 at the 2nd Level of the SMX Convention Center from August 19-21, 2016.

Experience the thrill of being one of the first to have the newest and upcoming toys in the market. These come with special price offers and freebies- a perfect treat for your early Christmas shopping.

Fun booths of branded toys with life size 3D character statues welcome guests to the Toy Expo. Each booth comes with an exciting activity wherein kids can explore and play with the toys they love.

They can also have a sneak peek - and have the first pick - of the latest toys for the Holiday season! These include toys from Trolls, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, classic Disney Junior; and the first Filipino Plush toys Plush and Play.

Kids will love the new Barbie You Can be Anything collection and My Little Pony. There will also be a Betty Spaghetti Launch and Meet and Greet sessions of Shopkins and Cartoon Network’s Power Puff girls. They will enjoy Marvel’s Avengers Metals Die Cast, the latest Lego Nexo Knights and Transformers. They will also have a thrilling ride at the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series, and be able to meet and greet the famous squad of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

During the event, kids can also Meet and Greet well loved characters from Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, the Grossery Gang, and more. 

Check out Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2016 at 2nd level of the SMX Convention Center from 10am to 10pm on August 19-21, 2016. Visit www.toykingdom.ph; official event hashtag: #TKToyExpo2016; follow ToyKingdomPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kailee in Kindergarten: Mercy & Compassion

Thursday, August 11, 2016

First quarter is almost up.  As of the moment, Kailee is taking her quarterly exams.  She's adjusted pretty well to waking up at 5:30am to eating some breakfast (if you can call a buttered pandesal, a piece of cocktail hotdog, and cereals), playing with classmates and learning.  I am mighty proud of how she is becoming.  She's quite friendly saying *Hi* and waving to friends when I bring her to school and *Bye (insert name of classmate)* when I pick her up in school.  She remembers the names of most of her classmates and even tells me which colored table they sit it.  In my opinion, she's doing well in school.

One day though, she told me that one of her classmates told her to *Shut Up*.  I asked her why, it was because she told this classmate to keep quiet so this classmate can concentrate on her seat work.  I think I was more affected than Kailee.  In her 5 years and and 5 months of living, I've never EVER said those words to her and now a classmate of hers just did.  I realized, as much as I want to protect her from the world - there are times that I just can't.  So I asked her what she did after, she just shrugged her shoulders and continued on with her work.  It made me think, was Kailee too *pakialamera* or was she just too concerned with this classmate?  I knew she got hurt, because she was telling me this - and as much as I wanted to square off with this classmate of hers, I simply cannot.  I wanted to make her feel better, so I just hugged and kissed her.

I have this habit of sharpening her pencils everyday after school.  The school provided (well, we paid for it) her with one (1) pencil and one (1) eraser.  Just to be sure, I placed two more pencils (a different brand) inside the pencil case, you know just in case the one given by the school gets *putol* or *pudpud*.  For a few days, I noticed that all her pencils need sharpening.  I assumed well, Kailee liked her pencils sharpened pala (like me! Hahaha!!).  Then one day, I had this urge to ask her if she uses all her pencils in school.  She said she doesn't - she just uses the one given by the school.  So I said - why were the other pencils *pudpud na?*  She then said that she lends her pencils to her classmate, because this classmate doesn't have a pencil to use.  Of course, I needed to ask - why she doesn't have a pencil to use (since the school gave them one), Kailee said because her pencil case is empty.  My heart burst with pride since my daughter knows how to share - she's compassionate!  She saw that her classmate needed a pencil to use and she willingly lent hers.  That's so nice of her, diba?

So, when I asked her who this classmate was.  I got so surprised to hear the name of this classmate, the same one who told her to shut up!  Of course, I can't show Kailee that I was upset, but deep inside I was.  I mean, the same person who told her to shut up, was the same one Kailee was showing compassion with (by lending her pencils to use).  I had to remain calm and compose myself.  It took me two days to digest what happened, two days!  After two days, I realized that my little girl is a good girl - because despite that classmate telling her to shut up, she still lent her pencil to her.  She became the better person in the situation.  To tell you the truth if that happened to me (now) I wouldn't even bother lending her my pencil to use.  

I realized that if you counter a bad action with another bad act, then everything will go downhill from there.  But with what Kailee did, well - she was wise and still lent her pen to a classmate in need.  What she did was very nice, she showed mercy and compassion.  It wasn't an issue for her that this classmate told her off, she was still nice to her when this classmate was in need.  It warms my heart and makes me mighty proud that she did this.  She's only 5 and me, I'm 36 and my mind is supposed to be more mature, but she was more mature than me in this situation.

I learned something new, well not so new.  I learned something valuable from my daughter.  It's funny that my daughter had to school me on this mercy and compassion thing.  I just hope that she grows up wonderfully.  I am so proud of her.

Manila! Manila! Starbucks Card Anniversary!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Today's the day to get your limited edition Manila!  & Cebu!  Starbucks card!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Manila Starbucks Card!

By the way - the Manila card is available in Manila only.  Same is true with the Cebu card - only in Cebu guys.

#MyBiogenicWorld: Nikki Tiu's *A busy mom's guide to bonding with your kids*

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I honestly can NOT live without alcohol.  I remember when I went to Beijing to study, this was one thing that I made sure to bring.  Apparently, there's no alcohol in China.  Can you believe that?!  Oh my, when I learned this, I had friends and friends of friends bring me bottles of this.  Don't ask me how many bottles of alcohol I used up.  Hahaha!!

Biogenic Alcohol left quite an impression on me.  I remember about 10 years ago, they were they only alcohol brand that was packaged in a spray bottle.  It was the spray bottle that attracted me to them.  I don't remember looking at the price, I just always grabbed one in the supermarket because it was so convenient to use.  I wish the spray bottle and the brand was available during my schooling days - it was so easy to use!

So, when I received an invite from Nikki to attend the My Biogenic World event in Market! Market!  I immediately said yes.  I LOVE ALCOHOL.  I use it everywhere.  I'm quite OC when it comes to cleanliness.  Imagine, all our cars have a bottle of alcohol - to wipe just about anything and to sanitize us wherever.  I even have a small bottle of alcohol in my bag - and I refill it once a month.  THAT is how much I love alcohol.  Hahaha!!

So last Sunday, Nikki, one of the Biogenic ambassadors spoke on how to bond with kids - a busy mom's guide.  I have known Nikki for quite a long time now, but it was only two years ago I think that we finally met in person.  We have been blog,twitter and FB buddies for a while.  We realized that we don't bump into one another because our events had totally different themes.  It was during an event of a baby brand that we bumped into one another - it was as if we have been friends for a long time!  Hahaha..

Anyhoo, I know Nikki is a busy mom.  But despite he being busy, she's very doting on her son Kyle.  I honestly admire how Nikki can find time to cook (all the food she cooks look so yummy!) and spend quality time with her family.

Listening to her speak made me realize that we don't need to go out of the house to bond with our kids or plan an out of this world activity for them to enjoy.  Her suggestions were quite simple and to be honest very practical.  It gave me lots of ideas on how I can bond with my kids without costing much.  Here are some of her tips:

Include your kids in activities like:  Exercise & Night time activities:
EXERCISE!  Haha.. I know, I am the most lazy when it comes to exercise.  Last year, when I did walking in the compound everyday - Kailee and Connor would join me and just walk with me.  I would always tell them to go inside the house because it's hot outside, but they would insist in joining me.  I honestly found it strange, what I failed to realize was that they liked to spend time with me doing what I was doing.  I can't believe that I realized that just now.  Hahahahaha!!!

Night time activities:  I always said to myself that I will not force religion to my kids.  My kids did learn about praying in school.  So what you can do is to say night time prayers with children.  It's two activities in one - since you get to pray with your children and your children will learn to be grateful!

Give the kids 100% of your time:
I am guilty of this.  They play in my room or are beside me BUT I am looking at my phone answering emails, Instagram-ing them!  Hahaha..  I remember reading that a parent should spend at least 30 minutes with each child - uninterrupted.  Oh my, it seems easy right?  I mean with Kailee, it is since I know and like her interests.  But with Connor, I honestly had a tough time since I have no interest whatsoever with cars, robots and dinosaurs.  What I realized was that he liked building things with Lego and writing (tracing activities)  So what I do now is that I join Connor whenever he plays Lego, I ask him to help me build things and his face radiates with happiness since he is the one teaching me!  As for the writing activities - well, he really likes worksheets and so I print out some printables and join him while he makes them.

Engage your kids while doing their stuff:
For kids - they're learning through play.  So even when they're building their Legos - we can strike up a conversation asking them the colors of the blocks they're using and if they can count the number of blocks they've already used.  Their imagination and creative juices are over the top and I am amazed that whenever I ask them what they're building - it hits me *why didn't I think of that* and they would go as far as even describing every little detail on their creations.

Create a special language and special song
Apparently, there is an app for this!  hahaha..  Aqua PooPoo.  I think having a special language between yourselves and your kids is nice.  It special because only you guys understand this - it makes it *exclusive* and fun for the children.  Sort of like a secret language, diba?

Thank you so much Nikki for sharing your tips!

So where does Biogenic Alcohol come in all of this?  CLEANLINESS above all!  Hahaha..  I know there is a saying Cleanliness is next to godliness.  But kidding aside - what I've learned is that in every activity, we need to mindful of the cleanliness of the surroundings.  I honestly have this *thing* when it comes to cleanliness - I have this insatiable need for things to be clean - and Biogenic Alcohol, being *clean & protected* is easy as 1-2-3!

Look at the range of their products.  My favorite has to be (my EVER favorite) the spray bottle - the big one!  I have one in almost every part of the house.  I swear to God!  Ask my Panget, my Yayas and my friends - you can find Biogenic Alcohol almost everywhere.  Haha!  I am glad that their packaging is also nice - their range is good because they've considered the needs of many.

Another thing that I super love with Biogenic Alcohol is their CAP cover.   This is the first time ever that I have seen a cap cover like this - one that you'll need to just PULL UP to open and PUSH DOWN to close!  No need to twist to the left to loosen and right to tighten!  Less chances of the cap getting broken or lost!  Genius.

Thank you so much Biogenic Alcohol for coming up with a lovely event centered towards the family!  Thank you too for making an awesome product with brilliant packaging!  It was so pleasant to meet Hennie Yu, the Marketing Manager of Biogenic Alcohol.  More power to you guys!!

This is how much Biogenic Alcohol I have in the house: