Trying to get the groove back..

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm still adjusting - to being a mom of a big schooler.  Waking up at 5:15 in the morning to get ready and wake Kailee and get her ready.  I've been brining her to school every morning and picking up Connor after school.  My day now is totally different - schedules, moods, responsibilities - well my life has experiences a sort of shake up and down.

My day used to be waking up at 7:30am waiting for the kids to get ready so I can bring them to the office.  There were days that I wake up at 8:00am.  But now, I wake up at 5:15am so I can wake Kailee up at 5:30am to get ready.  We leave the house by 6:00am the latest to pick up my niece and nephew (they carpool with us).  Bring my nephew to Xavier and then bring the girls to ICA.  During my time, parents would just drop off their kids at the gate.  The kids would go up by themselves and find their classrooms on their own.  Now - parents, yayas and grandparents would need to bring the girls through the gate, up the stairs and bring them inside the *gated* area.  So as to make sure that the girls are inside ICA's kinder department.

I would be home by 7am to 7:30am and I'll still be sleepy.  During the first week, I waited for Kailee but the following week - well, I had my cousin in law Shirley pick up Kailee because I still needed to pick Connor up from EduPlay.  For the second week, I was still energetic feeling a different high.  I felt that I had much more time to do things.  In the office, I felt more productive.  By the time I left to pick up Connor, I was done with most of my tasks in the morning.  It was a different high for the first two weeks until a few days before we left for Hong Kong.

Since we came back from our HK trip (read all about the cancelled flights and delays we experienced) my body clock and schedule has been wonky.  I am extra sleepy.  But now, after a week - I feel that I'm slowly starting to get my groove back.  There is a settling feeling that things are starting to come around again.  Getting used to a new schedule is not as easy as I thought.  Hahaha!  Maybe because of age too?  I don't know, but I guess adjusting needs a bit more time - I need to give myself time to adjust.  My Panget kidded and told me *This is what happens in the next 13 years of your life*, then he starts laughing.  Bwahahahahaha.....

With the recent adjustment, I know that I have somehow neglected this blog.  I swear to you, I have so many thoughts I want to share, so many things I want to write about.  It's just - I can't find the time to do it.  Before, I would still have energy to write after dinner.  Nowadays, I would just like to lay in bed and rest.  I used to write when the house is asleep, but now - I join the house sleeping early!  My day has become longer, my work life has become more productive but my blogging - well, it has taken a back seat.

There are a number of events that I have turned down because of schedule conflict.  There are events that so I wanted to go to but suddenly can't because I need to be up and about early the next day or the event is right on the same time as I need to pick up Connor from school.  Life is different now, and I must say - I salute all those mom bloggers who still manage to attend events, look beautifully fresh and still be able to manage their home life.  I need pointers.  PLEASE!!

I don't even get to watch my favorite TV shows na!  I used to sleep at 12MN or 1am since I don't bring any kid to school.  But now that I do - I am tucked in bed by 9pm and I make sure to sleep by 10 or 11 the latest!  Life is soooo different now.  So different.

Well, I'm starting to get my groove back.  I ask for prayers that I may be able to maintain this *groove*.  I miss writing.  I miss the feeling of the keyboard on my finger tips.  I miss the sound of the keyboard as I type in the words I have in my head.  Pray that I get to have more energy to do more things.

I suddenly realized something.  Would anyoen remember the Clusivol commercial with the line graph extending?  I think I need my graph to be like that.  Hahaha!  It just dawned on me, that I am now their target market.  Hahaha!! :)

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  1. Me, too. Need tips on looking fresh kahit haggard na because of the schedules at home and work.

    Go, Didi! You can do it! :)