Count your blessings

Monday, July 25, 2016

Challenges in life is a norm.  Let's all admit it, we most of the time dwell on the bad instead of the good.  It's hard to focus on the good when something bad comes along.  But life is not all bad, right?  There must be something good too, I mean come on - if it's all bad, then why are we still here?

Warning - EMO post ahead!!

I used to be envious of other people's lives.  I used to say that this friend is lucky because she's can afford certain things or that friend has a wonderful perfect husband who adores her and many more.  But what we see is only what we want to see.  For sure everyone is envious of each other's lives - we're only human, no one's life is perfect.  And we usually yearn for something that we don't have.

Recently, I've learned to STOP say *Ang swerte ni ganito and ganyan* because I felt that it made me more sad about my life and something that I didn't have but want.  It's quite hard to be honest, because in truth, when we see the good in others' lives - we secretly want that same good in ours.  What I do now is that I've learned to see the good in the bad, which was very hard at first.  I've learned to change my perspective and appreciate what I have.  Focus on the positive and not on the negative.  Appreciate the small things in life.  I am breathing, I'm alive, I'm healthy, my kids are healthy, my kids are happy - those are the things that matter to me now.

Learning to see the good in the bad is not easy.  It takes determination and an entire shift in outlook.  Just recently, a friend's son was diagnosed with general epilepsy, I was asking her if it was severe or not.  She said that the doctor told her that this was treatable, but they had to take medications for 2 years.  We were then thinking, kawawa naman her son.  And then I remembered a sister of a friend who has severe epilepsy that while she was pregnant, she would randomly have an epileptic attack!  I was telling her, she's lucky because at least, with her son - it can be treated, imagine if it was a different kind or a more severe kind of epilepsy - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

Life is filled with challenges and problems.  Most people ask why *it* doesn't stop *wala na ba itong katapusan?*, honestly speaking?  That's life.  It's filled with so many many many challenges.

Counting my blessings mean that I see the good in the bad.  My bank account may be below the minimum daily deposit but I have wonderful kids that welcome and run to me when I go home and pick them up from school.  They hug me and think the world of me.  One smile from them and my heart melts completely.  And I think that's good enough.  It may not be monetary rewarding, but it's rewarding in so many different aspects.  Do you agree?

So, I say - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.  Be grateful.  Be thankful for what you have.  It may be the tiniest detail in your life, but still be thankful.  You may have very little in the bank, but you have family and friends who love and support you, then that's enough.  I know what I'll say next may be up for a debate - but if you have a philandering husband, (I'm sure the argument will be how can you see the good in that?!) but provides your needs as well as the children's + you have kids that love and adore you - that's good enough.  I know it'll be tough - I mean, it's the betrayal of trust that's happened - but what are you to do?  Instead of asking yourself - why it happened, why not just focus on the good?  Life goes on.

It's tough, really tough - but that's life.

We need to roll with the punches.


I remember watching an episode of OPRAH - she was saying to do an exercise everyday.  And that is to name at least 5 things you are grateful for that day.  You can start with one and build your way up to 5.  This exercise will help kickstart at more positive outlook in life.  Try it!

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