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Monday, July 04, 2016

I must confess that with Connor.  I was not as *tutok* when it came to his learnings.  I let him enjoy play and even if he didn't sight read his letter and numbers - I was just so relaxed.  Hahaha!  It was only last year that I felt that he was a bit behind because his peers (kids of my friends) were already in pre-school.  I honestly felt a bit pressured but I trusted my decision to let him enter school only this year.

I've heard and seen a lot of kids crying when they entered school.  I didn't want Connor to experience that I didn't want to go through the stress of having to force them and the emotional upheaval I will be feeling with his refusal (if ever) to go to school.

Last year, I decided to put Kailee in EduPlay and it has to be the BEST decision in my daughter's educational path.  I am very happy with the outcome and I am proud of what Kailee has become with the molding and guiding of her teachers in EduPlay.  Read about why I chose EduPlay School HERE and HERE.  So when it was time to decide where Connor will go - well, it was a no-brainer already - EduPlay for sure.  And since Connor was already familiar with the school (I bring him at time when I picked up Kailee from school last school year) it wasn't much of a change.  He saw familiar grounds, he's very attracted to the play ground and play areas - plus the teachers look familiar to him.

I confess again that I wasn't able to bring him to school on his first day.  It was my Panget who brought him to school.  The kwento of Teacher Zenia was that Connor was still holding Dada's hand and was reluctant to let go.  But after a bit of warming up, Connor went with Teacher Zenia inside the classroom.  Since I wasn't able to bring him to school - I made sure to visit him when Kailee and I were on the way home.  Connor looked like a big boy already and he was participating in class.  The first thing he told me when he saw me was *Me Brave!  Me No Cry!* and my heart was filled with pride.  I had to leave him because his classes wouldn't end until 11:30am.

When I picked him up his face glowed with happiness!  He was so happy to see me.  And I was so happy to see him too!  My heart was breaking - I realized that I didn't have a baby anymore.  Connor is growing up - and it'a bittersweet reality for me.  I know he won't be my baby forever - but as a mom, they'll always be our babies, diba?

The next days - were mostly the same.  When I came to pick him up, he'd greet me with a very loud *Hi Mommy!* with a huge grin on his face.  I love seeing Connor happy - and he's very happy when he sees me pick him up.  One time he told me *Five Minutes* because he still wanted to play in the water table.  So I let him play.  Teacher Zenia said that Connor likes to play with water, I agreed - he loooves the water!  He would take long baths and whenever in the pool - even if he doesn't know how to swim, he would just stay nearby and play.

Two Fridays ago marked his first week of school.  To be honest, whenever I asked him that he did in school he'd just smile at me and say nothing.  I assumed that in his own time, he'd tell me.  My mom gifted Kailee and Connor a study table (last Christmas) but it was knocked down and I had to build it.  I finally found time last Friday night to do it.  I was only planning to build Kailee's because she needed it already, but then when I finished - Connor wanted to have his built, so I did.  I was so surprised with Connor because after building his table and chair - he immediately got books and started to browse.  He was saying out loud the animals he saw on the book.  He was sitting down, the book on the table and was browsing.  I was surprised when I saw this!  He was so behaved!  I was so used to seeing him running around the house, jumping from chairs and beds - it was so surprising to see him sit on the chair of his study table and just read!

Two Saturdays ago while at National Bookstore, I saw some writing books.  I bought a couple for Kailee and Connor to use to practice.  And since Kailee already knew the drill - she did it on her own already.  As with Connor, I was surprised that he wanted to try tracing.  And he did!  But he needed help with his pen grip, but the determination was there and I was rejoicing deep inside seeing him willingly do it on his own.

Last week, when I picked up Connor - Teacher Zenia said they started doing tracing and she said Connor liked tracing!  What a coincidence!  I told Teacher Zenia that Connor started tracing last Saturday and I was so impressed!  Hahaha..

Last Friday, the teachers prepared an envelope with materials that Connor used - shapes, writing and tracing activities.  I inspected each and every page and I was over the moon with happiness.  My heart was bursting and I felt so proud!  This was entirely new to me - Connor doing actual and real school stuff!

Connor had homework and I was honestly thinking, how can he draw?!  I honestly expected just lines and waves.  He usually does that.

But lo and behold - look at his creation:

I was so shocked to see heads, bodies, arms and legs!

I felt so proud!  I felt like I won a contest!  Hahaha..  The feeling was indescribable when he showed me his drawing.  Kulang nalang maluha ako.  But there was so much pride in my heart that my Connor was able to make this!

In all honesty - I attribute all of his improvements and achievements to Teachers Zenia and Jackie of EduPlay School Manila.  They have guided Connor so well - and imagine, in a span of just 2 weeks?  That's a helluva improvement, diba?

Connor loves us reading books to him now.  He's more talkative and descriptive of things now.  Before he used to just utter single words - now he talks in sentences and tells us stories.  We are all impressed with how Connor is becoming to be.  He's finally getting out of his shell and I must say - thank you to Teacher Zenia & Jackie, to all of Connor's classmates and everyone in Eduplay.

I made the RIGHT decision.

Oh, and by the way - at home Connor usually is being fed by Yaya Belen.  He never wants to feed himself.  But lookie here:

He fed himself during his classmate Cody's birthday celebration.

Achievement - UNLOCKED!!

Here is the Facebook Page of EduPlay School Manila.  This is their 4th yea

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