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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Every time we travel, I make sure to place a ribbon or some sort of marker on our bags to differentiate it from other bags.  As we all know, luggages seem to all look like the one you have!  So to make things easier - and to not make the mistake of getting a bag that is not ours - there's a ribbon and a bag tag.

Last year, since we travelled quite a number of time, I went to the mall and had bag tags made.  All I could find was the the card type bag tag.  To be honest, it was quite pricey - I remember paying Php150.00 for each bag tag.

But after just one use, one of the tags cracked and was bent.  I assumed as much because the card type is quite delicate and brittle.  We had to *remedy* the bag tags, put tape on it even if it looks silly.  I mean I wanted my Php150.00 to last me a while, diba?

After 5 trips, the bag tags looked so kawawa.  I honestly didn't want to use them anymore but what was I do to.  I didn't want to have new ones made because I knew they're get broken again.  But during this recent trip to Hong Kong, we - I decided, to heck with it.  I need to have one made.

It was a wonderful thing that a post popped up in my Facebook feed.  It was a business post of a bag tag!  It was a different kind of bag tag - as the name would be embroidered on it.  There were so many choices in *lace* color and color of thread to be used to embroider the name.

To be honest, the transaction went very fast.  I sent a private message over to them with the color of the lace and the embroider.  I explained that I only wanted our surnames to be embroidered, but they need to be spaced well since it's just four (4) characters long.  There was a discount given, I placed an order of 6 pieces (I honestly wanted more but I wanted to try it out first).  I made a promise to deposit the payment and have it picked up.

And then I forgot about it.  Hahaha!!  I seriously forgot that I needed to deposit the payment.  It was only after a few days, that Lilia (the owner) posted the finished product that it dawned on me that I needed to deposit the payment!  I apologized and thanked her so many times for making it even if she hasn't received the payment yet!  Since I haven't paid, I asked how much it was to be shipped and I just added that amount to the total.  I made sure to deposit it right before picking Connor up from school.

So, these tags arrived yesterday:

They're just perfect.  The won't bend or break, well unless forcibly cut.  They won't crack not peel off!  They will just get dirtied, but you can wash them, diba??

The size is perfect too.  It's seven (7) inches length, material is sturdy, best of all it's super visible to the eye!  I was very happy with the turnout of this online buy.  I plan to buy more!  Well, it gave me an idea to make these tags for my kids!

I got these from Lilia, she owns Buckingham Embroidery.  Please do check out their Facebook Page - Buckingham Embroidery.  They also have an Instagram account, but they don't post often.  Lilia answers queries fast.  They do all sorts of embroideries on anything.  Check their page out!

I bought these tags for P90.00 each.  Not bad right?  Shipping was an additional P60.00

I really really really love them!! :)

Thanks Lilia for posting online.  Glad I saw your post!  Hihi.. :)

Lilia Cua/Buckingham Embroidery
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