Summer at Starbucks!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Summer isn't over yet for Starbucks!
In fact - it just started.

Here are the two new drinks of Starbucks this Summer!!

Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly

Double Chocolate Green Tea

Which was my favorite?  Well, I LOVE Green Tea and I love the taste of milk tea - so BOTH!  Hahaha.. :)  I am a green tea purist.  I never add anything in my green tea drink, ever - so when I saw the chocolate - I was skeptical.  But when I tried it - it worked!  The chocolate made the drink more interesting!  The Chocolate Black Tea was a revelation - it reminded me of the Hojicha drink a few years back (which I dearly miss!)  The earl grey jelly is so refreshingly wonderful that I can have more and more of it!  Hahaha...

As for the food, they're heavenly as usual.  They do have a new player though - the Cassava Chips!  It's the healthier type of chips - it's GLUTEN FREE and a bag is only 100 calories!  Hihi..  They taste good too!

Below are the lovely lovely food!  I personally love the pancakes!  They're a nice alternative to my favorite French Toast!  Hihi.. :)

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