I survived the 1st week of school!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's been crazy.

Waking up at 5:15am.

It's a good thing, I'm a morning person.  I don't mind the waking up.  It's the looooong day ahead that is quite challenging.

Let me tell you what my days and week has been made of.

Monday - June 13, 2016
Woke up at 5:15am.  Started to wake Kailee up and as expected, she was still sleepy.  I wrote about our day HERE.

What happened next was that I went to the office and had a full day.  When I got home, I felt normal.  I thought to myself, I was still good - tired but not to the brink of dragging myself to eat and wash up.  It was when my back hit the bed that I realized how tired I felt.  I woke up at 5:15am and didn't have any time to nap (if you do, you're one lucky duck!) and had a full day.  Lying on the bed was such a good feeling.  I am one who sleeps the latest - because I want the feeling of sleepy-ness before sleeping.  I can't just close my eyes and count sheep to sleep (counting makes me more awake!)  I think within minutes of closing the lights, I dozed off.

Tuesday - June 14, 2016
Woke up at 5:15am again.  Woke Kailee up.  She was already awake but she was pretending not to be awake.  It wasn't hard to wake her - she wore her uniform and was cheery.  I brought her to school and waited for her to go to class.  Since she was going to be dismissed at 9:30am - I just waited for her to finish.  I had breakfast with Shirley - Panget's cousin (she was the one who introduced me to Panget) and Cherry (a college barkada, she had a daughter in EduPlay) and when we were done, we headed back to ICA to fetch our girls.

Since it was Connor's first day in EduPlay, I decided to stop by to visit him.  He looked like a big boy.  It was a proud moment and at the same time, I can't believe that he is attending school already.  I felt a pinch in my heart, but that's life - diba?  He looked really happy in school and when he saw us his face radiated with happiness and he told us *Me brave!  Me didn't cry!*  I was reluctant to go home, but I had too.  We were still very early for Connor's dismissal of 11:30am.

When we got home, Kailee changed and in a bit, I had to leave to pick up Connor.  I know what you're thinking - why didn't I just wait for Connor?  Well, one I had my in laws' driver with me, and I only told them that we'd be home by 11am so they can use him.  I don't want to take advantage of their goodness, diba?  So I left again to pick up Connor.  It was honestly a shorter route, well only a bit shorter.  But the traffic won't be as bad and I liked driving (crazy ba?).  I was so proud of Connor because he was cheery and happy.  He was so proud of himself too!  We got home in time for lunch but Connor was a bit sleepy already, I could see it in his eyes!

Would you believe it when I tell you that I fell asleep at 10am?  I couldn't believe it too!

Wednesday - June 15, 2016
I didn't have a hard time waking Kailee.  She was already excited to go to school.  She didn't eat much though (nag-mana sa akin) she just drank milk.  We were very early because I leave the house whenever we're both ready, I didn't want to risk being late this week.  I know that traffic was going to be crazy so it's better to leave early.  I dislike waiting in traffic especially when I'm not driving.  I found it odd though that at 6:30am the Kinder area was bustling with students already.  I sat a bit far from the girls because I wanted to observe (and people watch, hihi) also, I needed to wait for Shirley as we were having breakfast with friends.  I noticed that when we came in at 6:30am there were so many girls coming in too.  Then at 7am, it sort of stopped.  The rush came back at 7:15am with kids and parents and yayas running up the stairs.  Shirley was running late because they took a different route - her husband ended up brining up their daughter.  He was telling me how long of a walk they made.  Kawawa!!  In a few minutes, Shirley came in.  Hihi..  We then headed to breakfast in Angel's Kitchen.

I felt that breakfast was short.  I guess when you're having fun, time flies quickly.  We headed back to ICA and experienced my first ever *falling in line before the gate opened*  Let me tell you, it was a bit of hmm, how should I say it nicely, a *different* experience.  We were told by the very unhappy lady guard of GHW to wear our IDs.  I wanted to ask her where the sign was because I know for a fact that we didn't need to.  So I ignored her.  Hahaha!!  I wanted to retort back but I remembered during orientation that we were not supposed to engage the security, PLUS there was no signage that said we needed to wear our ID.  So we waited.  I felt it was such a waste of time and I felt really *bilib* with all the moms and yayas who had to do this EVERYDAY!  They deserve an award!  I am a very patient person usually but I become impatient when I don't see the logic in it.  And I honestly don't see the logic in falling in line before they open the gates!  When they finally do, we still needed to fall in line again to have our IDs scanned.  It look a while to scan them too - and when it was over, it was free for all.  We all brisk walked towards our daughter's classrooms to fall in line again.  I realized that when I used to walk through these walls, things were different.  But different doesn't mean it's bad - it just means that I will need to get used to some things now.  A new normal.  God help me!

Thursday - June 16, 2016
Waking up seemed automatic.  Thanks to my FitBit's silent alarm!  Woohooo!!  Well, technically I didn't need to wake up BUT since my Panget was bringing Kailee to school - I had to bring them both to Shirley's.  When I got back home - it was a few minutes after 6.  The house was quiet.  Connor was still asleep.  It was only then that I realized that this moment was my *quiet time*  So what did I do?  hahaha..  I prayed the Divine Mercy and Rosary.  It felt great after and when I realized that I needed to bring Connor to school, go back and pick up Kailee again.  I woke Connor up.  I didn't want to be late, so I hurriedly woke him up and brought him 30minutes early to school.  I did think because of two things - one, so I can go home immediately and get ready to pick up Kailee.  Two - because Connor enjoyed playing with the toys in EduPlay.  Hitting two birds with one stone? :)  Hihi..

When I got home, I had to get ready again to leave to pick up Kailee.  Since there was a driver - I didn't need to drive, so I relaxed a bit.  Or so I thought I could.  I felt distracted, I can't explain why - but I felt nauseous.  My head ached, throbbing headache.  When we got home, I had to leave right away to pick-up Connor.  When I got home - my headache had become a massive one.  I think I was overwhelmed with the visuals I saw.  Hahaha!!  Never had a headache this bad!

When I got home - I ate dinner showered and once my back hit the bed - I snoozed.  Can you guess what time that was?  8 freaking in the evening!  I suddenly woke in a jolt - I checked my FitBit and it was just 1:45am.  Hahahahaha!!

Friday - June 17, 2016
Thank God it's FRIDAY!  My friend Kath said this last Friday - I can't believe I'm saying it too!  I've never felt this kind of *relief*!  Kailee woke up by herself at 5am.  I was surprised because when I opened the door at 5:30am, she was already smiling and dressed!  I hope she continues on this demeanor for the whole school year.  So we left at 5:58am, I feel that this should be our usual time to leave the house to get to school early.

We got to school by 6:30, I know it's still early but I'd rather she be early than late.  Kailee observed and told me that she didn't like seeing too many cars on the road, she said *they cause traffic!* hahahaha.  Smart girl!  So I left her there and was hesitant to leave.  I wanted to see her go to her classroom.  You know, I often wondered why moms stayed until their kids are in their classrooms.  Now I am doing the same!  Hahaha..  There was a *kurot* in my heart when I waved goodbye and went down the stairs.  I can't believe that this was happening, Kailee's really in big school.  It's really start of a journey for her and for me too.

I got home by 7:05.

To tell you the truth, it was a different feeling.  A new normal for me.  And I was told by friends that this was going to be my schedule for the next 13 years (and longer if I have more kids).  I realized that my day starts earlier than usual.  I feel I have more time (I might eat my words) to do things.  It's just that I'd need to sleep earlier to get into the groove.

I am thankful that my in laws lent me their driver and car to bring Kailee to school, it's a big help and I appreciate it very much.  I am thankful for Shirley because we live nearby and I have someone to ask for any concerns (since we have kids in the same batch).  I am thankful for Kath, Maymay and Tin for being my *Breakfast Friends*, their support means a LOT.  I am thankful for Cai and Kaye because they are on the receiving end of my rants and I love them dearly.  I am thankful for Edmund because he bring Connor to school.  I am thankful for my mom and brother because they're understanding of my schedule.  I am thankful to God because of his many many blessings.

This is the start of something new.

I haven't been updating because I'm still getting used to things.  Thanks for still visiting!


  1. yayyy Kailee seems to be loving school na! yay yayyy!! naku Didi congrats to you too! reading your entry medyo napagod ako with all the sundo hatid back and forth! you're an awesome mom and the kids are lucky to have you :)

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