Big school in a few weeks

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I am dreading the traffic.
The waking up before the sun is up.
The waiting game for my kids to get ready for school.
The picking them up from school
The traffic driving back.

But this will be my norm - for the next 15 years.

Reality check:  My kids are growing up.  FAST.

It seemed only yesterday I gave birth to these two kiddoes of mine.  But in a few weeks, well - they will both be going to school.  Kailee will be in big school, while Connor will be in pre-school.  Time flew by so quickly, so very quickly.

I have been around the Metro for the past few weeks and I realized there are so many road repairs EVERYWHERE.  How the hell will we get to our destinations on time with the roads having just one lane to pass through?  When repairs started in March, I assumed that it'll be finished in time for school openenings in June!  Boy, was I wrong and that means only one thing - GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!

I honestly don't have a problem waking up early in the morning.  But as usual, you know the feeling of reluctantly waking up because there's school?  Hahahaha!!  That's my problem.  I think that's everyones problem - hahaha!! :)  It was only now that I realized that even if I wasn't going to school anymore - I need to bring my kids to school, thus - like them - I need to wake up early!

I have a dilemma, can you help me?

You see, I still want Kailee to sleep in the afternoon.  Because of sure she will be so tired from school.  But I also want her to sleep early in the evening.  Now - is that even possible?  Ideally, I would like for her to be in bed by 9PM.  Is this *idea* realistic?  Some friends omit the afternoon nap from their schedules because afternoon naps make their kids sleep later in the evening.  During my time, I remember sleeping in the afternoon and feeling really sleepy when the clock hits 9.  Is that still possible?  Hahaha!!

Wish me luck!

And I wish us all good luck this coming school year!!

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