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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yummy yummy yummy, I've got LOVE in my tummy.

I heard Phoebe Buffay say it in Friends and true enough, I've got YUM in my tummy.  All thanks to #SoftShellCrabsPH!!

I am a fan of crabs.  I looove love love crabs.  And so when I was breastfeeding Kailee, I noticed that she'd get all itchy when I ate crabs.  So I was a on a crab diet, for a while.  I really couldn't resist!  (I'm so sorry Kailee!!) and I went as far as dumping my pumped breast milk - GUILTY!!

Ask my Panget, his family, my family, my friends, my helpers even my kids - they all know how much I love love loooooove crabs.  So when an opportunity to cook Soft Shell Crabs came, I grabbed it immediately.

I have a confession - I have this thing of needing to be in the mood to cook.  I can go on months with ignoring the kitchen.  But when I get my groove back, there's no stopping me.  For the past few days, I have been experimenting on deep frying.  Last Monday night, I used Olive Oil to make stove-top popcorn, and it wasn't good.  Hahaha!  The next day, I thought I wanted to make Maling chips.  I bought a small Maling to test.  Then while rummaging through the drawers, I found a mandoline!  Apparently, Maling (Luncheon Meat) cannot be mandoline-d!  Hahaha..  So, it gave me an idea, since Connor and I were on a french fries frenzy - why not make homemade potato chips!!  It was such a success and I was so happy!  So when I got home this afternoon - I was seriously thinking of what else to fry.  I then remembered SOFT SHELLED CRABS!!!

It has been in my freezer for about a month or so.  I have been undecided and I needed to feel that urge and confidence to try and cook the soft shell crabs.  I can't explain what triggered by curiosity, but I thawed it and with my friend Jones' advice to deep fry it.  I thought to myself - GO DO IT!

My friend Jones suggested to put flour and some salt.  And that's exactly what I did:

But before I coated the crabs in flour - I had to do a little cleaning like cut out the eyes and take out the gills and the gender parts.  Yaya Ga did all of those and was commenting how soft the shell was, I think they don't have this in the province.  Hihi..

Watch it fry..........

And in a few minutes (it felt like seconds) here's the finished product:

It was crispy, tasty, JUICY, and perfect!  I never knew it was this easy to cook!  Hahaha..  My Panget was excited and was also impressed.  It was LOVE at first bite.  I didn't even get to season the crab!  And it was sweet and very very tasty.  I wish we had more!  Hahahaha..  Well, I'm saving them for another day (where I will be the only one eating it.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!)

If you're interested to cook one, then head on to their Facabook Page - Soft Shell Crabs PH.

They have recipes and tips on how to cook Soft Shell Crabs.

Oh, if you're wondering on the price - it's P130.00/100 grams.  1 Kilo usually gives your around 13 to 15 pieces of Soft Shell Crabs.

Thank you #SoftShellCrabsPH for making it available to us in Manila!! :)  I always thought that Soft Shell Crabs were only abundant in Thailand.  Thank goodness, it's available HERE!!!

Thanks Jones!!

Now, let's ALL ORDER!!

Soft Shell Crabs PH
Text/Call +63 929 963 1170 or +63 917 389 2287

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