#NeverAgain - Marcos. NEVER AGAIN

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I honestly DO NOT UNDERSTAND why people still vote for the Marcoses.  I don't want to make insults to persons because that's not how I am.

I remember when I was growing up - the EDSA Revolution happened.  It was a happy moment for me because there were no classes!  It was only years later that I realized what that revolution meant to all of us.

Maybe because I grew up in the 80's and so the memories were still raw.  You can easily relate to certain matters.  Issues are still and will still feel relevant to you.  We were asked to read books - Dekada 70 by Lualhati Baustista.  Made to watch *A Dangerous Life* to make us aware of the things that happened during Martial Law.  So we can be aware and LEARN from it.

I was so shocked to learn that so many people are actually voting for BBM.  What the FUCK?  I mean seriously - WTF?

Pinoys they say forgive and forget easily.  The forgiveness part - yes, we should all learn to forgive but we should #NEVERFORGET what happened during that time.

Contrary to what people think of the Marcos Regime - Marcos did a good job for only 4 years.  It was after that re-election that he became something else.

I asked my mom about Martial Law.  She said everything was okay, except of course if you were speaking against the government.  TV was controlled, media was controlled.  She said they didn't know what life was outside Martial Law because there were no news!  They were very careful of their actions and what they said in public because it can be taken against them.  Everything was controlled.

Everyone who protested or were talking against the government were all taken into custody.  Tortured and interogated.  Some victims have lived to tell the tales.  Some died in a mass grave somewhere we don't know.

Imagine, in this day and age.  ALL your Facebook posts/status messages will be monitored.  If they find something offensive with what you posted - YOU WILL BE ARRESTED.  You cannot complain about the government's inefficiencies.  YOU HAVE NO OPINION ON EVERYTHING.

Is that the kind of life you want?
I think not.

We have always thought how kawawa China is because Facebook is not allowed and that everything is censored.  Do you also want that for your country and citizens too?

Think about it.

Think about it HARD.

I think the teachers nowadays are oblivious to the damages and sins of the Marcoses during Martial Law.  Maybe because they never heard stories of it nor do they feel it has any relevance now.

Watch this video.

I'm sure a LOT will say - these people are victims because they fought the government.  Well, aren't we all supposed to fight for what is right?  Our government is there to PROTECT us and not cause FEAR in us.  FEAR is what happened during Martial Law.

Do you want to be AFRAID again?

I sure don't!


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