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Monday, April 25, 2016

To be honest, I was surprised to find out that Belo now has a line for babies - Belo Baby.  But then again, when I thought about it - I felt it was high time that they made one.  I personally love the Belo Sun Block (I use it regularly during sunny outing activities!) and I have to say, I'm very proud of this brand because it's proudly Pinoy!

Let me lay this out first - I'm sure you've read here on this blog that my kids have Skin Asthma.  I'm very particular with the kinds of products I use on my kids.  Our pedia derma has advised us to find a product that goes well with the kids' skin condition and stick with it.  Unfortunately the products that helps their skin condition is not readily available in the market.  Well for one - we use an imported competing brand, and it's not available just anywhere.  I would hoard when I see it in the supermarket, but for the past months - well, it has been out of stock.  Since it's out of stock - my kids are forced to use another brand that irritates their skin ever so slightly.  To remedy it, we just use lotion every so often.  Lotion is another thing - as we have tried different brands and we've settled with an imported brand.  It goes on and on and to be very honest, it's quite taxing because you see your kids and how they're suffering and you want to help ease their condition but you are powerless to do so.

Ok, change topic.  So......

First things first.

I LOVE THE PACKAGING of #BeloBaby!  I love the matte feel of the lotion tube and the box of the soap.  Hahaha!!  I looked really silly because I was touching it endlessly, turning it over and looking at it.  I was honestly enjoying the feel of the lotion tube on my hands.  Another thing that I liked very much is that there is a date stamp of the product's expiration.  It will greatly help users know if the product can still be used or needs to be thrown out.

Next is the scent.  I really dislike those heavy scented products but I also don't like the unscented ones.  Hahaha!!  I get confused on the unscented because they have scents too and indescribable ones at that! These #BeloBaby lotion, soap and hair and body wash have a nice smell that is not overpowering.

So on to the test!

The label says it all - 100% Certified Natural ingredients.  It's very nice that they've made sure to choose meticulously what ingredients they put in the product.  It says a LOT about their genuine love and care for the end users of #BeloBaby.

But you know what - I told myself, I needed to try these products on my kids to see if what they claim is true.  I mean, the product is crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms - I feel is this is the truest of test.  So, game on!

So last Tuesday evening - I made sure to bathe the kids using the #BeloBaby products.  Kailee and Connor were quite excited because they're naturally curious on products that I use on them.  They asked me questions on why I was using a new product on them.  So I tried my best to explain in a way that they can understand - that some products have chemicals on them that might make their skin itch and give them rashes.  And they knew very well how that felt - and so when I told them that these new products of #BeloBaby can help care for their skin because it's all natural - they became more excited for bath time.

Connor has a more sensitive skin, so I decided to use the Hair and Body wash on him since it's liquid.  I loved the fact that there is one product that we can use for the hair and body.  No need to switch products anymore, and less mess!  It honestly made bath time faster.  Washing his hair and body wasn't such a task anymore - I can just pump and then lather it on to his hair and body.  Another good thing was that it wasn't hard to wash off.  It smelled really nice too!

Kailee was next, and I used the #BeloBaby bar soap on her body and the Hair and Body Wash on her hair.  I like that the soap is a bean shape, makes it easy to hold and lather in the hands.

After their baths, I used the #BeloBaby Face and Body lotion on them.  Well, that's our usual regiment.  After bath, while their skin is still a bit damp, we put lotion on them.  The scent as I said wasn't overpowering and they didn't mind it.  Some lotions are too fragrant and causes my kids to keep sneezing.  I was honestly skeptical on using it on their faces - but since the product claims to be *All Natural* and I trusted the brand, well - I went on ahead and put some on their faces.

I want to be honest - I was quite nervous on the after effects of their bath and after I put lotion on them.  Usually within minutes the kids will be scratching like crazy or redness and rashes will appear.  I observed them after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and during bedtime.  No one was scratching or getting red rashes on their faces.

I did a huge sigh of relief - NO IRRITATION WHATSOEVER on the first use.  I was so relieved!  Hahaha!!  I then decided to use it for a few more days to see the effects of the products.

It's been 4 days since we first used it and I'm very happy (and proud) to report that my kids have NOT experienced any kind of irritation on their skin since testing the *All Natural* #BeloBaby products.  We've used it twice everyday - and so far, so good!  Okay, more than good - because their skin has become softer!  Hahaha..

So very happy and excited with the #BeloBaby products.  Now I don't need to look far and wide for products to care for my kids' sensitive skin.  We now have them readily available in leading supermarkets, groceries and department stores.  You don't know how happy I am to have found these products.  It's a great help - I mean a really great help for us moms (with kids who have skin asthma).

Thank you Belo - for crafting products for the little ones.  They need your love and care too when it comes to their skin.

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