I'm voting for #RoxasRobredo

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Late 2014 when talks started to go about regarding the presidential elections.  I felt for #MarRoxas.  I knew that he wanted to become President but I secretly thought that he wouldn't win.  I felt that he lacked charisma and the appeal of a President-iable.  I knew he was going to be the standard bearer by the administration but I felt sorry for him because in my mind - he wouldn't stand a chance against the one I will not mention.

I was aware of his track record.  I knew he wasn't corrupt.   I knew he was a leader.  He knew what sacrifice meant and I admired him to high heavens for stepping down and lifting up PNoy to lead our country.  But there was just something in him that wasn't winnable.  Maybe because he didn't have the usual underdog story that we all look for.

Early last year, we took the opportunity to go out of the country when the Pope visited the Philippines.  Many complained on the no work schedule.  Traffic was an issue because there were roads that were closed.  But you know what - while catching on TV what happened - there was one thing that I so very admired.  It was the logistics of the whole event.  The very organized barricade on the roads - the peace and order.  It didn't seem like the usual Metro Manila when the Pope visited.  When I got home, I immediately asked my mom if she knew who arranged the logistics, the road closures and the road barricades.  She too was clueless!  For days we wondered who was in charge because we wanted to give that person credit.  A few days after, we learned that it was all #MarRoxas.

I'm sure his name came out in the papers.  But there was no issue/big deal on it whatsoever.  Not everyone in the public knew he was behind the logistics.  There was no buzz on  what he has done during the Pope's visit.  This gesture made me think twice - I guess he's not the trapo type who would gloat in his achievements and boast them for people to remember.  He just did his job and that was it.  No one came out to congratulate him openly.  Yes, the President did but there wasn't much talk about it after.  No traction.  Maybe it was kept that way.  I don't know.

There were two candidates that I was really choosing between.  One had a very clean slate, I felt the sincerity.  While the other I thought about because that candidate was banking on DRASTIC change, change that will do the country good.  But slowly these two people would involve themselves with personalities that I can only shake my head in description.  I realized that these two people were not fit to lead the country.  Their decisions and allies have made me question their intention and potential leadership.

Thinking about it, made me realize - there was only ONE person who I would put my trust into SOLIDLY - and that was #MarRoxas.  Yes, he's not the most popular.  He's not the charismatic leader that we all yearn for.  He's a bit pikon at times.  But you know what - HE CAN LEAD.

I was part of the #SilentMajority - I really was.  I didn't want to divulge who I was voting for, I wanted to keep it to myself.  I didn't want to have to defend my choice - I didn't want argue and lose friendships just because of who I was planning to vote.

But as of last night - I am no longer part of the #SilentMajority.  I am broadcasting via my blog that I am giving my FULL support to #MarRoxas and #LeniRobredo this coming elections.

Some may question my decision and I'm sure I'll get bashed - but one thing I can say is that - I want CHANGE and I can only see the *right* changes with these two people.  I know they will WORK their asses off to make this country great again.  To be honest - 6 years is a short short time to feel the changes, but a change to the right direction is what we all need.

I have long decided to vote for #MarRoxas ever since he accepted the challenge to run for president.  What sealed the deal for me much more was when he picked #LeniRobredo as his running mate.

#LeniRobredo is as clean as anyone can get.  One thing I really really admire with her is that despite her being the wife of a cabinet member - she has remained humble and down to earth.  They have maintained a simple lifestyle.  Sec. Jessie Robredo would take the bus every weekend to go home to Bicol to be with his family.  She remained in Naga looking after the girls.  The Robredo family knows the word SACRIFICE all too well.  They have given themselves to public service and have not asked anything in return.  That for me is the truest form of selflessness - BAYAN BAGO ANG SARILI.  When Sec. Jessie passed away, she was forced into the limelight.  She has said time and again that she had no plans of running for office.  But when she saw the need to, she heeded the call of the people.  When buzz started that she is being wooed by #MarRoxas - I thought to myself, she was the perfect running mate.  She doesn't have ambition to be come more than what she is.  She's humble and down to earth.  She still takes the bus when she goes back to Naga.  She commutes, she falls in line - she's a NORMAL person.  She's us.  She's someone we all want to become - she's something we can all admire and look up to.  And so far, she has been doing a wonderful job leading by example.

We need these two people to lead us to greatness.  I know that we cannot place all our hope in them, but they're a good start in showing us what sacrifice is and what we can do to make this country great again.  Yes, change should start from us - but we need to be inspired to change.

I have this favorite quote.  I learned of it from the TV Show Prision Break *BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD* I have for a looooong time thought, wow!  Such a great line.  It was just a few years ago that I discovered that this was uttered by the great Mahatma Gandhi and the correct quote was *Be the change you wish to see in the world*

So I am doing just that - I want change, and it starts from me.  From my decision who to vote for this coming elections.

I CHOOSE #RoxasRobredo

P.S.  I will not in any way convince you to make this same decision as I did.  You have FREE WILL to choose who you want to vote in the weeks to come.  One thing I ask is that my decision be RESPECTED.  #Respeto lang

Change comes when we ourselves want change.  We can't just keep blaming the government for every bad thing we experience, I feel that's what Filipinos do that all the time.  Point fingers and blame people other than ourselves.  We say we want change yet we don't follow rules, we yearn for loopholes and the easy way out.  We rarely take responsibility for our actions.

I think, it's high time that we do out part.

Oh and another thing.  If you didn't register to vote - PLEASE JUST BE QUIET.  I mean you didn't even put the effort to register yet you have an opinion?  Stop feeling entitled to give an opinion on something that won't even matter to you.  The world has enough problems.  SO PLEASE - JUST BE SILENT. Please.


  1. I am not for them. I am for #DU30. But I really hope and pray that whoever will be elected will be challenged to really change and clean the government. There maybe some developments in the Aquino admin but I also knew those projects were approved at the time of the previous admin and was just realized now. I hope that the slow paced government we have must act immediately and what is due for the people must be given. You may feel the developments in greater manila area but sadly for the provinces they feel they are forgotten. I am from Davao City. Others may say that our Mayor maybe good only in our City but we were very fortunate to be served by our Mayor for more than 3 decades. Hindi sya nagsasawang maglingkod sa amin. Developments maybe slow paced but we see a different Davao today from before. I know non-residents of Davao have really a hard time understanding our Mayor despite his bad image. If ever he will not win, we are still grateful and happy that we will still have him until he will stop running for public office.

    Whether #DU30 or Mar or whoever wins, I hope that each one of us will support the next President. Filipinos lack discipline as whole compared to other nations. If we will do our part to follow our rules, I bet there will really be no problem. And rules must really be implemented strictly. Yes, I believe that respect must also be present in each one of us. We may have different choices but I hope we must be united to make our nation a better one.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Kinilig ako. I totally agree with you na we should support whoever wins this elections. We need to start doing our own work to effect the changes we want.

    Pinoys are NOT the most disciplined of citizens. But when we are in other countries - we obey rules to the T. This means we CAN do it and we CAN be disciplined when we want to.

    Good luck to all of us!

    Love, Didi

  3. I love your post, Didi! :) Although I am not for Roxas (but I'll vote for Robredo), I respect your decision. And you're right, we can't depend on our leaders for change because that should come from within us. It's supposed to be innate. So for me, I will vote with conscience, but will respect whoever will win.

    Here's hoping no more EDSA #126. LOL! (Sa totoo lang, medyo nakakasawa na rin.)

    1. Michelle!! :) How are you? Alam mo in truth - we need to respect everyone's decision. Ang ganda ng sinabi mo *I will vote with conscience but will respect whoever will win*

      Love, Didi