How to Clean Denim Stains on a Leather Bag

Friday, March 18, 2016

Last February, the unthinkable happened.

My pink leather bag was stained by my jeans!  Look..........

Can you see the contrast in color?

It's so sad!  This happened while we were in Hong Kong.  I thought, I was in luck since I'm sure that the sales staff here would at least know what to do right?  So, I dropped by the store nearest to me and ask how to clean it.  And you know what the sales staff said?  *Sorry, it's impossible to clean*  LECHE.  I don't think that's what you tell those who ask for help diba?  I was pissed.  I was actually determined to prove her wrong.  But then again, I was in HK - they won't care naman e.  It was more of a personal quest.  She just looked at me blankly and probably thinking - that's why you don't buy light colored bags!  Grrrr...

I was pissed so I messaged my friend.  My friend Kath said she uses the Coach leather cleaner.  My other friend Maymay said that she has a Kate Spade leather cleaner that I can use.  There was hope.  I can try these methods and if all else fails - I guess, it's alright since the stain is at the back of the bag.

I finally got hold of the Kate Spade leather cleaner.  Maymay told he that she was instructed by the store staff to use cotton.  So I followed her.  I used cotton to try and clean it.  Slowly but surely - it WORKED!  But the thing was, my arm was getting tired from rubbing!  Hahaha!!  It was taking longer than usual but I told myself to be patient, well - I needed to be patient or else nothing will come out of it!  So I rested for like 2 days.  Hahahaha!! :)  Then I tried it again.  

But after 2 days of using cotton balls.  I gave up.  It was too much work!  Hahaha.  Seriously, I was thinking too much work with just a little difference.  My Panget was actually smirking and asking if it really works.  I then remembered that I had small cut ups of Melamine Sponge (aka Mr. Clean's Eraser) that we got in Daiso Tokyo last November.  I then took the risk and tried it on a small portion.   I put the leather cleaner on the surface of the small melamine sponge, squeezed it so that the product will get into the sponge.  I slowly rubbed it on the leather surface in a circular motion.  I was nervous and secretly praying that the leather won't get damaged. 

Without much effort - IT WORKED!  I was in disbelief how fast it took the stain out!  So I tried it again on another portion of the bag.  And it still worked!   I was soooo happy that I was cleaning like crazy!  Hahaha..  I had to *gently* rub the melamine sponge on the flat surface of the bag.  I also learned that the more product you use, the better and easier to clean.  Make sure to use enough product that when you rub, it'll create suds/bubbles.  The leather cleaner instructions suggests that you don't put the cleaner directly on the bag, but I did just that.  Hahaha!! But don't take my word for it, you can try it and risk it.  I did and it turned out okay naman. 

Here's the finished product:

There's a huge difference right?! 

Bye Bye Demin stains!!  Woohooo!!

I tried to clean the folded parts of the bag and realized that it didn't work.  Instead it damaged the leather more.  So I theorized that the melamine sponge + Kate Spade leather cleaner only works on flat surface leather bags.  You need to be very careful with the *power* of the melamine sponge when you use it on a folded leather surface.  See below:

Can you spot the damage?  
Good thing it's at the bottom of the bag!!

So, thank you Maymay for letting me use your Kate Spade leather cleaner.  I went on and bought myself a bottle because I have this urge to clean my other leather bags!  Hahaha... I called Kate Spade outlets but they were all out of stock.  I was told to call Rustan's Makati to try.  And I did, and they still had bottles and bottles in stock.  It costs P795.00 

Your patience will be tested.  What I did was clean it everyday or every other for short periods of time.  It gets tiring and frustrating when you don't see immediate results.  You need to be very very GENTLE with how you clean.  Do not force the sponge on the bag because I'm sure the leather will get damaged.  You can also try the towel/cotton method but I find it takes longer to clean (so for sure mooooore patience!)

Here's the side by side image of the bag with denim stain and without the demin stain.

See the difference?

So, THANK YOU Maymay for letting me use your Kate Spade leather cleaner!

I owe you!!

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