Cooking Quest: Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last year, I attempted to cook this.  You know, without looking at any recipe?  I had a feeling it was fairly easy.  I usually just wing it (yabang!).  But when I did - it was an epic fail.  Hahahaha!!

After that failed attempt, I often wondered how it was made without the salted egg yolk being runny. Then I saw a video somewhere.  I realized that it failed because I used REAL Salted egg yolk and egg white - TOGETHER.  Major major fail.  You DON'T need to use real salted egg.  What you need is just the egg yolk and salt it.

I tried making it the other night and it was a success.

Well, sort of - I mean, my Panget said he wanted it a little more salty.

Didi's Salted Egg Yolk Chicken:
(I apologize but I don't have the exact measurement, as I said - I just wing it.  Hahaha!!)

Chicken Thigh Fillets (cut into bite sizepieces)
Rice Wine
1 Egg
Potato Starch (this makes the chicken more crispy when fried)

4 Egg Yolks (Separate and Steam then crush)
*You may need more depending on the amount of chicken you plan to cook
Salt (this will depend on how salty you want it to be)
Butter (I love butter so don't ask me how much!  Hahaha!)

Start with the Salted Egg first:
1)  Crush the steamed egg yolks.  Crush them.
2)  Heat oil in a a pan and cook the crushed egg yolks
3)  Add butter and salt (to taste)
4)  Cook until FOAMY (don't over cook!)
5)  Set aside in the pan

1)  Mix cut up chicken with rice wine, salt, pepper and sugar
2)  Pour in egg and mix thoroughly
3)  Drench Chicken piece by piece into Potato Starch
4)  Fry chicken pieces until golden brown

When all the chicken is cooked - put it on the pan with the egg yolk mixture.
Coat all the chicken with the egg yolk mixture.

That's it.

It's quite tedious because you will need at least 2 pans.  But I assure you, it will all be worth it when you get to taste and serve it.

Feel free to tweak the recipe.  If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Hi Didi. Where do you get the potato starch? Is this available in supermarkets?

    1. Hi Cher! How are you na?
      Potato Starch is available in supermarkets na.
      Tiyaga lang to look for it :)

    2. I'm doing okay but really making myself busy purposely (for distraction purposes). I'm going to give your recipe a try myself this weekend. Crossing my fingers that I get to find the potato starch. :)

    3. Good luck cher!! I'm sure you'll find one :)

  2. I saw a video and I thought na raw salted egg (as in itlog na pula) yung ginamit. Was wondering where to get them kasi usually parang hard-boiled na yung nabibili sa atin. Pwede palang ordinary egg and then salt it na lang. Thanks for this recipe, Didi! :)

    1. I thought it was the red salted egg nga rin nung una kaya that was what I used before.. Pero hindi pala, it's just the ordinary egg yolk lang.. Hahahaha!!!

      See you soon Michelle!

  3. Stupid me, all the wjile I thought they use the salted egg (duck) we can buy in the gricery! Hahahaha! Was hoping to see what the salted egg mixture looks like. Anyways, I will try this one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Same thought!! I assumed it was the salted egg na red!!!!!!

      I didn't get to take the picture anymore, sorry!! hihihihi....

  4. Ang bilis ng post! Very timely ata ang Pag ask ko sa Facebook Ng egg yolk recipe! Looks so good! Will try it soon! Thanks Didi!!!:)