Thursday, March 17, 2016

When my kids are sick one things I really dislike is that I need to figure out how much medicine to give!  

There are some meds that indicates the age range of the child and some others that you'll need to compute for the weight of the child.  I don't know how to compute.  The doctors most of the time do it for us when we are in their clinics.  But if our child's weight suddenly increases or decreases, how are we to know how to compute?

This is where this wheel comes in handy:

The wheel is an easy guide for us parents on what's the correct dose to give to our kids when they're sick.  Just turn the wheel, match the weight of your child and you'll see the different doses on the you'll need to give on the different kinds of Calpol products.


In giving our child medicine, it is VERY IMPORTANT that we give them the correct doses.  It's crucial that we give them what is right and not what we deem ourselves right.  Medicines when given at a wrong dose (too little or too much) is not helpful and can instead cause more harm than good!

I know there are times when we are panic stricken because of worry.  But let's just breathe, and take a second to read and know what the correct dose to give our kids.

Parenting is tough.  As much as we want to protect our kids, we need to let then grow, explore and experience things on their own.  I honestly don't mind the mess, because I know they'll eventually learn to get organized.  We just need to guide them and remind them every so often without blowing our top off (this happens a LOT with me!) we need to be more patient with them.  

We all learn from experience.  We take in the good ones and improve and stay away from the bad decisions we've made.  We strive to do better.  Mistakes are there to make us learn, so let's learn from it.

But when it comes to releiveing fever and pain - #CalpolMakeNoMistake 

Thank you for this handy kit Calpol!

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