Tokyo Diaries: YEN's Private Car pick-up service

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Whenever I travel with a group, I make sure that everyone travels with convenience.  So I search and look for private car services that does pick up.  Mind you, I look for the most reasonably priced ones.  I email and inquire and when I've picked my choices - I haggle.

 Two years ago, we went to Tokyo with my brother in law and my nieces.  Since we had 3 kids in tow - I thought it was just but right to have a car pick us up from the airport.  It takes away the hassle of pacifying 3 kids with matching luggages to take care of.  This year, when we went to London - I made sure to have a car pick us up because I had my in laws with me.  My Panget has a bad back so, you can't rely on him to lug around heavy bags.

Most friends think of this service as a waste of money.  Well, I beg to differ.  When you choose the standard route - you can take a bus, that will have so many stops.  You can take a train with a lot of station transfers, or you can take a taxi - it will for sure take a lot from your pocket money.  At your age - are you prepared to do all those things?  Well, if you have all the time in the world - then by all means, take the standard route - right?

This Tokyo trip, I was getting frustrated already because I couldn't find ANY affordable pick-up service.  All of those I've inquired were asking for an arm and a leg.  So by stroke of luck, I messaged a friend - Achi Pam, and she sent me the contact details of the car service they hired on their last Tokyo trip.  I sent this person an email and I got a very reasonable rate.

I told my Panget about this and he was agreeable, the hard part was convincing his friend and his cousin.  In the end, they agreed.  They computed it and realized that the difference was a minimal add to that the convenience of the car picking us up from the arrival hall and dropping us off at the entrance of our apartment's lobby.

We were charged JPY20,000.00 / PHP7,700.00 we were 5 people so that's PHP1,540.00.  The airport limousine bus will cost you JPY3,100.00 / PHP1,200.00.  Keep in mind that an airport limousine has a LOT of stops, plus the drop off point is a hotel and not at your apartment's doorstep.  Weigh your hassles VS convenience.

Our vehicle was a Hi-Ace.  It can easily accommodate 9 people with luggages.  I think it can fit 10, but the driver said 9.  You can pay in CASH or with a CREDIT CARD.  He also has a portable wifi, so you can surf and entertain yourselves while inside the vehicle.

So email him or better yet, message him on Line Messenger.  Yen really replies quickly.

Thanks Achi Pam for the referral!

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