Starbucks' Extraordinary Macchiato + Limited Edition SIREN Starbucks Card!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Experience Starbucks' Extraordinary Macchiato

Here is the CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT MACCHIATO!  Starbucks' Chocolate Hazelnut Macchiato combines layer upon layer of delicious chocolate and hazelnut flavors with our best quality espresso

Here is the ROASTED CARAMEL MACCHIATO!  Starbucks' Roasted Caramel Macchiato is for the true caramel lover. Delight in its layers of smooth, velvety milk, top quality espresso, and deliciously rich caramel taste.

Price for both Macchiatos are Short - P150.00,  Tall-P160.00, Grande-P175.00, Venti-P185.00

And for Starbucks Card collectors out there - these cards will sure be a delight to have:

Who would have thought?!  
They're really cute!
Each card has an initial load of P500.00! 

Limited Edition Starbucks Siren Card
Initial load for this card is P300.00!

One more thing that I am excited for is :

The MONTE CRISTO Sandwich!
Oh, how I love love love a Monte Cristo sandwich!
Farmer's ham & sharp parmesan cheese layered on sweet savory brioche French Toast!  
What's NOT to love about that??!!
This is prices at P170.00

For those who are abstaining from meat this Lent, Starbucks is offering these two for you!

The Fish & Potato Wrap - P165.00

Tuna Wasabi Turnover - P120.00

Head on out NOW to Starbucks to experience these extraordinary delightful things. 

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment :

  1. I am super-addicted to Starbuck's Almond Croissants - meron ba sa Pilipinas nito?
    and just today, I tried the Strawberry Acai Refresher and loved it too!

    Such an expensive addiction. Sigh.