#OTWOLDiaries: My heart is breaking..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Very Realistic.
True to life.

To tell you the truth.  We, the fans - the audiences know the solution to their problems.  We can say this and that - we all have our own opinions on what to do to help their situation.  But it's NOT our love story.  It's theirs.  We just watch, observe, laugh and cry with them.  And that's why I think it's painful for us to watch them in this difficult situation.  Because we are all POWERLESS to help them get through this.

I can say that Leah is at fault, or that Clark should have screamed Leah's name at the airport.  But that's US and not them.  We can solve their problems for them, but it's not ours to solve.  They need to go through this for their characters to grow.  

One significant thing in a great love story's success is that the characters need to have REALISTIC FLAWS.  One that is true to life, something relatable.

For the majority, I'm sure most everyone would say that Leah has a choice - Leah can and should have just stood by Clark.  But come on, had that happened - then the story would have lost it's glory.  Instead, the story chose to take the more *painful* route, Leah needed to prove something.  In all honesty - I would have said that she didn't need to leave - but she still left.  I feel that she needed to prove something to herself that's why she left.  It wasn't a matter or pride or necessity, but I feel that it was a great opportunity for her (career wise) and it's not something you'd want to pass on.  I mean, really, think about it - 4x her salary?  I honestly think it's quite measly - I mean really - analyze it.  If let's say she was earning P20,000.00 a month and multiply that 4x that's P80,000.00.  Since she needed P2,000,000.00 - she would need to work for 25 years without spending a single centavo on herself.  That made me think - why, Leah?  Then it dawned on me.  It was something she NEEDED to do for herself.

Clark should have understood, you would say.  But in reality, he didn't need to understand.  I was so heartbroken during the video call of Clark and Leah, because I saw Clark in pain - he was NEVER the priority.  There was always something or someone.  Clark is too perfect, but right now - he's turning human again - he's been honest with his feelings, he's feeling angry, he's becoming more real.  And that's really good because it shows us that despite being a *perfect* man, he really isn't.  

Both characters have become stubborn.  No one was willing to sacrifice.  But you know what - I would have stood behind Leah and told her that if Clark was meant to be for her, he would have let her be.  But that's just one side of the story.  I would have told Clark too to stand his ground and fight for his love for Leah - it's an ego kind of a thing for a man to provide.  And it's painful since we all have fallen in love with Clark to see him in agony.  In my head, I was disliking Leah - over and over in my head you will hear *Leah, give it up! Stay with Clark!*  But then I realized, if I were in Leah's shoes - I would have gone to Dubai too.  I needed to do it not just for my family, but for myself.  I am good at what I do and I NEED to pursue it.  Women have long sacrificed so much in history.  We have always sacrificed ourselves for our family and our *man*.  I think it might be high time to make something of myself.  But then again, that's just me.  Hahahaha!!

I'm actually scared and excited.  I mean here we are at the last 12 days of #OTWOL.  I'm sure everyone's glued on their TV screens hanging on to every word and every gap there after.  I'm sure ideas are now all over the place - predictions, theories and all sorts of stuff.

But one thing is.. We need to enjoy this last ride guys.  Let's just hang on till the end.  I'm sure the ending is worth it.

I have always believed in TIMING.  That everything happens at the right time.  So let's give them time, OUR time.

Let's not forget to praise the directors, scriptwriters, staff and crew of this wonderful teleserye.  I have said it before and I will say it again - I have not seen this good of a teleserye in YEARS.  I'm glad I got glued to it at the right moment.  Great strorytelling guys, and great acting too!

Pero Pero, may issues ako:
Leah naman, ano ba naman yung sabihin mo na aalis ka kay Clark.  Patinging tingin ka sa glass windows, alam mo namang di alam ni Clark na aalis ka.  Unnecessary drama darling ha.. 

Clark naman, BAKIT HINDI MO SINIGAW PANGALAN NI LEAH SA AIPORT??  Nawalan ka naman ng boses di oras?  


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  1. I agree with you. This time, both are stubborn.

    IMO, Leah grabbed the opportunity to take the 4x salary rather than stay 'cause any additional fund for the operation could help. Leah's mindset is focused on assurance and not risk. She needed the money. An opportunity came, and she grabbed it. I think Leah didn't want to burden Clark, as well. Yes, Clark offered to help on the finances. But, during the Dubai offer, the only thing they have is a plan.

    Clark, on the other hand, is somewhat lost. I guess, somehow, there is a mix of insecurity, longingness, tiresome, and ego. Everything added up. I guess, he reached the emotional peak or something, that he broke down.

    Well, I'm hoping na sa huli, Cleah pa rin!

    And I agree, bakit nga ba siya tumitingin, eh di naman niya sinabi kay Clark? Haha. Although, it did emphasize na ayaw nya umalis. Kasi yun yung sign kung magstay siya or not.