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Monday, February 15, 2016

Power Plant Mall is a place that I'm not very partial to.  I find the mall has very limited choices in shopping and places to eat.  While I have staples, my Panget always tell me to pick a new one.

Yesterday, I was honestly surprised when my Panget said that he wanted to go to Power Plant.  We agreed the Friday before that we would just stay home on Sunday (Valentine's Day) because we're expecting it to be crowded everywhere.  We just needed to eat out because our helper was on day-off.  I was honestly expecting a simple lunch at QC Sports.  So his decision to go to Power Plant, well - I was caught off guard.

The first thing on my mind was - *where will we have lunch?*  This is a forever question when we're at Power Plant.  As I said before the choices are limited.  When my Panget asked me where I wanted to eat - I only had one answer *Mamou* and he said yes.  I was surprised!  Well, maybe because it's Valentine's that's why he agreed?  Hahaha!  Anyway, I was excited!  Hahahaha...

The drive to Power Plant was terrible.  EDSA was moving so very slowly because of road repairs and stupid buses.  After we moved passed those - it was smooth all the way.  When we arrived at lunch time, the mall was already bustling.  The decor was helping everyone get in the mood.  Music was head throughout the mall.  It was very festive - and the vibe was infectious!

We walked outside to Mamou, I was getting excited because its been YEARS since I last ate there.  So I have very happy and smiling when I entered Mamou.  It was unfortunate that they were fully booked.  The only tables that were available were under the tent, and it was sunny - so that was a *No* because we didn't want our dining experience to be ruined by the heat of the sun.  A very nice lady - Malou suggested that we dine at the restaurant beside Mamou - she said that it was their sister restaurant.  When she said sister restaurant, I told her honestly - *If you say that then I'll be expecting the same kind of service and quality of food!*  She smiled and proudly said *Yes, ma'am*.

So without hesitation - we walked to CDP Global Table.

I have to be honest.  I've never heard of CDP Global Table.  Maybe because I don't walk past Mamou Too!  Hahahaha..  So it was quite a surprise that there was a CDP Global Table beside Mamou Too (for me) I had to ask if they were new but I was told that they've been open for a while now.  My Panget was asking me if I was sure that I wanted to try it out.  I told him, *sister restaurant ng Mamou* and that was reason enough for me.

As I was about to enter CDP Global Table, I was assisted by Timothy.  Apparently the only available tables were outside.  We had no choice as it was Valentine's Day - so we settled to dine al fresco - it was nice that it wasn't too hot even if it was sunny.  Our table was just right outside, there was a fan right above our table.  When they finished arranging our table, we were given a menu.  Timothy was very helpful.  We I asked a lot of questions (hahaha!!  Those who know me can attest to this!) and he answered them confidently and truthfully.  We decided to order the Steak Frites, a chicken dish and a pork chop to share.  I told Timothy point blank that I am expecting the same quality as Mamou - Timothy just smiled and told me to trust him.  Hahaha!!

My expectations were very very high.  Anyone who's ever dined in Mamou can attest to the fact that they value customer service.  I really love that they go around the tables to ask how the food was.  I know it's mababaw, but I feel that - that's what sets them apart.  They value feedback and you feel important because they go to you to ask how your meal was.  They're also very accepting of feedback.  When you're unhappy with the food - you can tell them and they're replace it without question.  That is the kind of customer service that I like - one that is not bound by trying to justify a mistake or making remedies and instead they give you a solution - you're unhappy with the food, they'll replace it without question.  It says a LOT about their establishment and business practice.

Our order arrived a bit late, but I personally didn't notice it because I was too happy hearing *old* love songs sung by the live performers.  I was mesmerized when I heard *Cross My Heart* by Everything But the Girl.  Hearing that song made me extra happy, I can't explain it but a LOT of memories popped in my head.  Happy memories.  Hahaha!!

Our orders arrived all at the same time.  The plates were still hot and I was personally excited.  Unfortunately, we were all very hungry and I was only able to take pictures of the two dishes that we ordered.

Maggie's Fried Chicken

and this Porkchop dish - that I didn't quite get the name (I will correct this! Haha)

Okay, looking at the dishes - we'll you'd think they're not that special.  I'm judging the book here, okay?  But I am not one to judge the book because I've seen more scary looking plates BUT the taste was just WOW.  So I sliced and took a bite out of the fried chicken.


The fried chicken was really really REALLY good!  It was the breast part - it was juicy, it was flavorful.  It was fried crispy on the outside and really really really juicy in the inside.  I don't know how they did it but it was the MOST PERFECT (sorry, super superlative) CHICKEN BREAST that I've ever tasted in my life.  Yes, it was that good - that my Panget, who SUPER dislikes eveything chicken (especially the breast part) couldn't get enough of it!  He and I were fighting for slices!!  This was supposed to be shared by Kailee, Yaya Belen and Connor!  It was that good!  I also loved the truffle sweet potato chips and my golly the RED SAUCE was amazing!!  Hahaha!!  Ask Timothy what I did - we order white rice and I put the sauce on the rice and started eating the rice lang!  Hahaha..

As for the porkchop - I didn't get to try it because Connor, Yaya Belen and my Panget were fighting for slices!  Imagine, my Panget who's already had 75% of his Steak and Fries was eating off the plate of his son!  I was glad that I was able to get Yaya Belen a good portion of the porkchop and chicken.  She liked the porkchop more, the BBQ sauce was good and she loved the rice.  The porkchop was really thick (or I'm just used to those thinly sliced porkchop).

The Steak Frites - we had Medium Rare.  For a person who likes her steak well done, I was scared.  But when I took a bite.  DAMN.  So this was what all the contestants in Master Chef was taught to do - Medium Rare.  I was half expecting it to be chewy, but it wasn't.  I was half expecting that I would have a gag reflex - and I did was just chewed and swallowed so very fast.  Hahaha!!  It was really good!!  I had to control myself because my Panget was already telling me *Mabibitin ako* over and over again!  Hahaha...

We were all happy diners.

Sooooooooo, what did I think of CDP Global Table?  I'm impressed.  I LOVED everything.  The food, the service, the ambiance (considering I dislike al fresco dining during daytime).  It was such a perfect Valentines lunch with my family.  I would love to go back soon!!

Now, I will have something to look forward to in Power Plant Mall aside from Mamou.  Hihihi...

CDP Global Table, you got me at *Hello!*

Hahaha!!  You know what I mean.

Special thanks to Malou for giving me that *push* to try CDP Global Table.  I'm a fan now.

So just imagine having a wonderful meal with this on the background.  Folks, may I present - Everything But the Girl's Cross My Heart.

One of my FAVORITE songs of all time - I didn't know I was looking for love.

Happy Valentines guys!! :)  Hahaha...

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