Longchamp Bag + Grandma's Secret Spot Remover = a cleaning MIRACLE!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Happy New Year!

I am very excited to share a discovery!  Yes, well - I think the product has been around for quite a while now.  I have been seeing Grandma's Secret Spot Remover in stalls whenever we go malling.  It's just that I never got around to buy one because I never thought I'd have a use for it.  That was until the unthinkable happened.

I saw an oil stain on my bag!

See that stain?  I couldn't think of any reason why my bag would have stain on it.  I was always clutching it or holding it or hanging it.  In no way are the walls, my fingers the table was oily.  I MADE SURE of it!  Hahaha!!  I would examine surfaces first before I set down my bag.  I was very careful.  I am very careful with all my bags, I don't want them to be dirtied uneccessarily.  But somehow - this happened, I don't know how - but what was I to do?  All I could think of was - Damage control.

I asked friends for advice.  I asked a friend who is a Longchamp addict.  She told me to use wipes.  I Google-d what to do and there I read that Longchamp bags *can* be cleaned in the washer, but I wasn't brave enough to do that (plus, I don't own a washer).  So I thought hard and finally decided, I needed to do something, I felt that I needed to act - FAST.

So, one day, I finally decided, why not try the wipes method?  I thought, there was nothing to lose.  So I got a piece of baby wipes and began scrubbing.  It was only then that I discovered that the bag is sort of waterproof inside!  I read somewhere that I needed to *spot* clean it.  So I did.  As I was scrubbing away, the the area I was rubbing into was getting dark - I guess it's because the wipes is wet.  I was confident that the surface of the bag would dry up since it was waterproof from the inside.  So when I finished scrubbing (well, I scrubbed for a while and then thought I've done enough) I hung  the bag to dry.  I was told too that I could use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to help dry it.  But I just decided on the hang dry method.  After a short while, I checked on the bag - I was surprised that it dried quite fast.  I was very excited.


My eyes widened like I wasn't Chinese!

Yikes!  I think the stain lightened BUT instead, it caused another stain.  The stain looks like a crater now.  What have I done?!?!?!?!  I then realized, it was good that at the very least, the stain was at the back part of the bag and not the front.  I was getting used to the fact that it was a hopeless case.  A few days passed, but I was still bothered.

So I asked another group of friends.  Kath suggested to try Grandma's Secret Spot Remover.  I said to myself - you know what, try it - it won't hurt.  I mean, what was the worst that can happen?  Tin (aka MFO) is the distributor of Grandma's Secret - so yesterday, during breakfast in CO/OP, I bought a bottle from her.  Kath was telling me that a little drop goes a long way.  She swears by this product and is using it for whatever stains in clothes, bedsheets and bags.  We then tried a small portion near the bottom of the bag - I put a significant drop, and let it sit.

When I got to the office I was nervous - because I didn't want another crater stain on the bag.  But I was hopeful.  So I cleaned the spot where we tested.  I used a wet towel to rub off the product.  And I saw faint suds while I was rubbing it.  So I rubbed it some more until it was gone.  I noticed too that the bag easily get wet - since there was no product there, I dismissed it.  I hung it out to try since it was sunny.  It was dry in no time - the stain was a GONE but you can see a watermark on the bag where it was wet.  I then realized, that maybe with Longchamp bags, you need to wet and clean the whole bag - to *even out the color*.

So, when I got home - I was quite nervous, because I had thought of cleaning the whole bag already.  And I did.  Hahahaha!!  So I was rubbing the bag like crazy - front and back.  Make sure to rub out the suds completely.  I think what worked was that by rubbing in circular motion (it gets tiring...) the product is spread out and cleans other surfaces.  What I did was just put Grandma's Secret Spot Remover in spots where there are stains.  If there are none - you won't need to apply it everywhere (it will just make life more difficult).  So make sure to rub out the suds.  So I hung it to dry.  But this time - I left the bag to dry, overnight.

This morning, I was nervous!  I didn't want to see watermarks, or craters or stains PERIOD.  And when I saw it, I had to rub my eyes!  I was still groggy and feeling weak from the blood drawing earlier.  I had to go downstairs to check on the condition of the stain and of the bag.

It was a MIRACLE!  Look, there is no watermark!  The oil stain is GONE!  The crater stain made by the wipes is GONE too!


Can you believe it?

Well, you SHOULD because there is hope for stains on a Longchamp bag!!  Woohoooo!! :)

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover is MIGHTY and miraculous!  It was able to clean the oil stain!  And look at the bag - it doesn't seem like a stain was there just a day ago!!

I am very very happy with the result!!

I think the trick was to only apply Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on the stains and nothing more.  To rub it out gently but surely - and then to using that same wet cloth, to rub the entire surface of the bag - so it will dry evenly.

So, there you have it!



Thank you Tin for bringing in this wonderful, miraculous product!!  I super LOVE it!!!

You can buy the Grandma's Secret products from the following:


  1. Wow, this is a great product, I'll definitely try this! Great review ;)

  2. Hi! I want to purchase the secret spot remover. My longchamp has an oil stain and im so bothered. 🙁 I've got the bilberry longchamp neo too.

  3. I've got the same color of neo bag as you..I also got oil stains and it doesn't seem to fade. I'll try this. :)How many minutes will you wait before you wipe it out?