Possible #OnTheWingsOfLove Endings by Didi

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Okay, I will just put it out there.
My head is swimming with ideas on the possible finale.  So, here are some ideas!
Makikigulo ako..

But first, let me say - that these are all just MY ideas, nothing etched in stone, you know - just throwing it out there.

I TRUST & BELIEVE in the scriptwriters and directors.

But before the series ends, let me enjoy - indulge me if you will.  These endings are INSPIRED by these movies and stories.  They not necessarily have the exact same ending.

Please leave a comment, let me know what you think!!

Ending # 1:  Love Affair/Sleepless in Seattle
I sooooo love the movie - Love Affair.  I was excited and heartbroken but I loved loved loved how these movies ended.  Love endures, LOVE WINS!  Meant to be.....

I say this because remember the line Nanang Rona says all the time?  Kung mahal ka, babalikan ka.  So I feel that this ending might be possible.

NO - no one will figure in an accident, but instead of an accident, maybe something unexpected happens.  Forces of nature or something else happens for them not to meet at that agreed time and place.  Pride hinders them not to look for one another again.

I remember Clark saying in an old episode - that it might not be the right time for them yet.  MAYBE it's still not.  But we all hope it is.  I do believe in TIMING.  Everything in His perfect time.

This answers the X number of years after.

Ending # 2:  Forget Paris
He works, she's miserable.  She works, he's miserable.  Careers of both Leah and Clark are making the relationship not work.  Leah is busy all the time, she can't stop working because it makes her happy and she's up for the promotion.  Clark can't stop working because he's building their future nest egg.  They break up eventually because certain circumstances are beyond their control.  They always look back to what they had in San Francisco but it's never the same.  And that point, no one is willing to let go of their careers.  They just break up, leaving everything hanging - they go on with their respective carriers but are visibly miserable without each other.

After X number of years, friends and family are determined to bring them back together.  Little do they know that fate has intervened and they eventually meet again (without help from anyone) - and realize that they can't stand it without each other.  That life won't be the same without one another.  They get back together.

The clincher is - they were never formally divorced/annulled.  So, they're still married!!

Ending # 3:  Paradise (book by Judith McNaught)
No one gets pregnant and miscarries.  No family is against one another.  Only that both Leah and Clark concentrate on their respective careers separately (I don't want to entertain the thought that they are/were involved with other people)  They feel that they have something to prove to one another - and after x number of years and being able to make a name for themselves - the go to back to where they first met, unaware that they both were thinking of the same thing.  They bump into one another and boom.  All the feelings, past conflicts, hurts & betrayals have come back again only to realize that despite being *angry* at one another for so long - they still LOVE each other.

Ending # 4:  #WalangForever
NOT the same ending.  But the gist that they are each other's inspirtation in their careers.  Leah strives to be better because she is inspired by Clark's hard work.  Clark is inspired by Leah's love for her family.  What is sacrificed is their relationship.  Both are not willing to give up their careers for their families.  They break up.  Move on with their lives.

Fate brings them together .  They realize what they've lost but feel it's too late to mend what was broken.  They spend time together as friends - reminiscing (delikado ito parati pag nagre-reminisce) then one realizes that the love was always there and it was never gone.  They remember the good things that happened and now - since they're both stable and established in their own careers, they get back together.

Driver's License Renewal 2016: La Loma District Office in 56 MINUTES (Step by Step Guide)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On thing I really really dislike is going to government offices for renewal of passports and licenses.  Last week, I was supposed to go late in the afternoon because three years ago, it took me less than 45minutes.  But when I called the La Loma District Office (LLDO) the person who answered the phone told me that they have a cut off at 4:30PM (why should there be a cut off?  Aren't they supposed to serve EVERYONE regardless the number as long as it's before 5:00PM??!!)  And he said that since all the satellite offices are closed EVERYONE comes to their branch.  Hell.

My friend Kris, went to the LTO last week to renew her license on her birthday and was welcomed with long lines.  I didn't want to ruin my day, so I decided to go a day after my birthday.  I decided to leave at 7:30am because I was advised to go early since the *Medical Exam Office* opens earlier than 8am.

So at 7:45am - I was already at the La Loma District Office (LLDO) of LTO


So I had to ask the security guard what to do.

He said:

STEP 1:  Go the the sign that says MEDICAL
Get a number and wait for them to open.
I find this really silly to be honest, they were supposed to open *earlier* right?  But they're still having a pancit canton breakfast inside.  This is the best that I could take.  So my apologies.  I was there by 7:45am and I was already #7.  If you're a PWD, Senior Citizen or Pregnant, you can cut in the line.  There were 2 senior citizens that cut in line - I didn't mind because they had priority anyway.  I was called in at about 10 minutes later.  When you get in, you are to give your license (keep your old OR you won't need it at all) to the lady seated down and wait to be called in the doctor's office.  I got called in less than a minute - the doctor (who looked like a phony one) was seated across me, I handed him my license and as if he was a robot - began to answer a series of questions automatically:
     Doc:  Do you wear glasses?
     Didi: No
          Doc motions for me to sit on a bar stool and hands me an object that will be used to cover my
          eye, but all I could think of was *Malinis ba ito?*  Eww.. I had no choice!
     Doc:  Cover your right eye and read aloud Line 9
          I read aloud Line 9
     Doc:  Read aloud Line 10
          I read aloud Line 10
     Doc:  Now, cover your left eye and read alout Line 7
          I cover my left eye and read aloud Line 7
     Doc:  Good!  Now read alound Line 8
          I read aloud Line 8

The doctor hands me my license back with a piece of paper attached to it and motions me to go back to the lady receptionist.  I then hand her my license and the paper, she then asks for P200.00 payment with matching *Please give me the exact amount*, I look at my bag and since I was in *fighting* mood hand her P500.00, she gets it and gives me P300.00 back.  May sukli naman pala e!

Step 2:  Go to the EVALUATION TABLE and hand your license and the Medical Certificate
I do not understand what this step is for.  It baffles me.  I mean the person assigned there just reads through the medical certificate, staples your license on it AND staples a number.  Then motions you to provide a photocopy of your license.  I asked why I needed to provide it - he replied with *Kasi hindi niyo po isusurrender and license niyo* (because you're not surrendering your license to us).  I then need to walk near the entrance and have my license photocopied for P3.00.

Step 3:  Go to Window 3 and hand all papers (License, LTO # from the evalulator, Med Cert + photocopy of license)
Then you wait for your NAME IS CALLED on their crappy sound system to for picture taking.

Step 3:  Go to Window 1 for picture taking

When your name is called you will need to go behind a blue steel board.  The person behind it will motion you to look at the camera and after sign your name on a digital plate.

Step 4:  Go to Window 10 to pay
I already incurred a penalty since I was 1 day late for my renewal.  Penalty is P75.00.  I waited and waited for my name to be called.  I must say, I am an impatient person when it comes to waiting because look at that - THERE WAS NO LINE!  Yet the seats were slowly getting filled up!  FINALLY my name was called and I was told to pay P493.00 - I hand P500.00 and was given a change of P7.00.

Step 5:  Go to Window 2 for releasing
I waited her for about 17 minutes.  On the 10 minute mark I went to the window to ask how long the wait was.  I was told that the cashier hasn't printed the receipts yet and that they're waiting for that before calling my name.  My name was called 7 minutes later, I was handed a receipt and my license with a hole.  I was given instructions *Tawag tawag po kayo kung available na po yung card niyo* (Call from time to time to check if your license card is available).  I asked how long that was and was just given the same line *Tawag tawag po kayo*  WTF?

I then saw that my OR had an amount printed P492.63.

What?  I paid P493.00!  Where did my P0.37 go??

I checked my timer and it was exactly 56 minutes.

No, don't tell me that it's not bad.  IT IS BAD!  Waiting for 56 minutes total?  The process should have just taken at least 30 minutes since there is no printing of the card anymore!  Does it take 15minutes to print a receipt?  And another thing - why do we need to walk back and forth to pay, to submit and then to pick up?  Can't they group counters together so that you remain in just one area?  So that the people inside the office won't need to walk all the way to the other side to hand in the receipts?  EFFICIENCY!  Where is the efficiency?  My gulay..  A friend of mine commented *They don't have to line up for their licenses and passports kasi that's why they don't feel a sense of urgency*.  Grrr...

My possible scenarios for the #OnTheWingsOfLove finale

Monday, January 25, 2016

As with all Pinoy Teleseryes, everything comes to a happy end.  No matter how many bombs were detonated, how many characters killed and have came out alive from nowhere.  Amnesias have come and gone.  Babies switched at birth, name it all those themes still have happy endings (even if they're crappy)

So for sure, I assumed this much with #OnTheWingsOfLove.  I was excited because I knew the ending was a wedding.  For a change - it was expected and something very happy, an event we'd all like to celebrate.  Imagine seeing a wedding outfit clad #JaDine.  Wow, diba?  Such eye candy!  I was very excited to be honest and really looking forward to the wedding finale. But then weeks ago, when #JaDine were shooting scenes in San Francisco.  It made me think - where were the kids?  Where was the *family*?

I was honestly suspicious, but then again - who knows?!  I remember being told that scenes on location are shot depending on what was needed.  So parang shoot lang ng shoot, let the editing handle it nalang.  Let's just TRUST that what will be given is great.  Have FAITH.

Then last week, it suddenly hit me.  Why was Simon put in the show?  What was his role in the dymanics of Cleah?  Why was there a need to have another character when the ending was for sure, a wedding?  I initially thought, okay - maybe they needed an added storyline to lengthen the show. Why was I not seeing wedding preps in the previews or snippets of the wedding via fan's IG feed.  I had a bad feeling.  A very very bad feeling.

My hunch was confirmed when they showed a teaser last Friday.  I have to admit, I never got to see last Friday's episode, but just by looking at my IG feed - I knew it.  I was correct with the bad feeling.  But you know what, I BELIEVE and TRUST the scriptwriter and director.  For sure they have a plan, well - they always have a plan.

It has to end where it all began

With this caption alone, I was already worried.  Kabado levels!!  Hahaha!!  I mean, end where it began?  What kind of ending?  I then suddenly had flashbacks of what I saw on IG - it made me ask, WHY?   But I tell you, TRUST and BELIEVE - I'm sure we'll be taken on a wonderful ride towards the end of #OnTheWingsOfLove #OTWOL.

Here are my possible scenarios:

Scenario 1:  Nanang will die and Leah will need to postpone the wedding.
I know, it's morbid - but I can't help but think of this as a reason to postpone the wedding.  So there Clark won't be able to accept that he's always second in Leah's life.

Scenario 2:  Leah will be sent to San Francisco to work
Leah needs this promotion, she has been telling Clark over and over again how important her family is.  Clark will stay because he can't leave his growing business here in the country.

Scenario 3:  Leah is inspired with Simon's success and wants to be like him
Leah will ask Clark to understand and patiently wait until she has established a career for herself before getting married.

In all of these scenarios - one thing is clear, a wedding will not happen.  Kawawa nanaman si Clark.  All I can think of is *gastos* and not his feelings because I know in the end, LOVE will find a way.  Hahaha!!

But it's quite right though - that it has to end where it all began.  It's a very good story line to be honest.  And I would LOVE to be entertained.  So I can't wait!  I'm excited!

As I said - TRUST & BELIEVE in the scriptwriters & directors.  For sure they have something in store for us.

Direk Tonette, Direk Jojo and Direk Dan - I believe in you guys like how I believe in JJ Abrams.  I know you guys won't fail me, nor fail us.

Salamat sa saya, sa tawa, sa luha, sa kurot sa puso.


Let's finish STRONG.

Garage SALE! #ClosetCleanoutSale2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

Come, browse and shop.

My friends and I are cleaning out our closets and doing some #SpringCleaning.

We have items as low as P20.00

Some items haven't been used, while most are Pre-Loved.

Want a sneak peak of the items for sale?  Click this link #ClosetCleanoutSale2015

See you tomorrow!! :)

Why I don't want #JamesReid & #NadineLustre to be a REAL couple..

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I have gushed and gushed again and again about how much I am so in LIKE with the loveteam of #JamesReid and #NadineLustre aka #JaDine.

Last night, my Instagram feed was flooded with images and videos from #JamesReid & #NadineLustre 's feed in their own IG accounts.  #JaDine is always a good bait for me to click - so I did and what I saw my gosh - made me super duper duper KILIG!

These two recently went to the US to shoot some scenes for I can only guess, their show #OnTheWingsOfLove.  I was surprised to see how much this team up has gained a following.  While exiting the airport, they were swarmed with fans!  I pity those who were exiting the arrival hall with them not knowing who they were because they were literally pushed aside and shoved and screamed at.  Hahaha!  It was that intense.  Who would have thought that just months prior, they didn't have this much following nor were they welcomed like superstars!  I was in awe of the support that they got.  I never expected that they'd have a welcoming committee with fans waiting in the arrival halls with tarps and signs and screams!!  I'm sure it was an overwhelming experience for them too.

The recent posts for both #JamesReid and #NadineLustre have piqued the curiosity of everyone.  Let me tell you this - these two celebrities have perfected the marketing of their love team.  When I say Love Team - I mean the both of them.  Both know how to lure fans in their world, they know what to post and WHEN to post images to pull you into their world.  I confess - I am one of those who is constantly pulled into their love team.  In Tagalog - BENTANG BENTA sa akin.  Have you seen the video above?  My gulay gosh gosh - it was like a wedding pre-nup video!  Hahaha..  Watch it and tell me, kinilig ka rin diba???

I have said it before - I love watching them together.  I realized the other day that I don't think I'd want to see them teamed up with other actors.  I just CAN'T (for the life of me) imagine them without each other, I just can't!  This leads me to think that - since I don't want them to separate - I don't want them to be together in real life.  There I said it.

BUT WAIT - LET ME EXPLAIN.  I don't want them to be together because in real life - couples have problems, couples have heartaches, couples break up.  There are so many team ups that have ended in separation and I swear - I don't want them both to suffer that same fate.  Well, yes there are a few reel couples who have ended up together but how many were they? 1? 2?  I don't want them to be a statistic.  Showbiz has a LOT of temptations so please, wag nalang.  That's the reason why I don't wish them to be together in real life YET.  Maybe in 10 years, when they're finished with their career goals, they can give a chance to new artists - that's when I would agree for them to be together.  Take note ha, this is only MY OPINION on the matter.

The #JaDine team up is magical.  Truly magical.  They have put two people together who know how to work the crowd and the fans.  They're smart brilliant at luring the fans in their team up.  I feel it's calculated and well though of but hey, I am not complaining.  I'm admiring their strategies even!  Sa totoo lang, pwede silang gawan ng Marketing Research plan on why their team up works!  Look at them, they have endorsement deals here and there.  Compare their team up to the others, they are still soaring while the others have plateaued already and losing traction.

Look at how #JaDine keeps us guessing - are they or aren't they?  They hold hands.  Arms are around the other's waist or shoulder.  They're seen shopping together.  They have messages for one another.  They throw knowing looks at one another.  ANG SARAP LANG NILA PANOORIN.  I tell you, BRILLIANT!  Brilliant talaga how the entice the fans and keeps us guessing!  Most of the fans I know are going crazy analyzing things!  Hahaha..  Watch their #OTWOLBTS (Behind the Scenes) and you'll see what I mean.  They kiss each other in the scenes without it being awkward.  They're just a joy to watch, I swear!  I can watch it over and over again.  They make you laugh, cry and feel KILIG all the time.

So there, I don't want them to be together in real life for the sole reason that I am SELFISH.  Because I love watching them together!  And I don't want them paired with other actors in other projects!  Hahahaha.  Kasi, imagine, if a break up happens - wala ng #JaDine na mapapanood.  There will be an awkward cloud surrounding them and things will never ever be the same.  So you choose - REEL or REAL?  I'll choose REEL anytime, hands down.

BUT BUT BUT if it happens, then.  GOOD!  Hahaha..  I'm confusing ba?  Well, I just don't want them to be pressured to be together.  I super believe that if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be.

So James Reid and Nadine Lustre - just keep doing what you're doing.  KILIG pa more!  Let your fans enjoy your team up.  Tandaan, when you think of becoming a REAL couple remember this *Didi @candishhh wants us to be REEL lang*  Hahaha!!  As if naman kilala nila ako diba?  Hahaha!!!

Click THIS LINK to see the video of their ParisianXMilano.  IBANG LEVEL - taob yung Maggie Wilson-Victor Consunji *steamy* video.  Hahahaha!!  See how these two darlings keep us guessing??  ANOBEAR?!?!

Product Review: Tangle Angel Baby brush

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kailee has long hair and it's a task to brush it.  Well, because every after shower time or after a playing - her hair gets so tangled up that I sometimes wish she had shorter hair.  We honestly don't use a brush - we use a comb for her hair.  You may ask why a comb?  Well, we received a LOT of combs as gifts!  I don't want to buy a *special* brush for her hair, hihi.  The combs that we use have been functional, small and handy.  But you know what?  The bristles have broken easily because of the many tangles of Kailee.  Well, the combs that we have were not of *superior* quality, but not to worry since we have a lot.  Hahaha!!  I then have a hard time cleaning the bristles of the comb, I use a tooth brush and most of the time, it's not enough - I need to use tissue or wipes and insert it in between the bristles to clean!  Hassle!!

During the last quarter of last year - I received this very cute and pink Tangle Angel Baby.

Pink is Kailee's favorite color, so easily - when she saw it, she immediately called it hers!  Well, it's her to begin with (anyway).  I personally found it really nice - one - it's small, two - it's handy.  But what worried me was that since it was small - would it do it's job in brushing her hair?  I tried it to test - and I am happy to report that even for my type of hair - the adult type of wavy hair - this particular brush has done it's job.  I couldn't believe it because I don't feel the bristles on my scalp, yet - it manages to comb through my hair - impressive!

So during a planned trip to Tokyo.  I decided to just bring this brush for Kailee.  Since it had a key ring, I put it on her bag - just so I can remember where to look for it when I needed it.  

As we were to land in Narita, I took the brush from her bag and began brushing Kailee's hair.  Normally we'd experience some sort of static - I don't know why, but while brushing Kailee's hair, there was no static!  Her hair had become easy to brush!  I was experiencing hair static as well, so I tried the brush to see for myself it it works.  And it DOES WORK!!

I used it everyday Kailee and I used it everyday - yes, when I dried her hair or styled her hair.  I was so happy because I didn't need to worry about the bristles breaking on the combs that I use!  Plus, it's very easy to clean - I can twist and flatten the bristles without worry!

I have a confession.  I never put back Tangle Angel Baby in Kailee's bag, instead I put it in my bag.  Hahaha!!  That's for the selfish reason that it will be within MY reach when I needed it.  Hahaha!!

Here's a video of Kailee enjoying her Tangel Angel Baby at home.  Connor even joined in the fun!  Hahahaha...

Since we've been back.  I keep our pink Tangel Angel Baby here at this spot.  So I can remember it easily and see it all the time!  Whenever it's not in that place - I panic and ask the helpers to look for it.  And they find it amongst Kailee's things.  Hahahahaha!!!

Why do I recommend Tangel Angel Baby?  Simply because the bristles do not break!  It's small, compact - easily located because of its color and there's a key ring!  And also because it has anti-microbal properties and also anti-static (I hate hair that frizzes because of static) You can very easily clean this brush without worrying that it'll break or snap!  And most importantly - it's super easy to use, your hair becomes tangle free (eventually), and very handy.  I'm very happy to have found a brush with all the qualities of a good brush!

Loving Zenutrients' Gugo Shampoo

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I never had hair problems - EVER.  I was always so proud that my hair was jet black, silky and full.  Would you believe that I've never had a single strand of white hair?  Yes, I was also very proud of that because we have a family history of having white hair early.  I was, you can say - happy with the crown of hair on my head.  I've tried long and short hair styles too!  I've colored it and styled it, used products everyday - but I never had it re-bonded.  I was too chicken to damage my hair.  That was my only limitation when it comes to my hair.  I had this No to re-bonding policy even if I was tempted sooooo many many many times.  Hahaha!!

But that fact (of having no hair problems) is long forgotten now.  Ever since becoming a mom, well - you can say - I suffered major hair loss.  When I was breastfeeding Kailee - it seemed that I was having quite heavy of a hair fall/loss.  I never noticed it until a friend of mine mentioned it.  I felt really embarrassed because - my hairline was receding and I am female.  At first, I refused to accept it.  I looked at pictures from weeks prior and months prior just to compare.  And I couldn't believe it.  I would stare at myself in the mirror inspecting my front hairline.  I am not a vain person, but I did this everyday, I was half expecting my hair to grow back soon.  I was very affected by the hair loss.  I didn't even want to go out with friends.  Then one day, I realized - you know what, just accept the hair loss.  It will eventually grow back anyway.

And it did.  Very awkwardly at that.  I tell you when you saw me then, my front hair looked really funny.  My hair is kind of wavy - so you can just imagine the mound of hair that I had in the front part - it was *wavy*.  Hahaha!!  I tried hair spray, and brushed it back - but it only emphasized the receging hairline.  I tried hairbands, headbands - but they weren't *bagay* to my face shape.  It took months to be honest, a LOT of awkward months - but my hair eventually grew back.  But this time - it grew back with strands of white hair.  

I would pull out the white hair and keep them.  I guess, I wanted to keep count.  But when I started to find white strands every so often - I stopped and threw them all away.  It was such an eye opener for me, it made me realize that I was age-ing.  So I decided to just color my hair - because the strands of white hair was depressing me.  

With colored hair - shampooing is not easy.  My hair has somehow dried out (because of age) and it has become very stiff after I shower.  I then became lazy in drying my hair too, so I would just air dry it.  I am thankful that I found a conditioner to use that would somehow tame my hair.  And I was contended.  

I've heard and seen Zenutrients' Gugo shampoo for years now.  I have friends who swear by it, they have repeatedly told me to try it.  But matigas ang ulo ko e, and I didn't listen.  I have this certain impression of a gugo shampoo being pungent.  People swear by it's effectivity but I just couldn't bring myself to buy and use it.  Once, someone gave me a full bottle of Gugo shampoo, and I just gave it away.  I don't know - I just can't bring myself to use it.

Last week, while we were in Greenhills we stopped by the toy store across of Zenutirents in Virra Mall.  For some strange reason, I picked up a bottle and saw that there was actual Gugo inside the shampoo bottle!  It was very surprising to see it to be honest.  But what surprised me more was when I declared to the staff that I was buying the smallest size to try!  Hahaha!  It costs P200 something, I forgot the exact amount.  To be honest, it was quite pricey since a big bottle of my favorite shampoos would cost the same and the size was triple of it.  But I bought it anyway. 

I tried it when I got home.  I loved the minty smell and I loved the minty feel it had on my scalp.  One thing I didn't like though was that after washing the shampoo off my hair - it became stiff!  I then used my trusty conditioner and it became softer again.

I was surprised that when I brushed my wet hair it was smooth!  I used to dread brushing because of the tangles and the stiffness of the hair.  I then used my hair dryer to dry it and I was surprised how FLAT & SMOOTH my hair was becoming.  After drying it - I felt it.  MY HEAD FELT LIGHTER!!  Hahaha.. I had the same feeling when I cut my hair last November.  IT WAS LIBERATING!  I loved that my hair was light, smooth and not heavy to my head.  I thought, ah - baka this was just a fluke.  I declared to use it everyday since using it first last Sunday.

4 nights have passed and I'm officially a believer.  What made me a believe?  Well, on Monday night, I was too lazy to use the hair dryer - so I just left my hair to dry by itself.  I just brushed it once after towel drying it and that was it.  I was very surprised that when I woke up - my hair felt light, it was smoother (like I hair dry-ed it the night before) and it was very manageable - no tangles!!  I loved the result, but the at the back of my head - maybe it was a fluke (I thought, I was still doubting it) - so I did the same thing for the next two nights.  

The result was still the same.  Hair felt lighter, no more tangles, hair was soft to the touch and smoother.  I was AMAZED with the result.  I guess it was only then that I realized why my friends loved this shampoo.  This was the reason.  I wish I listened to them sooner.  Sigh.

I guess, I needed to go through the process on my own to believe in the effect of Zenurtrients' Gugo Shampoo.  I am now officially a convert.  I will go buy the large pump shampoo when I got to the mall this weekend.  Hahaha!  I will purchase a small one for my mom to try too.  I still have an issue with the price, but then when I think about it - it makes my hair feel great thus making me feel good.  And when I feel good about myself - I am a happier person and happiness is infectious!  Hahaha... I guess, it will be worth it.

Thank you to my friends Kath, Maymay and Tin for always mentioning to try Zenutrients' Gugo Shampoo.  I finally tried it after a year of hearing good things (from you) about the shampoo.  So now, I am officially a convert.  Hahahaha!! :)

Make sure to buy the Gugo shampoo and the conditioner!  They go hand in hand.

Happy Birthday Treat: 2016 Serenitea Diary Giveaway!

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a Happy New Year indeed!

January is a special month for me because it's my birthday month! :)

So, to celebrate this birthday month of mine - I'll be giving away my 2016 Serenitea Diary!

You may ask - why I'm giving another planner/diary away.  Well, you see - I really love planners/diaries BUT I feel that I don't get to utilize them.  I use them for a couple of months and then forget about it for the rest of the year!  It made me think - why not just share it to others, who have better use for it, diba?  Share the blessing!

So here I am - giving away my 2016 Serenitea Diary!

Serenitea will always be special to me because it's the first local milk tea brand that I fell in love with.  As they say - first love never dies.  I am loyal like that.  My favorite will always be Okinawa 50% with sago.  Do you know that when I was pregnant with Kailee, I always bought 4 large ones?  One large is for me to drink while on the road, one is for Panget, another one is for me when I get home (hihi), and the last one is for me or for Panget to consume thethe next day!  Hahaha..

Joining is easy.

Just make sure that when you're declared the winner - you can pick up this diary in Quezon City.  Let me repeat this prize is FOR PICK-UP ONLY.

Just greet me a Happy Birthday and say what your wish is for me this 2016!

Leave the following details on the comment section:
Full Name
Email Address
Your birthday greeting and wish for me.
URL of your FB and/or Twitter share.
 is celebrating her birthday w/a giveaway! PRIZE is a 2016  Diary!!   *

Got it?

I'll choose the greeting and wish that I like best!  Hahaha... :)

You have until my birthday January 25, 2016 to join!! :)

Longchamp Bag + Grandma's Secret Spot Remover = a cleaning MIRACLE!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Happy New Year!

I am very excited to share a discovery!  Yes, well - I think the product has been around for quite a while now.  I have been seeing Grandma's Secret Spot Remover in stalls whenever we go malling.  It's just that I never got around to buy one because I never thought I'd have a use for it.  That was until the unthinkable happened.

I saw an oil stain on my bag!

See that stain?  I couldn't think of any reason why my bag would have stain on it.  I was always clutching it or holding it or hanging it.  In no way are the walls, my fingers the table was oily.  I MADE SURE of it!  Hahaha!!  I would examine surfaces first before I set down my bag.  I was very careful.  I am very careful with all my bags, I don't want them to be dirtied uneccessarily.  But somehow - this happened, I don't know how - but what was I to do?  All I could think of was - Damage control.

I asked friends for advice.  I asked a friend who is a Longchamp addict.  She told me to use wipes.  I Google-d what to do and there I read that Longchamp bags *can* be cleaned in the washer, but I wasn't brave enough to do that (plus, I don't own a washer).  So I thought hard and finally decided, I needed to do something, I felt that I needed to act - FAST.

So, one day, I finally decided, why not try the wipes method?  I thought, there was nothing to lose.  So I got a piece of baby wipes and began scrubbing.  It was only then that I discovered that the bag is sort of waterproof inside!  I read somewhere that I needed to *spot* clean it.  So I did.  As I was scrubbing away, the the area I was rubbing into was getting dark - I guess it's because the wipes is wet.  I was confident that the surface of the bag would dry up since it was waterproof from the inside.  So when I finished scrubbing (well, I scrubbed for a while and then thought I've done enough) I hung  the bag to dry.  I was told too that I could use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to help dry it.  But I just decided on the hang dry method.  After a short while, I checked on the bag - I was surprised that it dried quite fast.  I was very excited.


My eyes widened like I wasn't Chinese!

Yikes!  I think the stain lightened BUT instead, it caused another stain.  The stain looks like a crater now.  What have I done?!?!?!?!  I then realized, it was good that at the very least, the stain was at the back part of the bag and not the front.  I was getting used to the fact that it was a hopeless case.  A few days passed, but I was still bothered.

So I asked another group of friends.  Kath suggested to try Grandma's Secret Spot Remover.  I said to myself - you know what, try it - it won't hurt.  I mean, what was the worst that can happen?  Tin (aka MFO) is the distributor of Grandma's Secret - so yesterday, during breakfast in CO/OP, I bought a bottle from her.  Kath was telling me that a little drop goes a long way.  She swears by this product and is using it for whatever stains in clothes, bedsheets and bags.  We then tried a small portion near the bottom of the bag - I put a significant drop, and let it sit.

When I got to the office I was nervous - because I didn't want another crater stain on the bag.  But I was hopeful.  So I cleaned the spot where we tested.  I used a wet towel to rub off the product.  And I saw faint suds while I was rubbing it.  So I rubbed it some more until it was gone.  I noticed too that the bag easily get wet - since there was no product there, I dismissed it.  I hung it out to try since it was sunny.  It was dry in no time - the stain was a GONE but you can see a watermark on the bag where it was wet.  I then realized, that maybe with Longchamp bags, you need to wet and clean the whole bag - to *even out the color*.

So, when I got home - I was quite nervous, because I had thought of cleaning the whole bag already.  And I did.  Hahahaha!!  So I was rubbing the bag like crazy - front and back.  Make sure to rub out the suds completely.  I think what worked was that by rubbing in circular motion (it gets tiring...) the product is spread out and cleans other surfaces.  What I did was just put Grandma's Secret Spot Remover in spots where there are stains.  If there are none - you won't need to apply it everywhere (it will just make life more difficult).  So make sure to rub out the suds.  So I hung it to dry.  But this time - I left the bag to dry, overnight.

This morning, I was nervous!  I didn't want to see watermarks, or craters or stains PERIOD.  And when I saw it, I had to rub my eyes!  I was still groggy and feeling weak from the blood drawing earlier.  I had to go downstairs to check on the condition of the stain and of the bag.

It was a MIRACLE!  Look, there is no watermark!  The oil stain is GONE!  The crater stain made by the wipes is GONE too!


Can you believe it?

Well, you SHOULD because there is hope for stains on a Longchamp bag!!  Woohoooo!! :)

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover is MIGHTY and miraculous!  It was able to clean the oil stain!  And look at the bag - it doesn't seem like a stain was there just a day ago!!

I am very very happy with the result!!

I think the trick was to only apply Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on the stains and nothing more.  To rub it out gently but surely - and then to using that same wet cloth, to rub the entire surface of the bag - so it will dry evenly.

So, there you have it!



Thank you Tin for bringing in this wonderful, miraculous product!!  I super LOVE it!!!

You can buy the Grandma's Secret products from the following:

Loco over Locavore!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Yes, I finally tried Locavore!
I've heard soooooo many many many good things about Locavore.

It was a few weeks ago when my HS friends thought of bringing our *Balikbayan* friend Cubie here.  I must admit, I was very excited!  Very excited that I got to Locavore at 11am!  Hahaha.. But that was because I came from picking up Kailee from her Christmas program practice at Tektite.

I will get straight to the point and show you the pictures that my friend Cubie took of our meal.

Everything was great.  REALLY really great.  The food is rich, the presentation is very *French*!  I was told that Chef Kel had a background in French cuisine and so, he incorporated those techniques to our Pinoy dishes.  I think that was a brilliant idea - and I believe, it struck gold!  I was raving every after spoonfuls.  Yes, it was that good!!

I won't go into detail because I'd like you to personally experience what I did when I first ate here.  I was blown away by the flavors!  I mean, they're all your typical Pinoy dishes - but there was a significant *OOMPH* with your tastebuds.

I promise, you won't be disappointed.  Be sure to go with friends and family who love to eat so you can order a lot!  It will be a very sad experience if you're with *dieters*  hahaha!!

The food is still on my mind.  The flavors of Locavore left a significant impression in my tastebuds and in my head.

It was that good.

2016 Starbucks Espresso Confections + Starbucks Cards!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Happy New Year from Starbucks!!

Welcome these new drinks on January 8, Friday!

Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha 
(S-Php145, T-Php155, G-Php170, V-Php180)

A deliciously rich red velvet sauce combined with mocha, steamed milk, our signature espresso and lovingly topped with cheesecake whipped cream, and lightly sprinkled with real strawberry bits.

Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle
(S-Php135, T-Php145, G-Php160, V-Php170)

Our signature espresso and steamed milk combined with a decadent white chocolate chestnut sauce and finished with whipped cream and chestnut drizzle.

These two drinks can be ordered as a Frappuccino Blended Beverage.

Aside from the beverages - welcome the two newest addition to the Starbucks Card collection!


Happy New Year from Starbucks!!

Happy New Year + Planner Giveaway!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year!

It's 2016 - how time flies!

2015 was a good year.  And I am thankful to the Big Guy up there for blessing me and I am also thankful to friends who have guided and believed in me this 2015.

To kickstart this NEW YEAR - I am having another giveaway!

A Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner!  This planner is really perfect for moms, here is a review that I made last year.  The content is almost the same, it's very functional.  I wish though it were bigger, but then that's just me - as a bigger planner means bigger space in the bag!  Hahaha..

So to start my NEW YEAR with a bang - I'm giving this away!  Another good news is that I will ship this planner for FREE - to any METRO MANILA address.  You can still join if you live in the province BUT you'll have to figure out how to get it from a Metro Manila address of your choice.



Just comment the following:
a)  Name
b)  Email Address
c)  Why you want to win this planner?
d)  URL of your FB or Twitter share ( Happy New Year! @candishhh is giving away a Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner http://candishhh.blogspot.com/2016/01/happy-new-year-planner-giveaway.html Join Now! )

I will personally pick the winner, so no complaining who gives the best answer!  I will be the one to decide who my winner is PERIOD.

You have until the end of the week to join.  I'll pick the winner on the weekend.

Thanks again for a marvelous 2015.

Here's to more blessings in 2016!!