Jollibee Burger Steak: #JaDine's FOREVER favorite

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am a FOREVER fan of Jollibee because of a single special memory.  It was at Jollibee Crossroads branch that my twin brother and I celebrated our 7th birthday.  It's memorable because, it was the only big party that my mom threw for us!  Hahaha..  That's why when Jollibee Crossroads was torn down years ago (to give way to Promenade & Gloria Maris Greenhills) - I was a bit sad.

But I'm glad that I was able to pass on my favorite Jollibee to my kids!  They are huge fans of Jollibee, more specifically the Chicken Joy - it's their favorite!  I think it's EVERYONE'S favorite!  Hahaha!!  I have a cousin though, who LOVED Jollibee's burger streak.  When he was small, it was all that he wanted to eat.  My aunt would indulge in of course!  Hahaha.  I would remember my aunt buying a lot of it and keeping it in the freezer for future use!  I guess, you can say - that in my family, Jollibee is very well loved.

As you all know, I have become a HUGE fan of #JaDine.  My being a fan came late (but I would say, just in time) and it was sudden.  I fell in love with the tandem - they're actually my new Brangelina - my new happy thought couple.  Hahaha!  As babaw as it may seem, it give me great joy to see them endorsing my favorite Jollibee!  Whenever I'd see their billboard along EDSA - I would always smile.  Connor would always say *Mama's favorite - Wings of Love* referring to the #JaDine tandem.

I have always been curious on what *FOREVER* meant to the #JaDine Burger Steak ads, read on below....

James and Nadine share a moment with their forever favorite Jollibee Burger Steak.

What ‘forever’ means to James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Some may claim that “forever” is not real, but not for James Reid and Nadine Lustre. JaDine proudly claims that they are both believers in “forever”.

For them, forever is all about love and devotion, “I believe in forever because it’s a positive concept for me,” said Nadine. “It makes you feel more in love, it makes you feel good.”

For James, apart from measuring forever as a long period of time, it is also something that anchors on loyalty. “Forever is something you remain faithful to not because you have to, but because nothing can ever compare to it,” the young actor added.

Both agree that forever means something they will always come back to; that even if something new comes along, their forever favorite will always be—in a heartbeat—their number one.

For JaDine, change can be good but having a constant in life is more important—family, a habit, or a material thing—because they all remind them of who they are and keep them grounded. And for James and Nadine, there is no other burger steak that can, time and again, sweep them off of their feet than Jollibee Burger Steak.

“It reminds me of the Philippines because of its unique flavor. You don’t go anywhere else to eat burger steak. I’ve never even heard anyone say, ‘I wanna have a burger steak at this place.’ No, it’s always only in Jollibee,” shared James.

To him, there’s no need for a special occasion to have a Jollibee Burger Steak meal. It’s truly something to crave for because it has always been in the hearts of every Filipino, including JaDine’s.

“We’re very happy with the success of JaDine’s endorsement of one of our best-selling and beloved products. Our sales of 1pc Burger Steak grew by 67% compared to the numbers around the same time last year,” said Jollibee marketing director Kent Mariano.

Made with 100% pure beef patty with its unique flavorful mushroom sauce, Jollibee’s Burger Steak truly has a lasting appeal that capturesthe hearts of many, including James’ and Nadine’s. Go ahead and taste forever love with the Jollibee Burger Steak for only P50.

Proud believers in “forever,” JaDine considers each other as constants in life.


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