#WalangForever Movie Review

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas is my FAVORITE movie season, simply because I'm a sucker for Tagalog movies.  This year, I was excited to watch a couple of movies - not because of the main actors but because of the directors and or writers.  I admit, I have Beauty and the Bestie on my list because I'm a fan of #JaDine.

Let me say this first.  I didn't know who Dan Villegas was until last year's MMFF - when my mom, her trusty helper and my yayas told me that the movie English Only, Please was very good.  They told me over and over again that it was really good.  I only took notice when Jennylyn Mercado won Best Actress and the movie won Best Director and Best Screenplay.  I had to google them.

Then a few months later, I saw That Thing Called Tadhana because most of the feeds on my social media accounts were sharing the movie poster and #Hugot lines.  I got curious, so I watched it and fell in love with the movie.  It has been a long long loooong time since I last saw a *very good* Tagalog movie.  I have since researched the director and writer.  Turns out - it was Tonette Jadone.

Fast forward the last quarter of the year.  I was curious again, because my friend Alch and my mom wouldn't stop raving about this teleserye called *On The Wings of Love*.  You've read how much I looove that teleserye.  During the opening scene (the Pilot) I couldn't help but think at the back of my mind - the similarity of the digital cartoon - and then boom!  I saw her name - Tonette Jadaone.  I was so looking forward to watching the episodes.  I think I was able to marathon the 3 months worth of episodes in 10 days.  I was in love with the show and the team up, but most of all - I was in love with the director.

I'm crazy like that.  Think of it like my love affair with JJ Abrams.  I have loved him since Felicity!  He was the main reason why I adored Jennifer Garner in Alias.  And then came Lost - where everyone felt the show was losing as the years progressed.  But I sincerely believe in JJ Abrams' talent so I held on - and I was proven right because the series finale of Lost is one of the best ones.  I've followed JJ Abrams then till now - he's the director of the current Star Wars film.  Galing diba?  And I can't help but find it really nice - that he has his staple of actors like Greg Gunberg.

Similarly - I feel that with Dan Villegas and Tonette Jadaone.  I've been following them ever since.  I like that they've stuck to certain actors.  Brilliant actors at that - most are unknown to me, but believe me when I say - these actors - they deliver, and I mean DELIVER.  It's wonderful, honestly - to see talent, real talent with the actors they've chosen.  I always give kudos to the casting directors, scriptwriters, editors and directors - they're the ones who run the show because the actors merely interpret their visions and ideas.

With #WalangForever - 1honestly doubted the talent of Jennylyn Mercado for the sole reason that I'm a certified Kapamilya.  I have this certain lack of confidence with Kapuso talents - sorry, but I really feel that when a Kapuso turns Kapamilya - their skill is developed more thus their acting becoming a natural talent.  But what do I know?  This is just my observation.  Hahaha!  But last year, when Jennylyn Mercado won Best Actress in MMFF, plus my mom, her helpers and my yayas told me that English Only, Please was a good movie - I was still a bit skeptical.

Watching #WalangForever marks my FIRST ever time to see Jennylyn Mercado on the big screen, and what can I say about her?  She's not half bad.  Well, okay - she's great.  But please consider the fact that she's acting side by side with Jericho Rosales (who I ultimately LOOOVE, yes - he will always be the original Angelo Buenaventura for me!!) who is a very experienced actor.  I read somewhere that these two have *never* met and that #WalangForever is their first ever project together.  But when you see them on screen - they're so at ease with one another, I didn't feel any awkwardness - it was as if they were very familiar with one another.  Very surprising, very very surprising.

So during the first few minutes of the movie - I was schooled on the talent of Jennylyn Mercado.  She's actually very good.  I didn't feel the *inis* that I thought I would (since I'm a certified Kapamilya* and instead - I fell in like with her beauty and her talent.

I found the pacing of the movie perfect, it didn't push too much information for me to absorb instantly and instead it was very good in throwing information here and there for viewers to absorb.  I loved how Direk Dan played the *movie* version (scene) first before showing the actual event that inspired those scenes.  It reminded me of a Korean movie, the title of which escapes my mind now.  And I liked it.  It made me laugh so hard too.  Made me appreciate the thinking it made me do.

We all know that love songs have this certain #Hugot whenever we are in pain.  I've also heard and read that when people are in pain - they write the best songs, poems, stories, novels and books.  I personally can attest to this because during my major break-up, my heart felt ALL the words of love songs I heard!  It was as if they songs were reading my mind and what I was feeling.  Yes, ganun ka tindi.  But when you're happy - well, they don't hold much meaning.

With #WalangForever - the story is simple, very simple to be honest but what made it shine was the storytelling it did.  The magic of movies, as they say - but how it was told, directed, edited - everything was polished and perfected (in my opinion) - we were given the right amount of highs and lows in different scenes in the movie.  The progression was perfect too!  They didn't give much information, certain details were there - but it was fed to us slowly but surely until the climax at the end.  I was honestly wanting more - more Maya & Et Et scenes - but they gave just the right amount to keep you wanting more.  And by the time you wanted more - BOOM - they suddenly leave firecrackers to revitalize your interest once again.  It's like you're in the ocean - they're on a boat they throw you a rope and you hold on to it, slowing pulling yourself in.  They tug it once in a while to help you, but in the end - they pull you in very hard so that you get to the boat faster.  That is how I felt with the movie (sorry, nagets niyo ba? Haha!!)  We were all pulled in at the right moment.

The acting was impeccable. Jennylyn and Jericho - wow, can I just say wow?  I haven't seen Jericho act in a long loooong while and I must say, he's still very effective.  He has this certain aura - I love it when he smiles, it's very charming and inviting.  As with Jennylyn, I found her prettier and prettier as the minutes went by - she's very pretty.  And her acting is very good too!  I did not see any awkward moment!  Even during their supposed *bed* scene - it was so nice to watch.  I usually cringe whenever I see a bed scene because it's almost always awkwardly done - but this one is very natural and teasing.  Yes, it teases the mind - makes you think of the rest, which is very good when you think about it!  Hahaha.. I love their kissing scenes, very natural and very Pinoy.

The secondary cast.  I LOVE THEM ALL!  They all worked so well together, I must say, it's as if they've been acting for more than 20years!  They show off emotions very naturally, hindi pilit!  The lines are said with perfect timing.  In my opinion - there was no one who was OA, they expressions and the acting - was perfect for the scenes - sakto lang, hindi OA.  I have to give kudos to whoever discovered them - wonderful talent talaga, ang galing!

Editing was very good too.  The transition between scenes were all seamless (in my humble opinion).  The color, the set design, the location - it was very nice.  Perfect for the movie talaga.  The lines, the script - very well written.  Well, that's how I like it.  Hahaha!  I feel that I'm their target audience.  I love too that the movie is another trademark of Direk Tonette's #Hugot movie.  Made me tear up and cry almost at the same time as That Thing Called Tadhana.  Hahaha!! :)

I don't want to give away too much.  But let me say this - the movie will make you think and feel the love you have or once had.  The love that got away, the love that you currently have, and the love that you wish you had.  Love does make the world go round, and with #WalangForever - I feel that it will tickle an emotion deep inside you.  Hey, we all deserve to be loved right?  And this movie did just that for me.

Masarap magmahal, pero masakit ring magmahal.

P.S.  I was super entertained when I saw Quark Henares.  I love this trend of Pinoy movies.  Sana tuloy tuloy pa ito.  Mabuhay kayo Direk Dan Villegas and Direk Tonette Jadaone!!  I'm a HUGE HUGE fan!

Pamasko Giveaway! #MMFF2015 Passes

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas is the season of giving.  And I want to share my blessing, by giving away two (2) COMPLIMENTARY Passes to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival!!

This year, these passes can be used NATIONWIDE.  During the previous years, it was only in Metro Manila theaters.  So as a THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and visited my blog all these years - I am giving away TWO (2) Complimentary Passes!

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This will run from today until December 25, 2015 (Passes cannot be used on Christmas Day).  I will pick a winner on December 25, 2015, send a winning notification and then ship them immediately on December 26 - so you'll still have time to watch (Passes are valid until January 7, 2016!)

My experience with Crane Humidifiers

Monday, December 21, 2015

When I was young, I had classmates who suffered from asthma.  I've seen first hand mild and severe attacks.  I was clueless, I didn't understand what was happening to them.  I only knew, that they had a hard time breathing.

Fast forward to when I had kids.  Kailee and Connor have eczema/skin asthma - but they have asthmatic tendencies.  For one, Connor has been officially diagnosed by our Pedia Pulmo to have respiratory asthma.  Our pedia has recommended us to use a humidifier to ease his breathing.  I confess, I never tried it.  Well, I tried it once (from a borrowed unit from a relative) - but Connor's cough got worse so I stopped it immediately.

Little did I know that my Panget's cousin is the distributor of Crane Humidifiers.  When I attended her event, it was only then that I learned the benefits of a humidifier.

When I received my very cute train Crane Humidifier - I tried it in my room.  You see, I suffer from very bad allergies.  I've had allergic rhinitis ever since I got pregnant with Kailee almost 5 years ago.  I needed to take antihistamines everyday just to control the runny nose, the itchy and teary eyes and the wheezing cough.  It was as if I was sick all the time, people were already wondering.  But I had myself checked, I did the X-Ray and all - and the doctor said - it's just sever allergies.  Considering the air quality that we have in the Philippines - there is no other way but to have antihistamines, especially when I start wheezing.

My first wheezing experience came last year.  At first, I thought it was nothing - but when my Panget noticed my breathing had a *sound* - I confirmed that it wasn't just me hearing the wheezing.  As I said, I needed to take antihistamines and even Monteleukast just to control it.  What was interesting though, is whenever I go out of the country - my allergies were non-existent.  It was then that I realized that - the air quality has something to do with my allergies.

So, I decided to test the humidifier in my room.  Yes, in my room and not the kids' room.  I wanted to test for sure it's effectivity.  You can't blame me!  Hahaha.. I know, it's just an excuse!  Hahahaha..

It has been almost two and a half weeks and I must say - I don't experience wheezing anymore!  I turn it on when I stay in my room - and the aircon's turned on (so that's after dinner till I wake up in the morning).  It's not noisy at all, it has a soothing humming sound (depending on the level of mist it produces - the less mist, the more quiet it is)  but I turn mine on the highest setting.  Hahaha!  I must say - it's quite effective.  I'm impressed!  I used to think that humidifiers are a waste of money - but now I believe that investing in one is good for your health, for your family's health!  It has really helped with my allergies - significantly.  I don't need to drink my antihistamines as often.  I'm gradually lowering my antihistamine dosage.  Hopefully in a month's time - I'm off them already.  Thanks to the Crane humidifier!

I'm excited to try their Air Purifier next!  Hihihi...

Thank you Crane for making this product.  Thank you Key West Internationale, for making it locally available to us!

Crane Humidifiers and Air Purifiers are exclusively distributed by Key West Internationale.  They're available in Rustan's, Babyland, Toys R US, S&R, Trinoma and Lazada.

For more updates on their products:
Follow Crane Philippines on Instagram - Crane_PH
Like their Facebook Page - Crane Philippines

Jollibee Burger Steak: #JaDine's FOREVER favorite

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am a FOREVER fan of Jollibee because of a single special memory.  It was at Jollibee Crossroads branch that my twin brother and I celebrated our 7th birthday.  It's memorable because, it was the only big party that my mom threw for us!  Hahaha..  That's why when Jollibee Crossroads was torn down years ago (to give way to Promenade & Gloria Maris Greenhills) - I was a bit sad.

But I'm glad that I was able to pass on my favorite Jollibee to my kids!  They are huge fans of Jollibee, more specifically the Chicken Joy - it's their favorite!  I think it's EVERYONE'S favorite!  Hahaha!!  I have a cousin though, who LOVED Jollibee's burger streak.  When he was small, it was all that he wanted to eat.  My aunt would indulge in of course!  Hahaha.  I would remember my aunt buying a lot of it and keeping it in the freezer for future use!  I guess, you can say - that in my family, Jollibee is very well loved.

As you all know, I have become a HUGE fan of #JaDine.  My being a fan came late (but I would say, just in time) and it was sudden.  I fell in love with the tandem - they're actually my new Brangelina - my new happy thought couple.  Hahaha!  As babaw as it may seem, it give me great joy to see them endorsing my favorite Jollibee!  Whenever I'd see their billboard along EDSA - I would always smile.  Connor would always say *Mama's favorite - Wings of Love* referring to the #JaDine tandem.

I have always been curious on what *FOREVER* meant to the #JaDine Burger Steak ads, read on below....

James and Nadine share a moment with their forever favorite Jollibee Burger Steak.

What ‘forever’ means to James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Some may claim that “forever” is not real, but not for James Reid and Nadine Lustre. JaDine proudly claims that they are both believers in “forever”.

For them, forever is all about love and devotion, “I believe in forever because it’s a positive concept for me,” said Nadine. “It makes you feel more in love, it makes you feel good.”

For James, apart from measuring forever as a long period of time, it is also something that anchors on loyalty. “Forever is something you remain faithful to not because you have to, but because nothing can ever compare to it,” the young actor added.

Both agree that forever means something they will always come back to; that even if something new comes along, their forever favorite will always be—in a heartbeat—their number one.

For JaDine, change can be good but having a constant in life is more important—family, a habit, or a material thing—because they all remind them of who they are and keep them grounded. And for James and Nadine, there is no other burger steak that can, time and again, sweep them off of their feet than Jollibee Burger Steak.

“It reminds me of the Philippines because of its unique flavor. You don’t go anywhere else to eat burger steak. I’ve never even heard anyone say, ‘I wanna have a burger steak at this place.’ No, it’s always only in Jollibee,” shared James.

To him, there’s no need for a special occasion to have a Jollibee Burger Steak meal. It’s truly something to crave for because it has always been in the hearts of every Filipino, including JaDine’s.

“We’re very happy with the success of JaDine’s endorsement of one of our best-selling and beloved products. Our sales of 1pc Burger Steak grew by 67% compared to the numbers around the same time last year,” said Jollibee marketing director Kent Mariano.

Made with 100% pure beef patty with its unique flavorful mushroom sauce, Jollibee’s Burger Steak truly has a lasting appeal that capturesthe hearts of many, including James’ and Nadine’s. Go ahead and taste forever love with the Jollibee Burger Steak for only P50.

Proud believers in “forever,” JaDine considers each other as constants in life.

Didi's 2015 Holiday GIFT guide

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is just around the corner.  Have you finished your shopping yet?  I haven't!  Hahaha.. Yeah, I have this habit of doing my Christmas shopping last minute but I'm not complaining!  Hahaha.  I have bought in advance wrapping papers, gift cards and ribbons.  The only things missing are the important things - the gifts!  Hahaha...

Here are some suggestions on what gifts to buy.  I personally picked these out because I really really really like them.  I'm sure you will fall in like with all of them too!!

Hope you like my list!

Merry Christmas!!

BEATRIX NY Backpacks + Lunch Boxes
I really love the design and the functionality.  The best feature for me is that these bags are WASHABLE!  Yes, you can wash them when they're dirty!  I love the designs too, they've really cute!  What I love about the back pack & lunch box is that they're very roomy.  Visit their Facebook page for more details - Quirks Marketing.

MELISSA + MINI MELISSA Holiday Collection
The shoes are soooo pretty!  I love that there are matchy matchy designs for mom and daughters!  Melissa's are comfy plus, they smell really good!  I love mini Melissa's - I make Kailee wear them whenever we travel because they're washable, soft and very versatile.  Visit their Facebook page - Melissa Philippines for more information on the new styles.  They have Star Wars designs for Mini Melissas!  Super cute!

When I was small I used to hate having long hair because my hair was so prone to tangles!  This product, I wish they were available then - because with frequent use, hair will not be prone to tangles!  I brought this with me to Tokyo and it's so handy and cute!  Kailee would look forward me brushing her hair everyday.  Hahaha!!  Amazing right?  It's available in Browhaus Manila & Strip Manila studios.

I have been a fan of these sausages more than a year ago when my favorite reusable bag distributor started making them.  I have gifted these out last year, and I'm giving them again this year!  Yes, that's how much I love her sausages!  They have a store in San Juan so you can drop by and buy them direct.  Visit their Facebook page - Sevilla & Sons.

GRANDMA EL'S Diaper Rash + Remedy & Prevention
I swear by this product!  I always have this with me everywhere!  This is the BEST diaper rash remedy ointment there is in the market.  It's not very greasy, it absorbs instantly and best of all, you need to put a thin layer and its as effective!  I absolutely love that you won't have a hard time washing it off (if need be) unlike Desitin.  Do you know that I use this as an effective lip balm?  Yes, every night - I use this.  This actually beats out all lip balms for me.  Hahaha!! :)  Available in Babyland stores, Robinson's Supermarket, Metro Supermarkets, Pioneer Center and Lazada.  Please visit their Facebook page - Grandma El's Philippines.  You can read my product review here.

I swear by this product.  My kids especially Connor looks for this.  This is a camphor-free product that is made with with essential oils.  I use it whenever I have colds and coughs.  I find it soothes me, I finally understood why Connor looks for this when he's sick.  Vapor Soove is available locally at Sesou stores - I buy these in 4s!  I also bring this whenever I travel, you know - just in case!  Read about my product review, here!

CLOTHES & Stuff at Chicify.com
I swear, I have never enjoyed shopping - until I met Chicify.com.  The clothes are nice, trendy and will not cost an arm and a leg.  I swear by Chicify.com because I wear Chicify!  The best thing is that they can ship to you!  Just browse through their site and with just a click - voila!  They have bags, shoes, accessories, clothes and even stuff for the home.  Read my experience with Chicify, here!

BENTO Stuff at BentoMommas
If you're into bentos - then this is perfect for you!  They are currently on SALE until December 20, 2015!  You may check out their stuff at the House of Praise, located in Sgt. Esguerra corner Panay Avenue in Quezon City.

Yes, they're baaaack!!  And they're available in Common Room along Dela Rosa Street in Katipinan Ave. in Quezon City.  Get your fill of wrapping papers, twines, cups, gift tags and notebooks!  It's a stationary + craft haven!  They will be closed though from December 24 - 26.

CRANE Travel Humidifiers + Air Purifiers
Finally a humidifier that you can literally take ANYWHERE!  I am so happy that they're available locally as I won't need to wait for a balikbayan box (that takes forever to arrive) or a friend who can hand carry it for me back here!  Humidifiers are highly recommended by doctors to help ease breathing.  This is available in all S&R branches (except for Pampanga, Davao & Cebu).  You can also get directly from Crane Philippines's sole distributor Key West Internationale!

If you're like me who's not very much into Legos but would like to build something, THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!!  I honestly don't have a fascination for Legos, I can't seem to build anything aside from a tower!  So, when I was introduced to us this product last week - I was amazed how easy it was to make shapes and objects out of Magformers!  I was able to build a house!  Hahaha..  When I got home - the kids loved it.  They couldn't get enough of it!  These are available in Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-La and Toys R US Trinoma.  Visit their Facebook page - Magformers Philippines!

SarahG Popsters Game on Android by Xeleb

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I've never been into video games for the most simplest of reasons - I SUCK!

Yes, I do not have the talent to play video games, no matter how easy - I can't seem to win ANY of them.  I'm sure most of you know of the Super Mario Bros game, well - it had its humble beginnings via the Family Computer by Nintendo.  Well, it had a total of 40 levels - 10 levels with 4 sub levels each.  Would you believe that the farthest that I've reached is world 3-3?  When all my friends and cousins have finished and reached the top levels 10-4.  I can only watch them from the sidelines and wish that I could do the same.  It's been 20 years and I still haven't reached their levels.

Smartphones have been around for a while now - I've had mine for the past 4 years.  I consider myself a newbie when it comes to smartphone - but I tell you, it's one of those things that is a delight to have!  I remember playing snake on my trusty Nokia phone.  And now, smartphone games has evolved to a video game of sort.

A few weeks ago, I was excited to see what Xeleb had in store for us.  It was so nice to learn that they've developed a Sarah G game that's called Popsters!  I tried it and easily fell in like with it.  It's so easy to play, and for a video-game challenged person, I must say - it's very entertaining and easy to play.  It's something I would play when I'm bored.  I'm a Sarah G fan, and so I find it really cute that she uplifts my gaming mood with cheers while playing the game PLUS you can hear some of her original songs!

Sleep Sweet & Soundly with DUNLOPILLO

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I never understood why there was a need to invest in a good mattress.  Growing up, I knew one thing - and just one thing.  That was never to get a spring coil bed.  Why?  Because I remember being pricked my a loose spring coil and it hurt like hell.  I stuck to having those foam mattresses and I have to say, it was very comfortable.

Before getting married, my Panget and I were shopping for a mattress, I was telling him to settle for those foam ones.  But he insisted on getting a different brand.  I told him - brands didn't matter, that everything was just the same - a mattress was just a mattress.

We didn't end up buying a mattress.  What happened was that a mattress was given to us because my in laws had an extra one lying around the house.  It was a premium brand that I've honestly never heard of (that time - because I only knew of Uratex!).  But I whenever I said that brand aloud, I would get ooohs and aaahs.   So the day after I got married, I was able to sleep in *that* mattress.  And it was wonderful.  What was most wonderful was - my sleep was not interrupted by sudden turns and tossing by my Panget.  It was really wonderful!  Hahaha... :)

I only appreciated the mattress I had at home when my Panget and I stayed in Ibis North Point.  I was pregnant then and for three nights, I never had a good nights sleep.  The bed was too stiff!  I couldn't find a good position.  It was only then that I realized how important sleeping on a comfortable bed was.  Every night was a struggle.  I honestly dreaded going back to the hotel at night!  I was already tired from all the walking all day, I wanted to go back to my hotel to get my needed rest.  But what I got was a one of the worst sleep (if you can call it sleep!) ever - I could feel my Panget when he turned and tossed, I was finding it difficult finding a good position to sleep.  I was waking up every so often to change my position.  It was a nightmare!  I was too excited to go home to my own bed!

And that is why I encourage people to invest in a good mattress.  A good mattress will make you sleep better thus, rest better and wake up feeling refreshed!  All of these will make you function better as a woman, as a wife and as a mother!  I swear, I never understood how important sleep was until I experienced what I did!

Dunlopillo is one brand that I recommend.  Yes, it's quite pricey BUT as I said, a good mattress makes all the difference.  It's an investment really, and I swear to you - it really does make a huge difference.  A personal *traumatic* experience made me realize that.  Yes, I had to experience it to believe!

When I became a mother, sleep was something I treasured and longed for.  I have always said that once you give birth, you need to be ready to give up sleep.  I think for 3 years straight - I wasn't able to sleep a full 8 hours because I was breastfeeding and pumping round the clock!  I learned to function without much sleep, but when I did sleep - my body looked for a comfortable bed to lie on.  Even if sleep was just 1 to 3 hours and erratic, it's worth it when you have a good mattress like Dunlopillo to go home to.

The NormaBlock is Dunlopillo’s most superior innerspring system, and is the most technologically advanced mattress spring support system in the market. Fully engineered in Europe, it is durable, supportive and at the same time flexible to contour the body’s spinal shape to provide unsurpassed comfort.

Normablock is an exclusive technology by Pikolin Spain. Great news for moms is that its unique total heat tempered spring system guarantees proper elasticity, total resilience and high durability. In addition, its distinctively design spring system provide the right comfort and greater body support in accordance to what every mother needs.

Comfort and support is the cornerstone of those precious bedroom moments. After all, moms provide comfort and support throughout their lives. Moms can finally sleep more soundly at night on the technologically advanced design of the NormaBlock mattress by Dunlopillo.

The Normablock comes in three designs the Catleya, Decora and Lucia – differing in height, levels of support, and the added technology in each mattress.

I never understood the difference in height when it comes to mattress.  It was explained to us during the event the different types of mattresses that Dunlopillo has and why it was such.  One of the things that I liked was the *partner disturbance* feature.  I swear to you this is such a great feature because whenever your partner turns or moves on the bed (while asleep) you will not be disturbed!  There is this stability on the bed - the Normablock feature (latex combined with spring) that helps in the adjustment of weight on the bed.  That small movements will not be felt.  I swear by this because I am a light sleeper - whenever my Panget moves, I get woken up!  I am so glad that people can experience this feature because it's truly great!  I promise, when you experience this, you will know and be able to gauge the quality of the mattress.  So in all my travels staycations included, I have this *standard of quality* in a mattress.  I feel that because of what I experiences, my standards are quite - high!  Hahaha...

Oh, and they also have these fabulous pillows to accompany their mattresses!

Here's a trivia!  Do you know that Dunlopillo grows their own rubber trees that produces theses mattresses and pillows!  YES THEY DO!  Imagine the quality that goes into every product that they have.  Even the Queen of England knows that - Dunlopillo is the BEST!

Dunlipillo Philippines has showrooms!  Please do visit to see and FEEL the difference.  Hurry on to the following locations:

  • #6 Acropolis Commercial Area, E.Rodriguez Ave., Libis, QC.  
  • EDSA, Cubao
  • MC Home Depot Fort Branch

Dunlopillo Philippines Facebook Page
Dunlopillo Philippines Instagram