Good Mornings are made of these..

Monday, November 02, 2015

I woke up from the sound of rain drops (and crows).  Stayed in bed and closed my eyes. 

Then I realized something, it was RAINING!!  I jumped out f bed and opened the curtains - it's RAINING!!

And then, I saw this

All of my laundry from the previous night are all WET from the rain.  ALL of them. 

All I can do is smile because:
1).  This is a first for me
2).  I'm in the land of the rising sun (hoping the rain water here isn't as dirty back home
3).  I'm loving the cold weather. 

Ika nga, *Ulan lang yan* *It's just rain!*

Have a great Monday everyone!!

I'm EXCITED that it's Monday because.. There will be new On the WIngs of Love episodes! Hihi..


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