The MAGIC of #JaDine and #OnTheWingsOfLove

Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes, it's Monday again.



Because there will be a new episode of #OTWOL !  Woohooo!!

(Read my previous post on On The Wings of Love: James Reid & Nadine Lustre )

I haven't been like this in a long looong time.  Giddy.  And I swear, what I'm feeling now - I forgot what it felt like looking forward to another episode to catch.  I'm nervous and excited and left wondering what could be in store for me!  I am THAT excited.  Hahaha!  Iba na ito!  I am glad that in this digital age, one can watch old missed episodes online.  I was very lucky to have been a given a link to past episodes.

Last Friday, I was able to catch up to last Thursday's episode.   I think I slept at around 1-2am and I had to wake up early that morning to go to Alabang.  I woke up late, and guess what my mind was filled with?  Scenes for #OTWOL!  Ano ba yan Didi!

I swear to you, #JaDine was on my mind.  I caught myself smiling silly when I remember scenes.  I have no idea of this effect.  NO IDEA.  This is all new to me.

I usually don't gush on love teams.  I gush on TV crushies like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, but this time - I will gush on #JaDine.

Let me tell you my journey into getting to know #JaDine.

#NadineLustre - I've heard of.  I think I've seen her Jollibee ads and I've noticed how similar she looks with Kathryn Bernardo.  I just dismissed her honestly - I thought that I was too old to be into those love teams.  I thought to myself - I'm passed the stage of admiring and rooting for love teams.  (To give you a clue on my age - I followed Jericho Rosales+Kristine Hermosa, Judy Ann Santos + Derek Ramsey, Judy Ann Santos + Ryan Agoncillo, JLC + Bea Alonzo. I would secretly want them end up together in real life.  Hahaha!!)  I then saw her in my friend's IG (my friend is an editor of a travel magazine) I honestly wondered why she was gushing about Nadine.

#JamesReid - I used to be a fan of PBB, until I realized how manipulated it was.  I honestly had no idea who James Reid was until recently.  I think he was involved in a controversy of something which left something negative to my mind.  I was completely clueless on him.  My mom said he was the big winner in some PBB season 5 years ago.  The thought I had in my head was *Nako, Gerald Anderson Part 2 - oh no!*  I was wrong, really really wrong for assuming that he was in the same league.  Walang sinabi ni #GeraldAnderson sa acting skills ni James.  Hahahaha!!!

#JaDine - I've just been seeing status messages of friends in FB and on Twitter with this hashtag.  Again, I dismissed it.  #OTWOL started August - it's already October.  It took me almost 2 months to notice it again.

To be honest - I was so curious because I was told that there was quite a number of kissing scenes.  It made me think twice thrice - it left my mind with this curious thought *There's a teleserye that has kissing scenes?!  Really?  Really??  I mean, REALLY?

So I googled.

And there was no turning back.

My friend Alch sent me a youtube link of the movie Ang Diary ng Panget and then the link of the episode of #OTWOL.

Iba na ang life ngayon.

After 2 days of binge watching - I must confess - I still have them in my thoughts.  But you know what?  I think I'm more happy?  Hahaha!!  Parang loka loka!  Crazy as it sounds - I smile a lot more, because when I think of them - I can't help but feel kilig!  I feel like I'm in High School again seeing them together in scenes.  To be honest, it made me believe that there is still some kilig in me.  Kinikilig pa pala ako.

I have to be honest, the story line isn't original - it's been done quite a few times.  The most recent that I can remember is The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  It's a different setting and situation - but the theme is the same - marry a US citizen to escape deportation.  The only difference is the attack and the actors.

I read an article that part of the reason why #JaDine is clicking is that they're something fresh.  They've had a number of movies under their belt but they don't have a series to test the love team.  I've always had this admiration on casting directors because they can see what we normal people can't in an instant.  And I believe with #JaDine - they've hit the jackpot!  (Kudos to whoever thought of this love team.  I will pray for you!)  #OTWOL is their major test on TV, this teleserye will be able to gauge to see if the love team is just for movies to pwedeng pang TV.  And I think we all know the answer.

So what is the MAGIC of #JaDine and #OTWOL?  I feel that it's the lightness of the theme and the undeniable chemistry of the #JamesReid and #NadineLustre.  We all know that it's a love story - but the journey, story telling, casting and acting makes ALL the difference.  I think one of the reasons I'm drawn to the show is because #NadineLustre is not your typical Pinay actress who shuns kissing scenes.  Sa dami ng kissing scenes nila sa show just last week - I want to shake her hand and hug her and tell her that I admire what she's doing.  She's doing what every Pinay actress is avoiding - kissing scenes!!  I admire her courage to take that acting to a new level.  I must also say that to her family - thank you for allowing her to do kissing scenes - binigyan niyo ng katotohanan kung pano maging in love sa totoong buhay.  The #JaDine kissing scenes are made with taste, it doesn't leave anything sour in the mouth (no pun intended).  Kudos to you guys.  Alam naman nating naka-base yan sa manager at pamilya ng actress - if she will be allowed to do kissing scenes or not.  Hello??!!  Artista nga eh, ACTING.  So thank you to #NadineLustre 's manager and family.  GOOD DECISION.  Hahaha!!

I somehow can't explain why - but the series, it makes me feel forgotten emotions of how it was once to be once in love.  The joy and happiness, the sadness, the feeling of heartbreak - how it makes you feel the pain of it breaking.  The image above, it made me cry.  It was so painful, in my head I was thinking *Ang sakit sakit!*  It is truly MAGIC how a teleserye can pull out those emotions out of you.  As they say in Tagalog #Hugot.

It's really such a wonder how this show has drawn me in.  Like what Leah said - it's like a Rosary - full of mysteries.  Hahaha!!  I never thought it could happen.  Never.

I believe that in life - TIMING is everything.  And now it's #JaDine 's time to shine.

#Push natin yan.

Achieve?  #Achieve!


Alch - I will credit you for this *love* of #JaDine.  Thank you for introducing me to their love team.  Love kita forever and always.  Hahaha!! :)

I'm sure you've seen this video na, but heck - I'll put it here so you can see what I mean.  Alch mad me watch it last Saturday in her home.

The tandem knows when and HOW to draw in people to their love team.

Okay, I confess - I've been youtube-ing them.  And I found this video of them on GGV.

I LOVE Your Song because of Moulin Rouge AND I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt, I fell in love with the later because of Constantine Maroulis sang it on AI.  I can't believe #JamesReid knew those 2 songs.  Meant to be!  Hahaha... :)


  1. Di ko yan napapanood sayang! San ba pwede magcatch up? hehehe

  2. Wow! That's all I can say...after reading your BLOG! :) I didn't know that there is someone out there who have the same KILIG feeling for #JaDIne. What I like about their love team is that aside from Acting and Singing both of them can DANCE! it is seldom to a love team today that both of them can dance well...and in fact can do everything that a fan could ask for...I've been watching multiple times their "Love me Like You Do" dance number in ASAP! and James Reid dancing "STRIP" by Chris Brown in SHOWTIME...I can relate on how you feel coz I am a fan of the "ARROW and THE FLASH...sometimes I forgot to watch "THE VAMPIRE DIARY" because I am busy Youtube-ing #JaDine! :) I am thinking that we may be in the same generation since I am a fan in some of the love teams you mentioned. But being a #JaDine fan now I am just so happy because it is not only me cheering for #JaDine but my husband too..and even our 2 year old daughter! :) hehehhe again I am glad that I read your blog! :)

    1. Hi Jill! Thank you, I feel so flattered naman! Grabe, Jill - ibang level of obsession na ito!!! I've never been this way ever sa local artists!! Kay Oliver Queen lang and Barry Allen! Hahaha... :) Baka *older* pa ako sa iyo since ang unang love team ko is Rico Yan days. Hahaha!! Thank you for reading my entry. Please come by often kasi I'm sure to write more about them. Thanks again!!

      #Achieve !!

  3. Hi Didi...I think we're really in the same generation, naabutan ko din Rico and Claudine...hehhe before di pa uso ang combination of names ng Love teams...heheh and yes! ibang level na ito! talgang OJD (Obsessive Jadine Disorder) heheheh By the way have their "Love me Like You do Dance"? for sure its worth to watch.

  4. I mean have you seen their dance video?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. This one is James dance in showtime "Strip" by Chris brown

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