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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I've never tried waxing.  EVER.

The though of it and the pain leaves so much for my imagination to play around with.  I am direly scared of pain.  A little headache - I take Biogesic.  If I have body pains - I take Myonal or Arcoxia.  Yes, I am deathly afrain of pain.  So imagine my fear when I gave birth?  I was so glad that I was knocked out had a pain free experience.

So, yesterday - I was very lucky to be invited to #MarjRoBrowBash!  One of the pamperings was a treatment with Browhouse & Strip.  Just two weeks ago, I went to Browhouse to have my eyebrows groomed.  And I LOVED it!  So this time - since my eyerbows have been groomed - I had to do the waxing thing.   I honestly wasn't very convinced, but I thought to myself, what the heck - GAME na kung game!  So I took the plunge.  Waxing it is!

I like that their reception area looks very welcoming and clean!
On the left side is Browhouse and on the right side is Strip.

Ever since college, I have only been bleaching the hairs on my upper lip, my arms and legs.  Before when I was still unmarried - I would do it regularly.  These regular bleaching stopped when I had kids.  Well, I would do it when I remembered.  And as you can guess, I forgot - OFTEN.  Haha!!

I have to be honest, I have always been tempted to try waxing BUT I was just too scared.  So the idea was always dismissed.  But yesterday afternoon.  I don't know - I suddenly became brave.  Well - primarily because a mommy blogger friend - Michelle (, decided to try waxing as well.  She verbalized my fears and when she decided to give it a go.  Lumakas ang loob ko.  So, THANK YOU Michelle!  Hahaha..

When we entered the room I was nervous.  I told Dolly (my wax technician) that I was scared of pain.  She told me that she will be very gentle.  Kailee was in the room with me and I need to look brave!  Hahaha..

First up was the upper lip.  Dolly put some warm wax on my upper lip.  I was glad that it didn't smell bad, it smelled pleasant actually.  Haha!  Then as the wax hardened slightly, she gently tried to remove it on one end - and in one swift action - BOOM!  I was very surprised honestly - because it was NOT painful!  It stung, but not painful.  She repeated the procedure about 4 more times.  It was such a pleasant experience to be honest!  I was IMPRESSED!  I liked too that Dolly was wearing gloves - and that everything was clean and hygenic.  I know this should be the norm, but I don't think everyone follows it.  So kudos to the management!

Next up, was the lower leg.  I will apologize in advance because here is the video of my first ever lower leg waxing.  It might be too graphic.  Hahaha!!

I swear to you, it wasn't painful.  You'll feel stinging pain as the cloth is pulled, but that's it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I expected the pain to resonate to my whole leg - but it never did and I LOVED it!  There was no redness and it didn't feel sore the whole afternoon too!  Yey!  I think what made all the difference was the wax that was used and the gentleness of Dolly's hands.  She was very reassuring, gently and calming.  She was talking to me the whole time, I think to distract me from the pain.

When I came out of the room, Tad Abad and Monique Jamlang welcomed me back.  I told them that I wasn't traumatized and I actually liked my waxing session.  I was impressed with the gentleness of Dolly.  Monique said that all the technicians have to go through her - if they passed her standards - that means, magaan talaga ang kamay.  It's so nice that she thinks that way - because with that thought, it just shows how much she values customer service how sure she is that their staff will pass the standards of other people.

Thank you Tad, Monque, Marj and Ro for making me experience this!  I will be sure to be back!!

I'm not afraid of waxing anymore!  Woohooo!!

I will encourage you to try out their services.  I swear, I see waxing in a whole new light now.  Thank you for making my experience very pleasant and enjoyable!  It really made all the difference.  Now, if you plan to try out their services - please do look for Dolly.  She did my upper lip and half leg.  Thank you Dolly!!

STRIP Ministry of Wax
5th Level Mega Fashion Hall
(Beside the ice skating rink)

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