Shopping at Chicify!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I find shopping for clothes a chore.  Seriously.  I really dislike it.  I can shop for others, but I can't for the life of me, shop for my own self.  I can't explain why but when it comes to shopping for myself - I always dismiss it.  When I travel, the first thing I think of shopping for are my kids.  I'm at the bottom of my list, every single time - and I don't mind really.  It's just that when I get back home and unpack, I can't help but feel kinda disappointed but then it's my fault, really.

I'm also lazy - I honestly need someone to *push* me to try on clothes.  I don't have an eye for style nor fashion.  I mean, I admire stylish people, but then I've come to realize that since I don't have the ideal body type, there's no reason for me to dress stylish.  I've become too comfortable in what I've been wearing for the past years.  I belong to the awkward stage of having the body of a pregnant woman but is not pregnant.  I've honestly looked for jeans in the maternity section, because they're the only ones that fit (and I like the fit).

I'm so very lucky to have two friends who have become my stylists slash shopping friends.  They're the ones who pulls clothes from the rack and have me try them.  Our set up is actually perfect as that solves my lazy-ness problem.  I have no qualms trying on clothes, my problem arises when the clothes that I pick don't look good on me.  So when Kath and Tin picks the clothes for me to try, I love that they all look good on me!  The only problem is - I can't buy all those clothes, so I have to choose which pieces to buy.  Our first clothes shopping was done via Chicify.


I love that they look classy without too much effort.  The fit is perfect too for my body type (I'm a Medium in certain pieces - talk about boosting my self esteem!  Hahaha..)  They're very trendy and the look doesn't go out of style.  I like that they use nice fabrics to make the dresses, the workmanship is very clean too.  And the best thing for me is the price point.  It's very reasonable considering the materials and the look of the pieces.

I don't think I have a single favorite item because they're all my favorites.  Ask my Panget, if I can only wear them everyday - I would!  Hahaha..  That's how much I love what I got.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Chicify, these are official photographs from the site.  As you all know, I don't do selfies.  Hindi ko pa kaya.  Kulang pa sa *push* hahaha!!

Thank you Kath and Tin!  You are my two favorite shopping buddies.

Thank you for being my medium for shopping.  I'm so happy that Tin and Kath introduced me to you.  I can now say that clothes shopping is not much of a chore anymore.  Hahaha!  I'm so looking forward to what you have in store for us in the coming months.  Thank you for making me feel *stylish* despite my size.  Hihi.. :)

Check out Chicify - I'm sure you'd love their pieces.  It's shopping made convenient!


  1. I super love Chicify too!!! Uniform na especially the Rosario maxi dress. Syempre as moms on the go, being fasyon is the last thing on our minds diba.. buti nalang with Chicify items, effortless lang!

  2. I can relate. I also find shopping clothes for myself a chore. Thanks for the lead, Mommy Didi. I' ll check out Chicify!