On The Wings Of Love: James Reid & Nadine Lustre

Friday, October 09, 2015

There was a time in my life that I was a teleserye junkie.

I would not go out during weekdays and spend time watching my ABS CBN teleserye.  I was and am and will forever be a certified Kapamilya.  But I stopped watching teleseryes when I had Kailee.  I often wondered what life was before I had kids.  I remember being a local TV junkie, I totally forgot what it was like.

My friend Alch, has been my teleserye partner.  Recently she asked me if I was watching #OnTheWingsOfLove the #JaDine love team.  I honestly had no idea - so I told her that I wasn't and that I haven't seen a teleserye for about 5 years now.  But it left me curious.

I asked my mom and her helper - they told me it was very nice.  It was light and funny and very nice.  I got curious.  I asked my mom where she saw the episodes.  She gave me a link and I started to watch.

I like loved it.

The show somehow brought back forgotten feelings of *kilig*.  Yes, I didn't know they still existed in me.  I thought the key in the *Kilig Room* was lost forever.  Hahaha!  It was an indescribable feeling to be honest.  I guess when you get married and have kids - your views on love change drastically.  While watching, I was smiling like a teenager - my Panget noticed.  He was telling me last night why I had this odd smile on my face.  I told him *Kinikilig ako sa teleserye*

Here are some of the reasons why I fell in like love with #OTWOL

#OTWOL is a light romantic comedy.  I like how the show is not heavy on the drama and banks on the chemistry of the cast and the *acting* ability of the cast.  I laughed, cried and felt super kilig while watching the episodes.

I like the cast.  I never thought I will fall in like with the #JaDine team up.  I assumed I was too old for them, I was wrong.  Hahaha!  #JamesReid is so natural, #NadineLustre is very cute and doesn't come out as OA even if she is at times.  I like their chemistry.  They look good together and they're so cute together!  I am silently rooting that they end up together in real life.  Hahaha!!  (Ganon ka BENTA sa akin ang #JaDine)  I like Cherry Pie, Joel Torre, and Nanette Inventor!  There is one character/actor that I dislike - Jiggs/Albie Casino - my goodness, his acting is really bad!  And he's not good looking pa!  But I guess they included his character para may kainisan tayo.  I hate him.  He's an ungrateful jerk.  PESTE

The story hits a nerve in most everyone.  OFWs, those seeking the American Dream, Filial love,  and Sacrifice.  Everyone can relate to the story in one way or another.  It's very relatable - yan, that's the perfect description.

It's a LOVE story.  I have to admit - my views on love evolved to practicality.  But what I failed to realize was that - turn the world upside down and side ways and over a billion times - LOVE is still LOVE.  Love will still conquer all, and it can move mountains.  It can make people crazy and happy and crazy happy at the same time.  Love really does make the world go round.

The kissing scenes.  I've always CRINGED when Pinoy actors do kissing scenes.  It looks so fake!  Hahaha..  And I have noticed that in movies and teleseryes (unless there's a mistress involved) that kissing scenes are so scarce!  I mean, come on - in real life people KISS.  I mean really kiss, diba?  Here in the Philippines - the definition of a kissing scene is a SMACK on the lips.  My golly jeez wow.  Pinoys are conservative daw, oh really?  Come on!  Show some truth!  And that's why I like #OnTheWingsOfLove because they make the kissing scenes look so natural and kilig.  Well, yeah there are cheesy moments but the kissing scenes are done in wonderful taste.  It makes the story more believable and REAL.   (I've watched the episode from Oct 1 till 7, but I'm back tracking from the Pilot.)

One of the directors.  Antoinette Jadaone.    She sold me with The Thing Called Tadhana.

I am now officially a fan of #JaDine

Nadine Lustre is so cute and so funny.  She can make you cry, laugh, be kilig all at once - she's relatable.  She's not nakaka-asar OA even is she is OA at times.  She's very good.  Ibang level.    James Reid - I was blown away, I had this notion on my head that he was like Gerald Anderson or Sam Milby - I was so wrong, super duper wrong.  He's waaaaaay better than GA and SM.  Basura ang acting ni GA and SM compared to #JamesReid!  Well given that he has the slang, but over all - he acts so very naturally.  Hindi pilit yung emotions that he puts forth.

Whoever put these two together deserves all the credit and royalties possible kasi it works!! #Benta

I'm halfway done - on the 21st episode.  I'm getting more kilig by the episode.  Hahaha!!

P.S.  I can't believe that I get kilig when I think about them.  Hahaha!!


  1. tama ka.. Nadine is not OA.. ang natural ng arte nya no.. serious but hindi.. funny but sometimes awkward haha

    now I want to watch some of #Jadine movies.. mukhang maganda talaga ang chemistry ng dalawa!

    wait! for our age, is it a sin to have a slight crush on James Reid? hindi naman di ba?

    1. It's not.. ADMIRATION lang naman. Walang bad thoughts. Hahaha!!

  2. I first saw Jadine in the movie Diary ng Panget and I loved the tandem. I also like the fact that they are not pa-cute, but just casual-natural acting. :)

  3. i know exactly what you mean, certified Kapamilya + OTWOLista here! I was never a fan of JaDine but I really love OTWOL! I love their oh-so-natural acting + honest-to-goodness chemistry in front of the camera. I agree, James do act waaay better than those 2 you mentioned! One of the reasons why everyone is so kilig while watching the 2 of them! :D