Falling In Love ala The Proposal & On The Wings of Love #OTWOL

Monday, October 19, 2015

There used to be a time when I believed in fairy tales and love stories.  I would read romance novels and day dream of how one day, I will meet the love of my life.  But life experiences changed me.  I got heartbroken and I realized that love - well, it's not all that.  It's not what it was hyped up to be.  But I tell you, being in love is a wonderful feeling, hahaha!  It's just that when you get older - well, love becomes a different many things.

I think I forgot what it felt like to be really in love.  You see, I'm married and I have two kids.  So love for me, it's a different kind of love already.  I don't feel the romantic love anymore because my Panget isn't a romantic.  How I wish he was, but he's not.  And I've accepted that fact a long time ago.  I'm very practical - I don't expect him to change because that's the way it is.  I've learned that loving a person is to accept them for what and who they are, and my Panget is NOT a romantic so I love him DESPITE him not being romantic.  (Kahit reluctant ako.  Haha!!)

When two people meet - sometimes, there's an instant attraction.  But most often that not - well, instant attraction doesn't happen.  It's when you spend time with them and get to know them - that's when you will realize if you like them.  That's what happened with me and my Panget.  We just clicked over time.

The story of the movie The Proposal - well, it's sort of the same with #OTWOL.  The lead characters were pushed to the brink to be together because of a certain circumstance - a green card.  It's just that in the move The Proposal - Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were working together.  In #OTWOL - they were put together by chance.  It's a simple love story really but how it's being told to us, that's how it becomes different and unique at the same time.

But I tell you, in love stories - it's the kiss that makes the difference.  Things will NEVER be the same after a kiss.  

I personally believe that when you kiss someone - it may make or break the relationship.  You'll know with a kiss, believe me.  With my Panget - I knew with our first kiss that this was LOVE.  Cheesy diba?!  But seriously, I knew it was love.

Kissing is very personal.

I remember this from the movie Pretty Woman.  If you haven't heard of this movie, Google it.  But in the mean time - here's the line that Julia Robert's character Viv said.  (BTW, she was a prostitute in the movie)

And I believe that it's the kiss that was a game changer in both The Proposal and #OTWOL.

When they kissed it was GAME OVER.  

We knew it.  But they didn't.  I guess they needed time to let their feelings unfold.  In their own time.  In their own time.  Hahaha!  

Pic grabbed from THIS site

I was a fan of both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock - their age difference well, on screen it didn't mean anything to me.  It was really nice to see them together in the movie.  I couldn't help but fall in love with the characters.  But I have to admit, I was sold on Ryan Reynolds.  Sigh, he will forever be my *ideal* man.  Funny, smart and easy on the eyes.  They kissed for the first time here, just a smack.  But when they were chided to lengthen the kiss - they did and the kiss deepened and lingered.  It was never the same after that kiss.

With #OTWOL - since it was a teleserye, it meant there were episodes every day.  And I caught the bug just in time, when there were kissing scenes na.  The talk of the kissing scenes made me want to back track and watch from the beginning.  I finished three weekends ago, and just last weekend - I did did it again - re-watch from the start.  It's funny how when you re-watch the episodes from the start of the teleserye and one episode after another at that, the story takes you to a different level.  It made me appreciate how their love story was unfolding in each episode.  I understood more details of the story.  It's different pala when you marathon watch the episodes.  It's a different high since you know that it's never going to end with a cliffhanger, yun lang shempre you'll end on the last episode that you have.  In my case - I have until episode 48 - Love Drunk.  Hihi.. :)

After re-watching - I really believe that it was after their first accidental kiss that made them consider having feelings for one another.  Even if they made the promise of not to fall in love with one another, it ignited something inside of them.  They refused to admit it at first but when you watch the episodes right after - you'll see what I mean.  Subtle hints here and there, those looks of loving feelings (that they refused to acknowledge).  I swear, try and re-watch the episodes, you'll see how things changed with that accidental kiss.  There were other accidental kisses after that - but when the kiss deepened Filipino style #OTWOLMostApprovedKiss - it became a different ball game.

It's the kiss that made them really fall in love with one another.

As I said - the KISS can tell.

And it told us that Clark and Leah are in love.  They fell in love because they were pushed into a situation - and they fought their feelings as strong as they can.  But as they say - love moves mountains, and it moved their mountains towards one another.  No matter how high & sturdy they've made their walls to be - love found a way to break it down to make way for them to fall in love.

We don't choose who we fall in love with.  It chooses us.


I'm excited again, since it's Monday - that means 5 new episodes to watch this week!

Official hashtag for Monday's episode is #OTWOLToughLove

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  1. We have the same husband. Watching teleseyes can affect the way we see our husbands. Haha minsan parang gsto natin maging sweet sila tulad ni Clark noh? Haha

    1. Dati umaasa pa ako. Ngayon tanggap ko na kaya manunuod nalang ako ng OTWOL. Hahaha! Thakns for dropping by!! :)

      Love, Didi

  2. While reading this post naka smile ako, hehehe! At habang iniisip ang hubby ko, kasi naalala ko ang ka sweetan nya habang nandito sya. It's okay mommy na kahit di sweet ang husband mo basta sweet ka sa kanya hehehe.

  3. OTWOL fan here too, haha! I'm 40 so I guess my perspective on love is slightly different, but I appreciate this show because it brings back that girl whose head was once in the clouds in me. :)

  4. I only got to catch one episode of OTWOL just because my Mom was in the kids' room watching it. It was a scene where the two bidas were kissing I guess for the first time? I was like, OMG, why are they making out! Hahaha!

  5. I agree! THE FIRST KISS is what makes or breaks a possible relationship. :D

    As with your husband, I know other men who are typically like that - unromantic, but I'm pretty sure his got other ways to show you his love. :D

    OTWOL pa more! :D

  6. Heehee you're so cute, Didi, with your OTWOL obsession! Nako, my mom is also super into the show, so kahit na I don't watch it, I sorta get to follow along narin. :)

  7. Two of my faves, #OTWOL and The Proposal. Although, I am not sure how to react to married life and love. I kinda feel reluctant, and afraid to go through that phase or part of life. But, I am glad you love each other, despite the situation. And kudos, for having a complete, happy, and contented family. Not a lot surpasses that stage. :)