Cooking Quest: Chimichurri Sauce

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ever since I tried this sauce in Gaucho, the Argentine restaurant in Robinson's Magnolia, it left a lovely impression on my palate.  I forgot about it for a while and then was reminded of it again when I tried Senor Pollo early this year.  Whenever we had simple get togethers at home, I would drive to Senor Pollo and order extra helpings of the Chimichurri sauce.  I loved it so much that I would just eat it with rice or bread!  Hahaha..

A few months ago after binge watching Master Chef, I realized that contestants were making it left and right.  I searched the recipe on Google memorized it but never got around to making one.  But a few weeks ago, I suddenly had this urge to make one.  It was perfect because it coincided with our supermarket day.

It was a success, flavor wise.  The appearance wasn't quite there, but it tasted good!  Hahaha..  This is what my first attempt looked like:

It was mush.  I used my Braun Mutliquick 3 Hand Blender - I used the hand blender beaker to chop up all the ingredients and poured in the oil - and it turned into mush.  I think I over chopped the ingredients.  The flavor was there, but the appearance was not.  Hahaha!  So my attempt #1 just got a passing mark.  Hehehe..  But we finished it in a few days.

Then last Saturday, I suddenly needed to buy chicken breast and as I was walking to the counter to pay - I saw the greens sections, they had parsley!  I bought a huge pack and headed home.  I wanted to make the Chimichurri sauce again.

So I went home, used the hand blender sans the beaker - and it turned out pretty successful!  Look at it:

Not bad right?  Well, I think it was a success because it didn't turn into mush!  Hahaha..:)

Here's the recipe that I used, I am apologizing ahead because I did not use exact measurements, I just made it according to taste.

2 Cups Parsely Leaves
4 Cloves of Garlic
1 Small Onion chopped
Chili Flakes
Red Wine Vinegar

The recipes that I've found online said to chop the parsley leaves.  I tried chopping but found that it took too long.  So I just put the leaves in a bowl and used the hand blender to chop it all up.  Then I put the garlic (you can use 2 cloves first and then taste, if you feel you need to add more, do so) and then the chopped onion (you add a little at a time and then add according to your taste).

Then pour the oil into the mixture and blend well.  Then add a few drops of the red wine vinegar.  I say few drops so you can adjust the taste to your liking.  The add rock salt to flavor.  Again, add little by little to adjust the taste - remember when you add more than enough, it will be harder to correct.

Add the chili flakes depending on your heat preference.  Then a few oregano leaves (I just used the dried ones and I just put very little).  Don't forget to taste as you go along, so you'll know how to adjust the taste to your liking.  I can't emphasize enough on tasting as you go along.

This recipe will make about 75% of a Mason Pint Jar.


You have your own Chimichurri sauce!


  1. Bookmarking this. Recipe for Latin Chicken naman next! hahahaha! :)

  2. I hear about chimichurri sauce all the time in those Food Network cooking shows but have never tried it. What do you eat with it ?