#OTWOLDiaries: Love is NEVER easy

Friday, October 30, 2015

I think I'll officially name my #OTWOL posts as #OTWOLDiaries, any suggestions?


So I missed the episode last night.  I went to dinner with my mom and brother. You see, he's getting married today and the night before I got married six years ago, we had dinner too.  It was a fun dinner with just the three of us.

I came home late because the traffic was bad.  I kissed my kids good night.  Fixed a few loose ends, packed and prepared for a long day tomorrow.

Then, I opened my laptop, typed in the website of where my mom watches the previous day's Kapamilya episodes.  And while waiting for the episode to load - I looked at my friend Grech's Twitter feed.  I saw the words - OUCH.  I got scared.  And then the episode loaded.

I just finished it.

I cried.

The scene where Leah was sitting on the stairs (after she walked out on Tatang Sol singing).  She and Clark were talking about love.  It was then that I realized that - Love is NEVER easy.

I think I cried because I knew what Leah felt.  The doubt - I've been there.  It eats you up.  The negativity?  When it starts - it never ends.  Your looking glass suddenly shatters - well, it's so hard to put the pieces back together.  In fact, you can never put it back together.

So, I just want to say - to my brother and my sister in law Annlee.

Love is NEVER easy - but it finds a way.  It may take a short time for others, and a forever for others - but it finds a way, eventually.

I used to sarcastically laugh when I am told to *Remember why you fell in love in the first place!*  Since my heart was angry - all I could think of was * I was a fool then to believe!  Hahaha.. But it's true - try and remember why and how you fell in love with one another.  Look at me, I had to realize it while watching On the Wings of Love #OTWOL - silly diba?  But it hit a nerve, it sparked a once forgotten feeling.  And now - I'm learning again.

Today, as you both take a step to your FOREVER.  I truly, from the bottom of my heart wish you all the best.  I love you both very much and I don't think I can say this in person because I will just cry - so here nalang.  (Alam niyo naman na iyakin ako diba?)

Love each other.
Respect each other.
Forgive each other.

Love is not perfect, but it can be - if you make it perfect in your world.

Love is never easy, if it was then the world would be a much better place.  But it's not easy for a reason.  It's not easy because it will bring out the best and worst in you.  Take in the best, cultivate it.  Take out the worst and learn from it.

Love is never easy - but who cares?!

Love is love.

It makes the world go round.  And round.  And round.

LOVE is a wonderful thing.

Best wishes you two!!

Sana maging kasing *In Love* kayo ni Leah and Clark nung nasa San Francisco pa sila.  Nung hindi pa nakikita ni Leah si Nanang.  Iba pa ang LOVE sa kanya before that scene.  Hahaha!!

Congratulations, guys!!


Believing in Love (again) because of #OTWOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Love hurts.

There's no easy way to saying it because that't the truth!  To cope, you put up walls to avoid getting hurt again.  But no matter the height and strength of those walls, only two things can happen:  You get trapped inside those walls forever  or someone breaks it down eventually.

Through the years, we've all built walls around us.  Personally I've built so many walls that I've somehow become numb to certain things.  One example is the *Love Wall* that I've built, unconsciously.  Being married for 6 years, I think I can say that I've felt hurt and unloved at times, and as a defense mechanism - I've built walls to protect me.  I've become numb and indifferent at times.  I guess life experiences make you have those feelings to cope.

So when it comes to *romantic* love - I don't think it exists anymore.  Seriously.  I would often hear people say, *you already have kids - why even think of romantic things, we're past that age!*  I then look at the younger generation with dopey in love eyes, and tell myself *Love will fade, hintayin mo lang!*  (cue in Evil laugh) Hahaha.  I would also think - those romantic movies and romance books are all overrated - it's not REALISTIC!  Hahaha.. I guess I've become bitter - tumatanda na kasi.

When I watch romantic movies and tv shows, it entertains me.  It pinches a nerve but it doesn't make me think, think.  It just makes me smile and cry but that's it.  But surprisingly for the teleserye On The Wings of Love #OTWOL - I know, it's so uncharacteristic of me, but it made me believe in love again.  Baduy noh?  I mean at the age of 35, a local teleserye about young love makes me realize that?  Why?  How?

I can't explain it really, but I guess the only thing I can say is that - #OTWOL has ignited something in me, in my mind and in my heart.  I know it's silly how a local teleserye can do that to me but it did.  As corney and as jologs as it seems - something in me has changed.  I have said it time and again - Iba na ang life ngayon.

Our favorite Napa Valley mechanic, Mang Bobot said it best - Ang sarap palang pagmasdan ang mga batang nagmamahalan.

It truly is.  There was a time that I looked at them and did an evil laugh in my head, but after watching more than 50 episodes worth of #OTWOL - I look at young love differently now.  Now, I sigh and smile and wish that their love will make them feel inspired.  So this is what I forgot.  Hahaha!!

I admit that I stopped believing in love.  I lost faith in love.  I pushed all those romantic feelings aside and concentrated on loving my children.  And I have to say - it's very fulfilling.  But you see, it's a different kind of love - romantic love.  It has a different effect on people.  I was surely surprised that I felt what I did - at this stage and age.  Pwede pa pala yon?

Often times, we do things because we need to.  Not because we want to do them but we cause we have to do them.  Like for married couples - wives are supposed to *serve* their husbands - it has become such a routine that we do them because we have to.  We're like robots functioning on cue - but what I realized was that, if you do it with love - then it feels a bit different.  But hey, take note ha - one person in a relationship CAN NOT and WILL NOT revive those feelings on their own.  It can cause a start, but it has to be both parties in the relationship to sustain those feelings.  That's the ideal set up, but come on - in real life, that doesn't happen.

Take for example, me and my Panget.  When he comes home from work - I make sure to flash him a smile.  But what does he do?  He looks at me naka-simangot.  Nakakainis diba?  What would you feel like when someone does that to you.  After doing the smile thing so many times, I simply got tired so  I don't smile at him anymore when he comes home - I mean, why waste my energy in smiling when the other party refuses to acknowledge that smile.  Even on a tired day, when I come home - I still smile.  But I guess men are really wired differently.  I hate men.  Hahaha..

I've honestly lost all faith in love.  I was starting to become those bitter old ladies that we hear of, but I'm glad that I caught the show just in time for me to believe in love again.  It's hard, to tell you the truth, and it's quite silly that just because of a teleserye, I've suddenly regained my faith in love.  I've forgotten what it feels to be giddy, excited, smiley all over, cheery and *in love*.  Clark and Leah made me feel those lost feelings.

The feeling of *In Love* is a different high.  My friends have told me that I'm looking better recently.  I've said it time and again - that's the effect of watching #OTWOL.  This is the effect of #OTWOL - I'm happier, I remember now what it feels like to be *kilig*, I wake up everyday with a bigger smile.  I used to think that cheesy lines are sooooo corny, now I get kilig just hearing them.  It's a good feeling, pala.  As I said, iba na ang life ngayon.  Hahaha!!

So, THANK YOU to the actors, directors, staff, crew, scriptwriters of  #OTWOL for making me feel those forgotten feelings once again.  It's a different high, a different happiness.  Now, I look forward to everyday watching Clark, Leah and the whole cast.

I think having these happy loving feelings - there's only one person who will benefit from it - my Panget.  Buti nalang happy ako or else, I will also make simangot to him everyday!  Hahaha... :)

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Starbucks' HALLOWEEN FRAPPULA Frappuccino

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Celebrate Halloween with Starbucks' FRAPPULA Frappuccino!!

Enjoy this SPOOKY and delicions FRAPPULA Frappuccino until October 31, 2015!

This FRAPPULA Frapp is the newest HALLOWEEN ice blended creation.  It has an eerie layer of mocha sauce that is topped with a sweet Vanilla Frap that is soaked in a terrifying ruby red Strawberry sauce!  Yummy....

Happy Halloween!!

Starbucks Christmas Drinks & 2016 Starbucks Planner!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

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It's that time of the year again!

The Starbucks RED cups are here!! :)

Welcome their newest drink - the Christmas Panettone Latte!!

What is it exactly?  Well, think of a Christmas cake topped with dried fruits!  I love the bread and buttery flavor then top it with whip cream and tiny bits of dried fruits!  I will borrow their words *It's a delicious twist on a classic holiday tradition!*

Of course, these red cups will never be complete without the Filipino favorites.

My personal favorite - the Toffee Nut Latte

and my Panget's favorite - the Peppermint Mocha

These special handcrafted drinks will be available on November 2, 2015 - Monday! :)  So be sure to catch them and don't forget to claim and collect the stickers for the much anticipated STARBUCKS 2016 PLANNERS!

This year - Starbucks has partnered with Moleskine!  And they have given us four options:

The 2016 Starbucks Planners come in two sizes.  

My friend Michelle described the sizes perfectly - she said that if you're the type to write down your daily tasks and need more space for your daily reminders - get the smaller one.  It has an individual page for every day (except of Saturday and Sunday).  But if you're the weekly planner - then you get the bigger one.

I personally picked the small size in black.

These Moleskine x Starbucks 2016 Planners exude class and sophistication.

So, since it's a collab with Moleskine, I'm sure you're thinking - more stickers to collect?


It's still the same!  Woohooo!!  18 Stickers, 9 Holiday drink and 9 Core beverages except for the bottled ones.

So, are you excited?

Because, I AM!!!

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OFW life in On the Wings of Love #OTWOL

Friday, October 23, 2015

I have a soft spot for OFWs.  Maybe because I experienced living abroad and working part time to earn, it's just that I didn't need to send the money I earned back home.  The money I earned, I used to keep up with my extra expenses while studying abroad.

My mom was strict with me.  She gave me the opportunity to study abroad but only gave me enough money to cover for rent, food and a little miscellaneous expenses.  I had to come up on my own, whatever else I wanted to spend on like trips and etc.  

And so I worked part time as an English teacher.  My weekday afternoons were spent teaching kids English.  I would walk 30 minutes to get to the pre-school, and teach the kids for about an hour to an hour and a half.  While my whole Saturday was spent traveling two hours by train to a nearby province to teach middle school kids English.  It was my very first time to teach English, so it was a kind of a shock to me.  But when I got paid after a day of teaching - it was exhilarating.  It was a different high to receive my salary right after.

Just like Leah, Clark, Tita Jack and all the OFWs in the world - we worked our asses off to earn money.  We had to walk instead of commuting at times, just to save money.  We would bring food and water in our bags to quench our thirst and hunger.  We would do every little thing to save what we earned.  I remember doing what Leah was doing - endless computing to see how much I would be making every week.  It was exciting, tiring but very fulfilling.

I am Asian, I don't look anything like a Western girl.  I have chinky eyes but my only weapon was that I spoke straight English AND I had a California ID.  I had this classmate, Bobby he's an American - red hair, white skinned and bold.  We got to talk and he asked me if I wanted in on his teaching sideline.  I think he assumed that I lived in the US because the year prior, I went on vacation in the US and we were exchanging stories.  He was the one who introduced me to this old Chinese guy, let's call him Professor Wang.  Bobby shared with me the rate that we would get for a whole Saturday teaching.  I was excited because it was quite big.  So I agreed, I even had my friend Alch join in on the *racket*.

On our first Saturday stint, I thought to myself that it was easy.  My gulay, it wasn't!  We travelled I think for more than an hour to get to Hebei province.  Then when we reached the school - we immediately had to teach!  Each of us had their own classroom - and we had to teach English for an hour and a half.  We had a 15minute break and then another class for an hour and a half.  We were given water bottles before each class.  At first I thought, I didn't need the water - turns out, I needed more!  It wasn't as easy as it looks.  Imagine handling middle school kids all 50 (sometimes more) of them.  Noisy and rowdy.  I never expected it to be that difficult.  It was only then that I realized what our teachers were going through when we decided to push their limits.  Was this karma?  After teaching two 1.5hour classes, we were all exhausted.  We were then fed at the teacher's office and then sent back to the train to go back home to Beijing.  Most of us slept through the train ride home.  We would reach Beijing by 7 or 8 in the evening, often our friends (who didn't teach) would invite us to a night out but we were already exhausted from the travel and teaching.  So we just stayed home, rested and slept.  This was my routine for 6 months.

Like Leah and Tita Jack.  My pay was quite unfair.  Since I looked Asian, my rate was less than that of my friend Bobby who is an American.  I found this out the hard way - when were handed our day's pay - I noticed that the amount was far less than what was told to me by Bobby.  I spoke to Professor Wang and told him the amount I expected - he then pulled me aside (imagine, this was on the train platform and the train was about to leave!) and told me that what I had is the Asian teacher rate and not the American teacher rate.  Bobby saw this and began defending me to Professor Wang, Bobby said that I was an American Chinese - he then suddenly asked me to bring out my American ID as proof!  I was just very lucky to have gotten a California ID the year prior and it just so happened that I have it with me all the time.  So I showed the ID and then Professor Wang handed me the difference.  I think it was then that I experienced my first *racial discrimination*.  I thanked Bobby for his quick thinking and for his help - he then told me *I thought you were American!*  Hahaha..  All the other Asian looking teachers got the lesser rate.  Professor Wang would then give me the higher rate every time without fail.

I totally could relate to Leah and Tita Jack's hardships with work.  We had to do what others didn't want to do.  We had to do double the work but with the same amount of pay.  But that was life abroad I guess.  It isn't as glamorous as we all thought.  It was get all the work you can for the time that you have.  Save all the money and then keep it for a rainy day or send them home.  Here in Manila, work was just the 8hour shift type, but abroad - as long as your body can take the work, go lang.

I think my friends would often think that teaching English was easy.  It's not.  Since I didn't have any background in teaching - I was clueless.  I just put a brave and confident front!  Bahala na as they would say.  Hahaha..  I was just given a topic to teach (the topic was handed to us when we got to the school - there was no time to prepare!) and we all had to improvise.  The language barrier was to be considered too!  It was hard because most people in China don't understands English.  I had with me my trusty Chinese-English dictionary, I drew - I acted out, it was like playing charades and pictionary.  Nakakahiya at times because I needed to make them understand - it was tiring, nerve wracking and very draining.  The first few months, I was being methodical - but in the last 2 months, I felt burnt out already - I was dreading Saturdays.  So I thought - I might as well enjoy teaching and change my style.  I needed the extra money.  So I scrapped the lessons and began to just speak to the kids in English.  Since the older teachers didn't understand me - I had nothing to lose!  Hahaha.  As long as the kids were glued on me, that was okay.  We would converse on topics of their choosing.  I felt that by doing that - I imparted more basic English knowledge like words and sentences.  I felt they learned more - because of the set up.  I began to enjoy it eventually.

I feel that when you start working abroad without prior experience (add to the racial discrimination at that and working permits) - you can't choose what work you would get into.  You start from the bottom, whatever is there and work your way up.  I wasn't choosy - all I thought about was I needed extra money for my expenses.  My goal was to earn money to spend on shopping and trips.  Hahaha!  Just like OFWs they have their own gaols - earn enough to send money home to help ease their lives.

Many think that working in a foreign land is all glitz and glamour, what they don't know is that its really blood sweat and tears.  Being away from family is hard, I never thought I'd feel homesick but I did.  I once broke down and shouted *Hindi ko ito ginagawa sa Pilipinas!* I realized how lucky I was back home.  To have all the comforts of life - in Beijing, I had to clean my own room, do laundry, wash dishes in super cold water (since it was winter and our faucets wasn't attached to heaters), clean the house, pay for utilities.  I walked or biked to school everyday.  I had to commute going to and from teaching, gimmicks and shopping trips.  And imagine, back then - the internet was still dial-up, so you can imagine the quality of the signal.  I only saw my Panget twice on webcam.  I had to grow up and take care of myself.  My roommates, we all grew up and took care of one another.

That's why I super dislike Jiggs' character - he's very ungrateful.  Yes, it's a given that he's bratty because he was *left* by his mother.  That's the OFW generation, it's hard enough for their parents to work for a better life for their kids only to come home and see how ungrateful they are to their parent's hard work.  I'm not saying everyone is like Jiggs, but let's be honest - many are like him.  Many are just after the money and comforts of life.  There are only a few who appreciates their parents hard work abroad.  Look at the difference between Clark's siblings and Jiggs - super different. 

Aside from the children of the OFWs - there are the siblings and relatives.  I remember asking Yaya Ritchie about her being a DH in Hong Kong.  She said it was hard, because she did everything!  Cook, clean, do grocery and take care of the baby - it was all her.  But she says that her pay was the most rewarding.  It was all worth it she said.  She says too that she was very lucky because her employers were very nice.  It was just unfortunate that in HK, you can't extend your contract.  While she was staying with me, she told me that every time she gets a call from her family, she would be nervous because it only meant one thing - they needed money.  She said they always needed money.  Her siblings depended on her for their daily expenses.  I asked her why her siblings were not employed - she said that since her siblings knew she was working abroad, she earned more - they could just live off what she gave them.  I then asked her feelings about it and she cried - she said that it was hard because for every need, she had to give in.  If she didn't they would all get mad at her.  She says, she doesn't have any savings left for herself.  It was as if her two years in Hong Kong - all the blood sweat and tears were all for nothing.  When she came home - her siblings would push her to go back abroad to work.  She felt unappreciated.   I think that's the problem of most OFWs.  They become the breadwinner of the entire family.  Even if they have siblings who are married and have their own lives - they still depend on the graces of their sibling who works abroad.  It's unfair really - but I guess that's the kind of like most OFWs have.

It's nice that On the Wings of Love #OTWOL paints us a picture of what life is like abroad - specifically in the US.  It's not all glittery and wonderful and easy.  You'll need to work, as in really really work to earn.  Yes, the exchange rate is high, but every cent involves blood sweat and tears.  I just hope that #OTWOL being true to life impacts those left behind by OFWs.  That they realize that life far away from family is not easy.  That whoever is providing for them is working really hard to give them a better life.  And that they should not waste money on drinking sprees and unnecessary parties.  

I really feel that #OTWOL shows us the real struggles and triumph of Filipino families.  It shows us the good and the bad.  The low points and the high points.  It shows us the TRUTH.

I truly believe that OFWs are the modern day heroes.  Everyday is a struggle.  Everyday is a fight.  A fight for a better life for their loved ones.

P.S.  I'm really excited for tonight's episode.  Sana happy na forever!  Hahaha...

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Happy Birthday Connor!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three years ago on a Monday, I gave birth to Connor.  It so sudden as I was scheduled to give birth a week later.  But since I was experiencing labor pains, my OB suggested that I go the hospital immediately - she was there and she can gauge the progress of the labor.

I went to the hospital thinking that I was going to be sent home.  I think I was in the hospital by 11:30am.  I remember walking up the narrow stairs to the second floor of Cardinal Santos and knocking on the labor room.  Within minutes, I changed into the the hospital gown and was lying on the bed.  A few minutes later, my OB came in to do an IE.

We need to do the CS now.

That's what she said.  I looked at her blankly.  When I came to my senses, I immediately called my Panget.  I told him that I was in the hospital and that I need to go to CS na.  That the staff was going to prep me na.  My Panget said to tell my OB if she can wait for an hour till he got to the hospital.  My OB said that she needs to do the prep and that she's sure that my Panget would make it on time.

The next person I called was my mom to tell her I was going to go CS na and then the last person I spoke to was Kath.  I told her I was giving birth that time and that I was being wheeled in to the delivery room as we spoke.  Haha!  I then received a call from my mom telling me to tell my OB to try and have the baby out by 12:30PM.   She said she will try but can't promise.  The next thing I remember was that I met a different anesthesiologist.  The one I wanted wasn't available immediately.  I only had this to say to him *Please knock me out.*  he said *Ay wag ija! You should be somehow lucid to experience the birthing process* to which I replied with conviction *Doc, gusto ko pa magkaron ng isa pang anak, ayoking ma-traumatize, just knock me out.  I want it that way* And in seconds, I was knocked out cold.

What I remember next was that I was being woken up.  When I did, my OB said - *Baby out at 12:28!  Totoo yan, the staff are all witness to it! Nakuha ko yung gusto mong time na before 12:30PM!*  And then I fell asleep again.  I don't know how long the interval was, but I was being woken up again and I heard my Panget voice whispher *Shoty's out, I barely made it*  A few seconds later, I met shoty.  I was too drugged that fell asleep again.

Today, we celebrate Connor's 3rd birthday.

It was been three years filled with smiles, cries, screams and running after you.  You are my ray of sunshine even if Dada is your favorite.  You know that you can melt my heart with one charming smile and a hug.  I didn't know that my heart was capable of getting bigger until I met you! Thank you for making me smile and laugh a lot.

I love you forever!  You will always be my Gwapito Batman Bryce!!

Remember, Mama is your... FIRST LOVE!  Hahaha... :)

P.S.  Don't break my heart ha..

Shopping at Chicify!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I find shopping for clothes a chore.  Seriously.  I really dislike it.  I can shop for others, but I can't for the life of me, shop for my own self.  I can't explain why but when it comes to shopping for myself - I always dismiss it.  When I travel, the first thing I think of shopping for are my kids.  I'm at the bottom of my list, every single time - and I don't mind really.  It's just that when I get back home and unpack, I can't help but feel kinda disappointed but then it's my fault, really.

I'm also lazy - I honestly need someone to *push* me to try on clothes.  I don't have an eye for style nor fashion.  I mean, I admire stylish people, but then I've come to realize that since I don't have the ideal body type, there's no reason for me to dress stylish.  I've become too comfortable in what I've been wearing for the past years.  I belong to the awkward stage of having the body of a pregnant woman but is not pregnant.  I've honestly looked for jeans in the maternity section, because they're the only ones that fit (and I like the fit).

I'm so very lucky to have two friends who have become my stylists slash shopping friends.  They're the ones who pulls clothes from the rack and have me try them.  Our set up is actually perfect as that solves my lazy-ness problem.  I have no qualms trying on clothes, my problem arises when the clothes that I pick don't look good on me.  So when Kath and Tin picks the clothes for me to try, I love that they all look good on me!  The only problem is - I can't buy all those clothes, so I have to choose which pieces to buy.  Our first clothes shopping was done via Chicify.


I love that they look classy without too much effort.  The fit is perfect too for my body type (I'm a Medium in certain pieces - talk about boosting my self esteem!  Hahaha..)  They're very trendy and the look doesn't go out of style.  I like that they use nice fabrics to make the dresses, the workmanship is very clean too.  And the best thing for me is the price point.  It's very reasonable considering the materials and the look of the pieces.

I don't think I have a single favorite item because they're all my favorites.  Ask my Panget, if I can only wear them everyday - I would!  Hahaha..  That's how much I love what I got.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Chicify, these are official photographs from the site.  As you all know, I don't do selfies.  Hindi ko pa kaya.  Kulang pa sa *push* hahaha!!

Thank you Kath and Tin!  You are my two favorite shopping buddies.

Thank you Chicify.com for being my medium for shopping.  I'm so happy that Tin and Kath introduced me to you.  I can now say that clothes shopping is not much of a chore anymore.  Hahaha!  I'm so looking forward to what you have in store for us in the coming months.  Thank you for making me feel *stylish* despite my size.  Hihi.. :)

Check out Chicify - I'm sure you'd love their pieces.  It's shopping made convenient!

Falling In Love ala The Proposal & On The Wings of Love #OTWOL

Monday, October 19, 2015

There used to be a time when I believed in fairy tales and love stories.  I would read romance novels and day dream of how one day, I will meet the love of my life.  But life experiences changed me.  I got heartbroken and I realized that love - well, it's not all that.  It's not what it was hyped up to be.  But I tell you, being in love is a wonderful feeling, hahaha!  It's just that when you get older - well, love becomes a different many things.

I think I forgot what it felt like to be really in love.  You see, I'm married and I have two kids.  So love for me, it's a different kind of love already.  I don't feel the romantic love anymore because my Panget isn't a romantic.  How I wish he was, but he's not.  And I've accepted that fact a long time ago.  I'm very practical - I don't expect him to change because that's the way it is.  I've learned that loving a person is to accept them for what and who they are, and my Panget is NOT a romantic so I love him DESPITE him not being romantic.  (Kahit reluctant ako.  Haha!!)

When two people meet - sometimes, there's an instant attraction.  But most often that not - well, instant attraction doesn't happen.  It's when you spend time with them and get to know them - that's when you will realize if you like them.  That's what happened with me and my Panget.  We just clicked over time.

The story of the movie The Proposal - well, it's sort of the same with #OTWOL.  The lead characters were pushed to the brink to be together because of a certain circumstance - a green card.  It's just that in the move The Proposal - Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were working together.  In #OTWOL - they were put together by chance.  It's a simple love story really but how it's being told to us, that's how it becomes different and unique at the same time.

But I tell you, in love stories - it's the kiss that makes the difference.  Things will NEVER be the same after a kiss.  

I personally believe that when you kiss someone - it may make or break the relationship.  You'll know with a kiss, believe me.  With my Panget - I knew with our first kiss that this was LOVE.  Cheesy diba?!  But seriously, I knew it was love.

Kissing is very personal.

I remember this from the movie Pretty Woman.  If you haven't heard of this movie, Google it.  But in the mean time - here's the line that Julia Robert's character Viv said.  (BTW, she was a prostitute in the movie)

And I believe that it's the kiss that was a game changer in both The Proposal and #OTWOL.

When they kissed it was GAME OVER.  

We knew it.  But they didn't.  I guess they needed time to let their feelings unfold.  In their own time.  In their own time.  Hahaha!  

Pic grabbed from THIS site

I was a fan of both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock - their age difference well, on screen it didn't mean anything to me.  It was really nice to see them together in the movie.  I couldn't help but fall in love with the characters.  But I have to admit, I was sold on Ryan Reynolds.  Sigh, he will forever be my *ideal* man.  Funny, smart and easy on the eyes.  They kissed for the first time here, just a smack.  But when they were chided to lengthen the kiss - they did and the kiss deepened and lingered.  It was never the same after that kiss.

With #OTWOL - since it was a teleserye, it meant there were episodes every day.  And I caught the bug just in time, when there were kissing scenes na.  The talk of the kissing scenes made me want to back track and watch from the beginning.  I finished three weekends ago, and just last weekend - I did did it again - re-watch from the start.  It's funny how when you re-watch the episodes from the start of the teleserye and one episode after another at that, the story takes you to a different level.  It made me appreciate how their love story was unfolding in each episode.  I understood more details of the story.  It's different pala when you marathon watch the episodes.  It's a different high since you know that it's never going to end with a cliffhanger, yun lang shempre you'll end on the last episode that you have.  In my case - I have until episode 48 - Love Drunk.  Hihi.. :)

After re-watching - I really believe that it was after their first accidental kiss that made them consider having feelings for one another.  Even if they made the promise of not to fall in love with one another, it ignited something inside of them.  They refused to admit it at first but when you watch the episodes right after - you'll see what I mean.  Subtle hints here and there, those looks of loving feelings (that they refused to acknowledge).  I swear, try and re-watch the episodes, you'll see how things changed with that accidental kiss.  There were other accidental kisses after that - but when the kiss deepened Filipino style #OTWOLMostApprovedKiss - it became a different ball game.

It's the kiss that made them really fall in love with one another.

As I said - the KISS can tell.

And it told us that Clark and Leah are in love.  They fell in love because they were pushed into a situation - and they fought their feelings as strong as they can.  But as they say - love moves mountains, and it moved their mountains towards one another.  No matter how high & sturdy they've made their walls to be - love found a way to break it down to make way for them to fall in love.

We don't choose who we fall in love with.  It chooses us.


I'm excited again, since it's Monday - that means 5 new episodes to watch this week!

Official hashtag for Monday's episode is #OTWOLToughLove

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Join Knorr Lutong Nanay Food Fair on October 24 at Mercato Centrale!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Knorr’s “Lutong Nanay” Nutrition Program Battles Malnutrition

According to Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the DOST, at least 5 million children are malnourished in the Philippines. It’s a staggering number that shows the issue is closer to home than we think.

Wanting to take urgent action, Knorr, a brand committed to enhancing Filipino meals, started its “Lutong Nanay” Nutrition Program in various barangays and communities nationwide. In the fight against malnutrition, Knorr promotes the importance of healthy meals prepared by moms for their kids.

Knorr partnered with Kabisig ng Kalahi for the Metro Manila leg of the initiative, to build a sustainable nutrition program that goes beyond simply distributing food. With simple, easy to follow, healthy meals, moms also learn to provide their kids with delicious and nutritious dishes.

Knorr recently visited two barangays in Smokey Mountain, Barangay 101 and Barangay 128, with its ambassadors. Dimples Romana, Danica Sotto-Pingris and Sari Jorge joined forces to help educate moms and children the importance of a healthy diet for the family. Over a meal of afritada, they also shared their personal experiences, cooking secrets and how they entice their kids to eat a healthy, balanced meal with the help of Knorr.

“It was a beautiful experience na makasama ang katulad kong Knorr Lutong Nanay moms together with our children in sending out a message to all the other Filipino moms like us to join in our fight against malnutrition,” said Dimples Romana.

Meanwhile, ambassadors Carmina Villaroel and Chesca Kramer joined Knorr at the Cardinal Sin Village. Mothers and children collectively learned the importance of a vigorous diet for the family. The program was a good exchange of insights, experience and learnings not only from the ambassador, but from resident mothers as well.

“Feeding our families nutritious food doesn’t have to be expensive. What’s important is that we give them a well-balanced meal every day,” says Carmina Villaroel.

As the theme of sharing experiences and learnings continued, one mother shared, “Ngayon, kaya ko nang magluto ng pagkain na hindi lang masarap, masustansya pa.” Another participant shared how she realized the importance of preparing healthier meals for her family by incorporating vegetables in their meal plan unlike before, where they usually prepare meals with minimal consideration to nutritional value.

With the help of Knorr’s Lutong Nanay nutrition program, more and more moms are inspired, motivated and informed about how important it is to serve healthy meals for their family. It’s a long way to go but Knorr’s ongoing program is a big step towards fighting malnutrition in Filipino children.

Knorr continues to empower Filipinos to cook flavorful, nutritious and affordable meals everyday. It emphasizes that moms are the pillars to help alleviate malnutrition. Together, Knorr’s Lutong Nanay dishes and moms can diminish this issue that affects so many Filipinos, one mom-cooked meal at a time. 

To take an active role in alleviating malnutrition, EVERYONE IS INVITED TO JOIN Knorr and its partners for the first Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program Food Fair:

Knorr Lutong Nanay Food Fair
Saturday, 24 October 2015 at 4:30 PM
Mercato Centrale, 7th Ave cor. 25th St.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Proceeds will go to the Knorr Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program and its partners, World Food Program and Kabisig.

To know more about this cause and join us in helping alleviate malnutrition in the Philippines, visit www.knorr.com.ph and follow Knorr Philippines on social media:

Addicted to #OWTOL & #JaDine + Love Teams

Thursday, October 15, 2015

For the first time in my teleserye watching life, I am rooting for a love TEAM.  Yes, a team - a partnership and that's #JamesReid and #NadineLustre aka #JaDine.

I confess that I really love JLC and Jericho Rosales, I don't usually root for a female lead well, except for Judy Ann Santos.  But that's it.  I don't want like their respective love teams.  I like admire them as individuals.  But with James Reid and Nadine Lustre - I have this feeling of protectiveness that I don't want them to be paired with other actors.  Have I officially joined the bandwagon of Love Teams?  Hahaha!  I think I have!

So what made me fall in like love with #JaDine ?

I have never seen any of their previous work.  I've only seen them in #OTWOL and I was amazed with their rapport, their banter, their ease with each other.  How it's natural for them to show just the right amount of intimacy without it being too sexual or forced.  Natural intimacy between love teams is not easy to *fake*, it will show immediately if one is uneasy.  It will come out awkward and strange.  But with #JaDine - it's as if they've done it a million times already.  It doesn't come out fake at all.  (Or ako lang ba ito since biased ako with them?)  They have something natural between them, be it friendship or professionalism - it works and it has been working wonders for them.  At the end of each episode you will secretly wish that they end up together.  I think that's the main goal of the casting people, they want to make the audience to want to believe that these two actors can be together in REAL life.  I don't think I'm their target market, because at my age - I honestly couldn't care less.  But #JaDine has somehow piqued my curiosity and has effectively drawn me in.  I admit that I youtube their interviews and I must say - they give smart answers, may substance.

I think having seen this teleserye first before their past works made me relate to them more.  Leah and Clark's character are not those you find in fantasies.  You can see them everyday and relate to their back stories.  It's not the rich vs poor scenario, no one is the underdog, no one is being treated unfairly or inhumanely or is beaten up.  They're on equal footing actually.  I don't think I can remember a series I've seen that didn't have the inaapi plot or a twist of changed babies.  The characters of Leah and Clark is so simple that it has been stripped off all the unnecessary characteristics and drama and instead they're just ACTUAL real people, given realistic challenges to overcome in time.  The characters are relatable and I'm sure in every Filipino family, they have their own Leahs and Clarks (not necessarily falling for one another) but the essence of it is that the audience can relate and see similarities with their own lives.  Their struggles are true to life.  Their love story is quite common but what makes it stand out is that it's being shown on TV, right before our eyes - literally shown to us, given to us (to watch) to dissect and appreciate - as I said, relatable.  I used to complain that teleserye stories are not true to life, they're very exaggerated but with #OTWOL - most everything is real and relatable.

The writing I think makes a big difference, because it's the story that molded these two characters to become relatable.  The writers infused likeable characteristic in them that draws people in to their roles more.  I really like how the secondary characters are not eye candy BUT can deliver the perfect amount of support to pop the lead characters more.  The support characters act very well and so very naturally too.  Their support is not forced nor does it look forced - as I said - very natural, very much like our real friends and people in our lives.  I think what's great with the whole cast is that they're not trying to step on one another to uplift their own characters.  The supporting roles blend very well with the lead characters and it seems that they work together as a team in attacking scenes so that everyone is involved and is part of a particular scene.  I like that even the minor roles, like the kapitana or Tolayt's mom - they all seem so natural!  I think that's why I keep wanting to watch.  I'm officially ADDICTED.  Ask my Panget even Kailee knows what her mama's favorite show is now.  Hahha!!

I can't fully put into words - basta I'm a fan.  A huge fan at that now.

The team up, it made me look back on the local love teams that were launched years ago.  Did they work?  Some of them did, some succeeded and some ended dramatically.  Do you remember any of these?

Peachy & Wacks (Angelu de Leon & Bobby Andrews)
Can you guess where these two are from?  Hahaha!  Yes, the GMA7 hit teen show TGIS.  These two weren't invloved but they somehow made me wish they were.  I watched all their films together, event visited the set to interview them and director Mark Reyes.  But their love team was short lived because Peachy got pregnant in real life.  GMA7 tried to salvage their love team but wasn't able to.  I remember there was even a movie they made together while Angelu was pregnant.  But in fairness, I loved them while it lasted, well actually - I loved them before Angelu got pregnant.  I guess at that time, it was hard for me to see the truth that it was all for show.

Rico Yan & Claudine Barretto
These two were real and reel life couples.  Rico Yan was the boy next door, wholesome BF that you can't wait to introduce to your friends and family.  I honestly liked them only in Got to Believe.  That movie was so memorable and funny - and it was their last.  And I know for a fact that while they were promoting the movie - they were already broken up.  So during their interviews and press cons - they were just *acting* for everyone.  Most everyone was privy that Claudine was already involved with Raymart Santiago then.  Then Rico Yan died.  And Claudine was the person everyone blamed.  I blamed her too.  And I disliked her more, until now.  Affected ano?  Hahaha!!

Jericho Rosales & Kristine Hermosa
I loooooved Pangako Sayo!  Kristine Hermosa was so perfect there, she was the mestiza helper that fell in love with the arrogant Angelo.  In real life I don't think you'll ever find a helper that pretty and if you do - delikado.  Hahaha!  But this teleserye is a classic example of exaggeration.  I watched this every night - until I went to Beijing to study.  I wasn't able to finish it though and up to now, I still don't know how the teleserye ended.  I was sad because at the end of this show - Kristine and Jericho were on the rocks.  When they broke up, I never saw them in the same way again.  They had another series together but it didn't appeal to me anymore.  Hahaha!!  I loved Jericho but hated his series with real life GF Heart Evangelista.

John Lloyd & Kaye Abad
Rovic and Eds.  The iconic teen oriented show that launched JLC's career (I would argue that it was Palibhasa Lalake that made me notice him).  Were they together?  Honestly, I've forgotten - but this show I followed too, every Sunday.  Their love team was believable (then) and it aired for a long time.  Hahaha!!

John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo
I didn't like Bea but their love team really works.  I've seen them on TV and in movies, they have this magic in them that I can't explain.  They're only REEL lovers and it works.  They're not personally involved but it somehow worked.

Judy Ann Santos & Ryan Agoncillo
I knew for a fact that Ryan Agoncillo was dating someone long term when he started this series.  I knew this because she was a friend.  When talk of their supposed closeness came out - I dismissed it because I knew the real score.  I was even telling people that it wasn't true!  But I was wrong, because while the show was airing, Ryan broke up with my friend.  I felt for my friend but what can we do diba?  These two ended up together eventually.  Despite what happened to my friend, I still liked Judy Ann Santos because she's simply a very good actress!

Judy Ann Santos & Derek Ramsay
Their show Ysabella is the first show that I realized that real love doesn't need to be in the formula for REEL love team to work.  I've always had this idea in my head that love teams SHOULD be attracted to one another or at least have the possibility of being together.  This team up made me realize that REEL love can also work!  They have their respective personal love lives going on for them but I was rooting for them the whole time (on TV).  I loved seeing them together on TV.  I never thought this team up will work - but it did.

(Halata bang Kapamilya?)  Hahaha!!

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STRIP Ministry of Waxing

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I've never tried waxing.  EVER.

The though of it and the pain leaves so much for my imagination to play around with.  I am direly scared of pain.  A little headache - I take Biogesic.  If I have body pains - I take Myonal or Arcoxia.  Yes, I am deathly afrain of pain.  So imagine my fear when I gave birth?  I was so glad that I was knocked out had a pain free experience.

So, yesterday - I was very lucky to be invited to #MarjRoBrowBash!  One of the pamperings was a treatment with Browhouse & Strip.  Just two weeks ago, I went to Browhouse to have my eyebrows groomed.  And I LOVED it!  So this time - since my eyerbows have been groomed - I had to do the waxing thing.   I honestly wasn't very convinced, but I thought to myself, what the heck - GAME na kung game!  So I took the plunge.  Waxing it is!

I like that their reception area looks very welcoming and clean!
On the left side is Browhouse and on the right side is Strip.

Ever since college, I have only been bleaching the hairs on my upper lip, my arms and legs.  Before when I was still unmarried - I would do it regularly.  These regular bleaching stopped when I had kids.  Well, I would do it when I remembered.  And as you can guess, I forgot - OFTEN.  Haha!!

I have to be honest, I have always been tempted to try waxing BUT I was just too scared.  So the idea was always dismissed.  But yesterday afternoon.  I don't know - I suddenly became brave.  Well - primarily because a mommy blogger friend - Michelle (mymomfriday.com), decided to try waxing as well.  She verbalized my fears and when she decided to give it a go.  Lumakas ang loob ko.  So, THANK YOU Michelle!  Hahaha..

When we entered the room I was nervous.  I told Dolly (my wax technician) that I was scared of pain.  She told me that she will be very gentle.  Kailee was in the room with me and I need to look brave!  Hahaha..

First up was the upper lip.  Dolly put some warm wax on my upper lip.  I was glad that it didn't smell bad, it smelled pleasant actually.  Haha!  Then as the wax hardened slightly, she gently tried to remove it on one end - and in one swift action - BOOM!  I was very surprised honestly - because it was NOT painful!  It stung, but not painful.  She repeated the procedure about 4 more times.  It was such a pleasant experience to be honest!  I was IMPRESSED!  I liked too that Dolly was wearing gloves - and that everything was clean and hygenic.  I know this should be the norm, but I don't think everyone follows it.  So kudos to the management!

Next up, was the lower leg.  I will apologize in advance because here is the video of my first ever lower leg waxing.  It might be too graphic.  Hahaha!!

I swear to you, it wasn't painful.  You'll feel stinging pain as the cloth is pulled, but that's it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I expected the pain to resonate to my whole leg - but it never did and I LOVED it!  There was no redness and it didn't feel sore the whole afternoon too!  Yey!  I think what made all the difference was the wax that was used and the gentleness of Dolly's hands.  She was very reassuring, gently and calming.  She was talking to me the whole time, I think to distract me from the pain.

When I came out of the room, Tad Abad and Monique Jamlang welcomed me back.  I told them that I wasn't traumatized and I actually liked my waxing session.  I was impressed with the gentleness of Dolly.  Monique said that all the technicians have to go through her - if they passed her standards - that means, magaan talaga ang kamay.  It's so nice that she thinks that way - because with that thought, it just shows how much she values customer service how sure she is that their staff will pass the standards of other people.

Thank you Tad, Monque, Marj and Ro for making me experience this!  I will be sure to be back!!

I'm not afraid of waxing anymore!  Woohooo!!

I will encourage you to try out their services.  I swear, I see waxing in a whole new light now.  Thank you for making my experience very pleasant and enjoyable!  It really made all the difference.  Now, if you plan to try out their services - please do look for Dolly.  She did my upper lip and half leg.  Thank you Dolly!!

STRIP Ministry of Wax
5th Level Mega Fashion Hall
(Beside the ice skating rink)

The MAGIC of #JaDine and #OnTheWingsOfLove

Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes, it's Monday again.



Because there will be a new episode of #OTWOL !  Woohooo!!

(Read my previous post on On The Wings of Love: James Reid & Nadine Lustre )

I haven't been like this in a long looong time.  Giddy.  And I swear, what I'm feeling now - I forgot what it felt like looking forward to another episode to catch.  I'm nervous and excited and left wondering what could be in store for me!  I am THAT excited.  Hahaha!  Iba na ito!  I am glad that in this digital age, one can watch old missed episodes online.  I was very lucky to have been a given a link to past episodes.

Last Friday, I was able to catch up to last Thursday's episode.   I think I slept at around 1-2am and I had to wake up early that morning to go to Alabang.  I woke up late, and guess what my mind was filled with?  Scenes for #OTWOL!  Ano ba yan Didi!

I swear to you, #JaDine was on my mind.  I caught myself smiling silly when I remember scenes.  I have no idea of this effect.  NO IDEA.  This is all new to me.

I usually don't gush on love teams.  I gush on TV crushies like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, but this time - I will gush on #JaDine.

Let me tell you my journey into getting to know #JaDine.

#NadineLustre - I've heard of.  I think I've seen her Jollibee ads and I've noticed how similar she looks with Kathryn Bernardo.  I just dismissed her honestly - I thought that I was too old to be into those love teams.  I thought to myself - I'm passed the stage of admiring and rooting for love teams.  (To give you a clue on my age - I followed Jericho Rosales+Kristine Hermosa, Judy Ann Santos + Derek Ramsey, Judy Ann Santos + Ryan Agoncillo, JLC + Bea Alonzo. I would secretly want them end up together in real life.  Hahaha!!)  I then saw her in my friend's IG (my friend is an editor of a travel magazine) I honestly wondered why she was gushing about Nadine.

#JamesReid - I used to be a fan of PBB, until I realized how manipulated it was.  I honestly had no idea who James Reid was until recently.  I think he was involved in a controversy of something which left something negative to my mind.  I was completely clueless on him.  My mom said he was the big winner in some PBB season 5 years ago.  The thought I had in my head was *Nako, Gerald Anderson Part 2 - oh no!*  I was wrong, really really wrong for assuming that he was in the same league.  Walang sinabi ni #GeraldAnderson sa acting skills ni James.  Hahahaha!!!

#JaDine - I've just been seeing status messages of friends in FB and on Twitter with this hashtag.  Again, I dismissed it.  #OTWOL started August - it's already October.  It took me almost 2 months to notice it again.

To be honest - I was so curious because I was told that there was quite a number of kissing scenes.  It made me think twice thrice - it left my mind with this curious thought *There's a teleserye that has kissing scenes?!  Really?  Really??  I mean, REALLY?

So I googled.

And there was no turning back.

My friend Alch sent me a youtube link of the movie Ang Diary ng Panget and then the link of the episode of #OTWOL.

Iba na ang life ngayon.

After 2 days of binge watching - I must confess - I still have them in my thoughts.  But you know what?  I think I'm more happy?  Hahaha!!  Parang loka loka!  Crazy as it sounds - I smile a lot more, because when I think of them - I can't help but feel kilig!  I feel like I'm in High School again seeing them together in scenes.  To be honest, it made me believe that there is still some kilig in me.  Kinikilig pa pala ako.

I have to be honest, the story line isn't original - it's been done quite a few times.  The most recent that I can remember is The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  It's a different setting and situation - but the theme is the same - marry a US citizen to escape deportation.  The only difference is the attack and the actors.

I read an article that part of the reason why #JaDine is clicking is that they're something fresh.  They've had a number of movies under their belt but they don't have a series to test the love team.  I've always had this admiration on casting directors because they can see what we normal people can't in an instant.  And I believe with #JaDine - they've hit the jackpot!  (Kudos to whoever thought of this love team.  I will pray for you!)  #OTWOL is their major test on TV, this teleserye will be able to gauge to see if the love team is just for movies to pwedeng pang TV.  And I think we all know the answer.

So what is the MAGIC of #JaDine and #OTWOL?  I feel that it's the lightness of the theme and the undeniable chemistry of the #JamesReid and #NadineLustre.  We all know that it's a love story - but the journey, story telling, casting and acting makes ALL the difference.  I think one of the reasons I'm drawn to the show is because #NadineLustre is not your typical Pinay actress who shuns kissing scenes.  Sa dami ng kissing scenes nila sa show just last week - I want to shake her hand and hug her and tell her that I admire what she's doing.  She's doing what every Pinay actress is avoiding - kissing scenes!!  I admire her courage to take that acting to a new level.  I must also say that to her family - thank you for allowing her to do kissing scenes - binigyan niyo ng katotohanan kung pano maging in love sa totoong buhay.  The #JaDine kissing scenes are made with taste, it doesn't leave anything sour in the mouth (no pun intended).  Kudos to you guys.  Alam naman nating naka-base yan sa manager at pamilya ng actress - if she will be allowed to do kissing scenes or not.  Hello??!!  Artista nga eh, ACTING.  So thank you to #NadineLustre 's manager and family.  GOOD DECISION.  Hahaha!!

I somehow can't explain why - but the series, it makes me feel forgotten emotions of how it was once to be once in love.  The joy and happiness, the sadness, the feeling of heartbreak - how it makes you feel the pain of it breaking.  The image above, it made me cry.  It was so painful, in my head I was thinking *Ang sakit sakit!*  It is truly MAGIC how a teleserye can pull out those emotions out of you.  As they say in Tagalog #Hugot.

It's really such a wonder how this show has drawn me in.  Like what Leah said - it's like a Rosary - full of mysteries.  Hahaha!!  I never thought it could happen.  Never.

I believe that in life - TIMING is everything.  And now it's #JaDine 's time to shine.

#Push natin yan.

Achieve?  #Achieve!


Alch - I will credit you for this *love* of #JaDine.  Thank you for introducing me to their love team.  Love kita forever and always.  Hahaha!! :)

I'm sure you've seen this video na, but heck - I'll put it here so you can see what I mean.  Alch mad me watch it last Saturday in her home.

The tandem knows when and HOW to draw in people to their love team.

Okay, I confess - I've been youtube-ing them.  And I found this video of them on GGV.

I LOVE Your Song because of Moulin Rouge AND I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt, I fell in love with the later because of Constantine Maroulis sang it on AI.  I can't believe #JamesReid knew those 2 songs.  Meant to be!  Hahaha... :)