Yaya Diaries: Diva Drama

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Aaaaand the saga continues....

I have said it before, but I will say it again.

Can't live with them, can't live without them.

I have long wanted to replace this sort of all around helper of mine.  I say sort of because technically, she just cleans and cooks.  When you say all around, it means - she does everything from cleaning to cooking, to laundry.  But the laundry part, I know for a fact will take a LOT of their time, so I take it out of their responsibilities.  With just cleaning and cooking - they have more than enough time to rest and do the necessary things.

I am not strict when it comes to household chores.  I just have a few NON-NEGOTIABLES such as cleaning all the used bathrooms everyday, as well as the dining area, kitchens, and bedroom.  All the rest the helpers can clean anytime *once* within the week.  I created a schedule for them, but I find that they don't follow it at all.  So I trust them enough to just do the important rooms mentioned above).  The kids' room and bathroom are assigned to the yayas.

This helper of mine has been with me for a collective 14 months already.  Her first stint with me was for 6 months, then she left to go home and never came back.  Last November, she has been pestering Yaya Belen wanting to come back - so I let her come back December, because December is usually a busy month.

Performance wise - she failed during her first stint.  For the whole 6 months she was lazy.  I think it was more she didn't want to work and slacked off.  The house was dusty and she had a hard time catching up with the chores.  She had this attitude that when she didn't want to work - she'd just sleep it off.  One time, she was so frantic because the house wasn't clean - it made her realize that the more she put off work, the more there is needed to be done.  To be honest, it was basic logic - but then, I can't help but think - well, she's doesn't have much shine in the logic department.  When we left for Subic for the Holy Week last year, I took it upon myself to allow her to go home - I thought I was doing myself a favor.  I thought when she goes home, she can come back refreshed.  Well, she promised me that she would come back.  But she never did.  She even sent me a text message that she would never-EVER work for me again because I keep on checking up on her work.  It was good riddance to be honest because the one who replaced her was very efficient.

Unfortunately, the one who replaced her wanted a job with higher pay.  I am one who doesn't force them to stay.  If they want to leave, they are free to leave - just as long as they find a replacement first, or I find one.  With this efficient helper, she wanted to get the other job that she just recruited her cousin.  Her cousin worked fine - for a few days and then confessed that she wanted to go home too.  So I was left without a helper.  We made it work to be honest.  I did the cooking while the yayas cleaned.  All the laundry was sourced out - my mom's laundry woman, I just paid her extra.

Then by some mysterious force, this helper that vowed never to come work for me again sent feelers to Yaya Belen that she wanted to come back.  Since I needed a helper badly -  I agreed.  There was only one thing I asked her - and that she would need to leave her *lazy bones* out and really work.  And she did.  I was so impressed by her that I instantly gave her a raise after a month.  She has become efficient and fast.  I was so happy of what she has become - I told myself, she has matured already - having experience other work.  She understood what was needed of her.  She also told me that she realized that what I taught her was true.  She didn't want to believe it at first, but now she does and she is thankful for my being strict before.

A few months passed and there - I saw it again.  She was slacking off.  I started noticing dust accumulating.  I sense that she's sluggish.  I see her walking ever so slowly.  I see that she's unhappy.  When one is unhappy - it affects their work.  They don't function as much.  So I sat her down and talked to her, I told her that if she wasn't happy anymore - she can leave anytime - but she just needs to find a replacement.  That's it.  She said she likes working for me, but then sometimes, she feels lazy to do things.  I just told her that she needs to clean the important things, the rest she can do when she pleases.

The next few weeks were practically the same.  No improvements.  So for the past 2 months or so, I have been looking for a replacement already.  Last month, Kailee's previous yaya sent word that she wanted to come back.  It was perfect since I wanted to let this current one go.  But suddenly, the yaya of Kailee wanted to go home to study.  So I was back to keeping the current helper.

Yesterday afternoon, she told me that she would like take her day off on Sunday.  I told her  *Pagiisipan ko*.  I usually plan a weekend activity when helpers go on a day off, so that the other yayas won't need to do extra chores.  I had to make on and I haven't made one yet.  Then, this morning, she comes to me and tells me that her mother would like to speak to me, I asked her why - because she wanted to go home.  In her own words *Namimiss na kasi nila ako, at namimiss ko narin sila*.  I found it silly really.  I then told her that she knew the drill - find a replacement before she can leave.  She then told me *Maghanap rin po kayo*  When I heard that - I blew my top.

I then told her, that I have wanted to so long to replace her.  She has been neglectful of her chores and she's even the reason why my dog Jacob died.  It was under her watch, but I never actually blamed her even if it was her fault.  I then told her that the original plan was to let her go when Yaya Ga arrived, but it all changed - and I am still actively looking for one because I really wanted to let her go.  I think she was surprised that I wanted to let her go.  She then said *Kasi, hindi niyo po ako pinayagan mag day off sa linggo*.  I got more pissed - I NEVER said No.  I asked her what my reply was, she siad *Pagiisipan ko*.  I asked her - does that reply mean NO?  She said she assumed.

I was so mad!  But then when I calmed down, I realized - why not just let her go?  I discussed the situation with Yaya Belen and told her that we need to sacrifice because the all around is being a diva.  She said that it was better that she left, because it would lessen the *simangot* and *dabog* that this current helper does when I notice her neglected chores.  Diva, diba?

So I'm letting her go.  And with that means, I will need to deduct the cellphone that she asked us to buy for her.  My Panget said that if she stayed on for a year - he will give it to her for FREE.  She is just 3 months shy of the 1 year stay.

She then begged off.  I told her, I needed to deduct it.  I have to because she's leaving.  She then gave me the pity look.  I said to her, if I don't deduct it I will need to get the cellphone back.  She frowned.  I told her  - the cellphone is not a gift, it was her request that we buy it for her and have the amount deducted to her salary.  Now that I'm doing it - she's begging me not to do it?

Does she belong to a parallel universe??

Now, my household is crippled.  I know we'll get through this.  We always have.  I need to do the cooking now.  Well, it's a good excuse to put to the test what I learned from marathon watching Master Chef.  Hahaha!!

Wish us luck.

Wish me LUCK.

P.S.  I just remembered the Kasambahay Law.  If she informs me that she will leave without a valid reason - I can withhold her salary of the last 15 days.  But I won't do that.  Lucky her.


  1. I-deduct mo nga sa salary nya.. Most of the times, nowadays, helpers (not all) are really a headache. Sila pa itong tinutulungan and inaalagan like part of the family, inaabuso naman ang kabaitan ng mga amo. Nagiging high tech na rin ang mga pag uugali. I don't generalize all kasambahays because meron din naman talagang pinagkakatiwalaan… hay naku!!!

  2. Didi since you mentioned about hiring, I want to know how's your hiring process? We need another helper since I'm due next year.. nung isang may nag apply na but husband and I discussed about it and we're both not sure..kulang yata kame sa paghahanda... so how do you do it? You ask muna for their files? clearance etc? may contract? and when do you usually tell them to start?

  3. Good help is soooo rare to come by these days! Just recently, our yaya decided to just get up and leave the very next day after vocalizing it. I asked her to wait until I've found a replacement. A week or two, at the very least. But no, she made up a long list of excuses that she has to go. She refused to do anything, as if she wasn't lazy enough already to begin with! Hay, good riddance! Life sure is tougher without them, but we'll manage! :D

  4. I'm having trouble finding a good yaya these days. I got one yaya 15 days ago and then, she got sick. She insists on getting treated in her province and the next thing I know, she packed her bag already. Kakasabi niya lang sakin nung morning. Grabe. Life is tougher without them, but yes, we will all get through it :)