My weekend that was Part 2: Ceejay Apple Service

Monday, September 28, 2015

Two weekends ago - I wrote that the screen of my iPhone was shattered.  Honestly, it was a stressful thing simply because it was an added expense.  In my mind, I was thinking - I needed to spend for a replacement!  On one side, I wanted a new phone - but I wasn't ready to shell out a big amount for a new one.  Yes, I'm kuripot that way - as long as my phone is still functioning, I can make do with it.  But in all seriousness, I think my phone needs to be replaced.  It has been dropped, thrown, bitten by the kids - it seriously needs to rest.  But I am too cheap to buy a new one.  I have been waiting for a year already for my Panget's 5s hand me down, but it hasn't happened yet.  I actually now doubting if it will really happen.  Hahaha!!

So two Sundays ago, I went ahead to Greenhills with two things in mind
1.  Replace the glass screen
2.  Consider getting a new phone

You see, in considering a new phone - there is ONLY one brand that I will go for.  And that is Apple.  But I didn't want a 16gb iPhone 6, the memory is too small!  My current one is just 16gb and I need to delete pictures whenever I go out and travel!  Argh.. So the higher the memory, the higher the price!  Argh.  I was given another option - installment via CC.  BUT then again, I was thinking - do I really need it?  As in really really really need it?  The kuripot voice inside me said - just wait for Panget's 5s.  PATIENCE.  It is indeed a virtue.

So I just decided to have the screen or LCD replaced.

The Saturday before, while having dinner at Gino's.  Tin, mentioned to me the place where she had her glass screen replaced.  She was saying that there are other stores that are cheap BUT when you leave your phone with them, they'll replace your LCD with a replacement screen and get your original (so they can sell it off at a higher price).  This made me realize that I needed to wait and watch my phone like a hawk!

The following day, I was so indecisive.  My Panget was asking me that I wanted to do and it took me an hour or so to finally decide to head on to Greenhills.  When we got to Greenhills - it was only then that I called Tin's recommendation - CeeJay Apple Services.  I spoke to Ceejay himself and what he asked me was *Ma'am gumagana pa po ba yung touch screen kahit basag?*  I said yes, and with a jolly tone, he told me *Glass replacement lang po iyan, mga P1,200.00*.  When I heard the P1,200.00 - BINGO!  I didn't think anymore - I just told my Panget that I will be having the glass screen replaced.  So, I went straight to their store at the 2nd Floor of Theatre Mall.  I didn't canvass anymore, I wanted my screen replaced - FAST.

I went to the store, spoke to Ceejay and he told me that his assistant Josh will be the one helping me out.  I swear - I watched my phone like a hawk.  I was too paranoid.  When I got there - I was the 3rd customer with a shattered glass screen and that was just at 11am.  After a few minutes of me handing my phone to Josh - 3 more customers came up and handed their phones too.  That was a total of 7 broken glass screens in a span of 2.5hours.  Good business right?

So I waited.  I waited for a total of 3 hours.  Why was that?  Well, those ahead of me - well, their screens were not very easy to replace.  Hahaha!  When it was my phone's turn - it was done in less than an hour.

I was impressed with the kinds of equipment that Ceejay has.  He has this vacuum LCD machine, and another that was a heated plate to separate the LCD from the glass screen.  It was impressive really.  I was talking to this guy Christian (he was the designated FB manager) and he was saying that these machines help them do their work more efficiently.  It cuts their work time in a half plus there are not much *errors*.  I never thought that these machines would be of help - I guess, technology has caught up right?  Good for them!

So after 3 hours - my phone looked spankingly NEW!

Thank you to Josh and Ceejay of Ceejay Apple Service!

I personally recommend you try their services for ANY smartphone related issue.  They're very nice and friendly plus they don't charge you an arm and a leg.  I watched them like a hawk and I assure you they didn't change my LCD with slight of hand.  Hahaha!!  Serious yan.  Message them on FB and you'll get a reply.  They can even go to you to service your unit.

Thank you Tin for recommending them!

Ceejay Apple Service
2/Floor Greenhills Theatre Mall


  1. My 4s' glass was also replaced earlier this year. I brought it to Greenhills but I was quoted 1,800! So I had my phone tech friend do the repair and he asked Php 1,400 for it. Not bad I think. Still, you got yours at a lower price =)

  2. Whoa!!!! First of all, bilib ako sa self control mo in not buying a new phone! I would have grabbed the opportunity to have an excuse to buy a new one hehehe.

    Second of all, thank you for sharing! I already saved their contact number just in case (but hoping I won't have the need to hehe) Sounds like they're really a repair shop you can trust :)

  3. Glad to see your phone screen repaired. I should take note of this shop in case masira rin phone ko. hehe.

  4. Not gonna go back to this place. Ang hirap kausapin nung may nunal malapit sa ilong. They replaced my screen with a new one. Problem is, there's a bubble on the upper left corner, I told this guy that I want another replacement, but he said the bubbles will go away in 2 weeks. After two weeks, I went back to him AND AGAIN, he told me to wait in 2 weeks.

    Engot, kahit isang taon pa maghintay hindi mawawala yung bubbles mag-isa.

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  6. Very happy with my smartphone battery replacement at Ceejay Apple Service. I've had my phone for 2 months now and everything is still working beautifully.