My weekend that was Part 1: KidZania, Gino's Brick Oven Pizza & La Lola

Monday, September 21, 2015

Last week, was a bit hectic.  Kailee celebrated her first ever Grandparent's Day, my day job was a bit consuming but rewarding - to sum up the week that was, it was tiring.  A good kind of tired and hectic, you know what I mean.  I didn't expect that my weekend would be *eventful* as well.

So last Saturday - after my Panget's annual mooncake dice game, Kailee and I headed straight to KidZania for our second time.  I am very thankful to Cai of Apples and Dumplings for thinking of dear Kailee to bring to the McDonald's event.  Thank you Cai, very very much!  We were late because our dice game ended late - plus, I was stuck along EDSA not because of traffic, but because Waze failed me.  But it was all good.  Two weeks ago, the PNP's Highway Patrol Group handled the traffic along EDSA and made a few very good and beneficial changes.  It just so happened that the shortcut that I was used to (and Waze was used to) was closed - well, the barriers were stretched a bit father - it helped ease the traffic, but for a Waze follower like me, well - we were stuck in the bus lane - and you know how they are right?  But it was all good, now I know where NOT to pass.

During our first time in KidZania, Kailee already wanted to be a model in Penshoppe but we were in line at the Fire Station - so we missed this activity.  So this time, I made it a point to let her do that activity.  While waiting for Kailee at the Penshoppe store in KidZania, I dropped my phone face down.  This wasn't the first time it happened.  I've dropped it a couple of times already so, I told myself *Matibay ang 4s, gasgas lang yan*  Then I picked up my phone and turned it over.

I couldn't believe what I saw

I was staring at it for a while, I couldn't believe that the glass screen cracked.  It eff-ing cracked!  The first thing I did was to check if the touch screen function was still working - so I swiped it and tested it.  Thank goodness, it was still working.  I was still able to send text messages, dial numbers and open apps.  My Panget's friend Marshall was within reach and when he saw my phone, he immediately asked me if I had a screen protector - I said no,  to which he suggested that I *tape* it up.  I had a game plan, go ask for help from a KidZania staff.  But I couldn't leave Kailee alone, she was still queueing up, so I waited until she entered the Penshoppe store, told her to wait for me to come back.  I hurriedly ran to the KidZania Immigration Center, there I was welcomed with smiles.  The staff was very smiley and asked what they could do for me.  I simply showed them my phone and I got disappointed sad faces - they were very sympathetic.  So I told them I dropped my phone face down and that I needed packaging tape to hold the screen together.  They scrummaged through their drawers and came up with scotch tape - the 3/4inch ones.  At first, I thought - why not!  Then suddenly, I remembered that LBC had a shop inside, I then told the female staff that was assisting me if she can ask LBC for some packing tape.  Within seconds, she jumped out of her seat and ran out to LBC - she was very fast because in a few seconds time - she was holding out a packaging tape for me to use.  I was so relieved to be honest - because the KidZania staff was efficient, helpful and sympathetic.  Kudos to all of you guys in the Immigration center of KidZania, may God bless all of you and your loved ones for the help and reassurance that you gave me.  In less than a minute, I was out of the Immigration department and headed to where Cai, Tin, Jackie and Kaye were - at the Metro Publishing shop.  I showed them my phone - they all felt my pain.  Apparently Cai, Tin and Kaye suffered similar fates with their apples products.  They made me feel better because they assured me that it can still be fixed.  The question was - where to have it fixed and how much I needed to shell out.  These friends of mine were very reassuring, I really love and appreciate them for that.  Hahaha!

I wasn't able to take picture of the kids anymore.  But what Kailee did were the following:
a)  Penshoppe Modeling - this activity took the longest!  30 minutes.  That meant we also had to queue for 30 minutes!  But I guess, it was all worth it since Kailee enjoyed every bit of it.

b)  KidZania Department Store - I honestly did not know what she did there.  But Kailee was mighty happy because she was with Yukie, Berry and Jasmine (aka Gabbie).  They enjoyed it so much and Kailee was overly happy when she handed me her KidZos.

c)  Hospital Nursery - Yes, we did this again because the girls wanted to take care of babies!  Even if Kailee did that before, she still wanted to do it again.

One of the things that Kailee wanted to do again was to become a fire fighter.  I was told by Cai that not every batch will be putting out the fire.  I asked the fire marshals and they said that in order to speed up the activity, they've decided to do other *Fire man related activities* such as doing checks on establishments and other fire station responses.

After our KidZania activity - we headed over to Gino's Brick Oven in Serendra, YES - they just opened a few days ago.  I think it's a consensus that we really love Gino's.  I was telling Tin, that even if we had dinner at Gino's just last weekend - I was still game to have dinner there again!  We were four moms having dinner with our daughters.  It was a really nice and filling dinner - the moms were really hungry - it was fun sharing a meal with Tin, Jackie and Cai.  I'm sooo happy that they're an eating bunch!  Hahaha!! :)

Forgive the mess on our table - we were so hungry!  Hahaha..  
And yes, our lives won't be complete without Huggies Wipes!  

Two weekends ago, I learned from friends that La Lola was opening in Serendra, the great thing was that - it was just nearby Gino's.  I asked Tin, if it was open - she guessed that it wasn't - but lo and behold, as we turned to the driveway of Serendra - I saw the signage all lit up!  Yes, my dearies - La Lola is open for business!  Wonderful - I've been intrigued on the *hottest* churro sensation.  We walked there for some take home.  One thing though, it was a bit smokey - but it wasn't overpowering.  I had to ask Cai buy some for me as Kailee needed to use the bathroom.  When I got back, the kids were immediately given La Lola balloons!  Hihi and in a few minutes - our orders were given out.  One thing I noticed is that the churros were still very hot - freshly fried at that - and the aroma, well - it was a really nice smell.  Cai said to leave the paper bag open while it was still hot.  When I got home - I tried it and it was very good.  I was half expecting the taste of bad overused cooking oil but it didn't.  I hope they continue on that quality of frying because it really made a difference.  I gave my Panget some - and he finished all of them, he was hungry daw - I think I only ate 1-1/2 pieces.  Hahaha!  I didn't get to take a picture anymore but - here is a very amateur attempt at taking a photo of the kids with balloons against the La Lola sign.

This post might be too long, so I'm breaking it in two.

Stay tuned for the second part of my weekend..


  1. Awwww. That's why the boyfie got me a good case for my phone. Madulas kasi kamay ko. hahahahaha!
    Did you get a new phone or did you have it repaired?

    1. I just had the glass screen replaced in GH. Walang budget for a new phone. I wish to heavens may mag regalo. Hahaha!