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Monday, September 14, 2015

Last week, I got Kailee's entrance test results from ICA.  She got in!  Yehey!  I knew she would be accepted BUT I still felt nervous.  I never expected to feel that way.  Hahaha!  First time parent, I guess.  I give credit to her teachers in EduPlay School Manila.  Since Kailee started in June, she has learned so much already and she had matured and developed in so many ways.  Everyday, I am in awe of what new thing she has learned.  I feel pride and joy whenever she tells me what new thing she learned that day.  You can see it in her eyes how much she enjoys going to school everyday.  Take note, she wakes up by herself!  We've only have two incidents of her refusing to wake up to go to school and that was just in the first month!  She really enjoys her school, I mean really enjoys school.

I've written about out trial class in EduPlay last year.  Being there, seeing the teachers in action solidified my choice to enrolling Kailee there.  Call me biased, but I liked what I saw and I liked the atmosphere and the feel of the school.  I have set a certain standard for choosing a preschool.  I've written about it as well here in this blog.  The only thing that I wasn't able to follow was the location.  You see,  I realized - I didn't mind the distance that much - as long as it's within acceptable range or the traffic isn't that heavy.  For EduPlay - on a good day, it's just 20 minutes away, but on a really bad day - it can take as much as 45 minutes.  But traffic has become bearable when I have Kailee with me.  We talk - and I feel that this becomes one of our bonding moments.

I'm happy that I made the right choice.

Kailee has never been in school.  This school year was her first ever time to go to a *formal* school.  And I think I put her in the right age.  She wakes up by herself, only twice did she have a hard time waking up.  Everyday she's vey cheery and smiley.  She's always excited to actually to go to school.  She even tells her Dada when they're running late.  I am amazed on how she can wake herself up and be cheery at that!  I remember when I was little, it was the hardest part ever, I think I wished there were no classes most days of the week.  But I'm glad that she's adjusting very well.

In the span of three (3) months - I am very impressed that Kailee has learned to write her name, both in the lower and upper cases.  She tries to read three to four letter words.  She can count up to thrity and can spell number up to nine!  She knows Chinese words, colors and some science facts!  I can't tell you how proud she is of herself when she tells me what new things she has learned in school everyday.  She has become more friendly and chatty.  Her development is really impressive.  I don't think she will progress with just me teaching her.  Well, before June, I tried teaching her to write her name, but all my efforts were futile.  She refuses and I gave up.  I think she doesn't see me as a *teacher* figure and it helps that she has a REAL teacher figure in school.

So, whatever it is that EduPlay is doing - well, they're doing an excellent job!

I know I will be bold when I say this - but I remember worrying about the health of my kids (when they enter preschool).  I remember hearing from friends that their kids are constantly sick - every 2 weeks at the very least because of *hawaan*.  I was prepared actually, so I made sure that Kailee was loaded with vitamins.  She has allergic rhinitis and asthma so we have pre-warned the teachers and classmates.  But you know what, my co-parents in her class are really nice, they let their kids stay home when they're sick.  I like that they do that - I remember hearing a friend who said that there are some parents who still bring their kids to school even if they're sick because *sayang tuition*.  And I'm glad that my co-parents in EduPlay are not like that.  So far, so good, diba?

I'm really happy with EduPlay.  I really am.  I will be enrolling Connor next school year.  So wish us luck!  I know that boys and girls are different, so I'm crossing my fingers with Connor!  Hahaha..

Thank you Teacher Jo and Teacher Sheena for guiding Kailee!  I appreciate you both very very much!  Thank you!

And also to Teacher Tricia and the rest of the teachers and staff - from the yayas to the guards.  Everyone has been instrumental to the growth of the school and the students.  Good job guys!

If you live in the area - please do consider EduPlay School Manila.  I promise you, you won't regret it.

Please visit their Facebook Page - EduPlay School Manila to get a feel of the school grounds, activities, students and teachers.

EduPlay School Manila
#2 Ledesma Street,
(Along M.Paterno Street)
San Juan City
Telephone 584-6356


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    1. She's 4years and 6 months.

    2. Thank you very much Mommy Didi for your kind and generous words. We are so happy that Kailee is learning a lot and enjoying school as well. We are humbled and encouraged by your testament to our wonderful partnership in making Kailee's first year in school a success. Congratulations to Kailee for making it to ICA! We wish her all the best and at the same time we look forward to seeing Connor next year! Cheers!

    3. Much love from Teacher Tricia and your Eduplay School Manila family

    4. Super thank you to you and EduPlay!!
      More power and blessing your way teacher T!