The Last Ship

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Oh my gulay, normally I don't want these kinds of shows.  I am not fond of watching military drama because I feel it's too painful to watch.  These soldiers sacrifice a LOT and to be shown in that light?  My heart bleeds for them but I know that they're honored in that way.

But a few years ago, I remember watching The Last Resort and liking it.  I was so sad to see it get cancelled.  I really loved the lead - Scott Speedman or *Ben* as I always call him (because he was from Felicity - JJ Abram's show) - the show had perfect pace and it was really entertaining.  I honestly loved it.  But then it got cancelled.  Boo.  Since my Panget knew I enjoyed Last Resort, he then tells me that there's a new show that I might like and it's called The Last Ship - the theme was similar to Last Resort - but I didn't care, so I saw the Pilot and I was glued.  McSteamy was the lead and he looked very different - he didn't seem like a douche (like how he was in Grey's Anatomy), plus there's the eye candy Rhona Mitra.  The Pilot was gripping and the episodes that followed got me hooked.

A few nights ago, I was tossing in bed, since I wasn't sleepy yet - I decided, why not watch a couple of episodes of the new season?  What I thought was just 1 or 2 episodes turned into 6 episodes straight.  I was that hooked.  Hahaha!  I was nervous, excited, holding my breath - I was really entertained.  I had to stop watching because I had to sleep already.

Honestly - I liked the show because it gives me a glimpse of what happens when these guys *protect* their country.  The US is very heavy on patriotism and this show is just one of those that can and will attract enlistment.  I always assumed that in the military, the only thing the soldier does is defend.  I never knew that soldiers were engineers and experts in certain fields.  Like in the show the crew has these guys who measure the distance between locations, a cook that prepares the food for the whole crew, doctors to take care of the crew in case something happens, weapons expert, mechanics, engineers, sonar experts and whole lot more.  The crew was complete (to take to the needs of the ship and crew) - I never thought of it that way.  Love of country has a whole new meaning when I saw the show.

It is admirable, what these military men would do for their country.  Admirable.  They often leave loved ones.  I am in awe of their strength and love.

I once spoke to a friend who is a military wife.  I admire her so very much for her strength and her love of country too.  It's not easy because she only gets to see her husband a few times. It's a huge sacrifice, but it has to be done - for the country.  Its a job that you willingly give up your life for, it's more than a 9-5 job, it's a commitment to protect the country and the citizens of the country.  It's selfless.

We need more selfless people in this country.

Unfortunately, most selfless people are abroad - away from their families because they seek a better life for their loved ones.  Those were are supposed to be selfless - the government officials - well they're the most SELFISH.  They pocket money for their gown gains, they pad projects for their municipalities because its the only way to make money.

I often wondered why politicians spend so much money on their campaigns, their government salaries are not even worth 10% of their spendings.  Then I realized - it's the corruption, the *paddings*, the under the tables they get when they approve certain contractors and projects.

It's all about the money.

I hope that someday, we'd have a leader who will inspire us and change the whole system.  I was told that the current administration has curbed the corruption - biddings are repeated just to fish out the real contractors from the fake ones.  They have done something to start the end of corruption.  There's still a long long long way ahead, but it's a start.  Let's hope this continues on.


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

    I recently watched a marathon of The Last Ship too, wala na akong mapanood and my husband mentioned that someone in his office commented that this was a good show so pinanood ko and I got hooked. I kept wondering nga who the lead actor was, he looked very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it (syempre, hindi naman ako nag effort maghanap ng name).

    Si McSteamyyyy! Kaya pala type ko sya haha! ;) I've always been more of a McSteamy type of gal compared to McDreamy.

    Totally agree with what you said about military people & the sacrifice that they go through. Feeling ko rin super laki rin ng sacrifice ng families nila. Can't really thank them enough.

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