Stabilo's Left handed Pen for Kids!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am a pen addict.  I scour stationary shops and bookstores of pens that I like(and their refills) when I travel.  I had this notion that my kids are all right handed.  So when I noticed Kailee using her left hand - well, I was disappointed because I have leftie friends who say that it's so hard for them, that the universe is so biased for right handed people.

A friend of mine taught me to look for and buy the triangular pencils and crayons.  That way - the kids will be able to handle pens and crayons comfortably.  So I bought some, and I must say - it's very effective.  Then last summer, I was invited to a Stabilo: Free Your True Colors event.  What I discovered there was so freeing and unbelievable (based on my standards)

It was there that I learned that - there really is a science behind lefties and righties.  I was so happy to see and hear from the videos that there are pens made specially for lefties.  It was like, I was there with Kailee for a reason - it was so meant to be!  And I was overjoyed.  Thrilled!  I was overjoyed seeing the pens made fro lefties!  I think I was so overwhelmed because all these years I thought, I must be crazy for thinking that there was a science behind pens and their innovations through the years - but seeing the video, meeting the great minds behind Stabilo Philippines and Singapore - validated my sort of lifelong quest to find that perfect pen!  I was not crazy - there is really a science behind it!  Hahaha..

 It took me a while to make this post because I wanted to show a video of Kailee writing using the leftie pen.  It was only this school year that she entered a pre-school - and now she's learning to write and here is she, using her leftie Stabilo pen.

I belonged to the generation where when lefties were still young, they were forced to become righties because of convenience.  I honestly thought it was a bit harsh to force the issue, but it happens all the time.  Now, that I know that there are leftie pens in the market - I am confident that this can help Kailee and all those who are lefties to feel important because there are tools built just for them, for their convenience to hone and develop their skills.  It's not all about the righties anymore - the lefties too have their place in the world and the market!  I am so happy, really happy.  OVERJOYED!

This is what the leftie and rightie pens for kids look like.  They're age appropriate too.  I am thrilled that they thought of the age of the kids handling them.  For me, being a pen addict - this is a recent discovery - and all thanks to Mish and for inviting me to the Stabilo event.  You guys don't know how this can be a life changer for me (a pen addict) and for all the lefties in the world!!

These leftie and rightie pens are available in the kids section of Rustan's Makati.  The pens are priced at P200+ but I say, it's all worth it as your kids will be able to use them for a long time.  These pens are mechanical and can be refilled.

I got this info sheet from Stabilo's website:

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  1. What's the difference??? I'll check this out for my brother. :)