EATs Paris: Angelina & the famous Hot Choco

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I used to hate chocolates.  The was a time in the not so distant past that I disliked anything chocolate.  I refused to eat desserts with chocolate drizzles, ice cream and anything with chocolate on it.  I was a choco racist.  I did not understand friends who adored chocolates.  But it all changed when I got pregnant.  I suddenly had this unimaginable craving for chocolates.  Since then, I've a better understanding of why people like love chocolates.

While my Panget and I were planning our Paris trip.  We read blogs (Jin's actually) , travel sites, IG (Marbee!) and reviews.  We always encountered Angelina as a place to visit.  My friend Kath also sent me a list that included Angelina.  So I guess, they all really wanted us to try Angelina.

After our failed Louvre visit (well, it was a Friday and we planned to visit the museum at night (Wednesday and Fridays had night viewing), but at that particular Friday - they closed early for something) so we headed out the *compound*.  As we headed out - I saw the street we were in was Rue de Rivoli.  My Panget said that he wanted to sit and have coffee somewhere.  I took out my list and saw that Angelina belonged to the same street.  With the help of Google Maps - we were then walking to the direction of Angelina.

It was quite a walk to be honest, but the the sights made it less tiring.  It was a few meters away when I spotted a long line.  I pointed to my Panget telling him of my suspicion.  As we walked nearer -well, I was right!  There was a long queue to get in.  They had a small trolley outside but the lady manning it didn't know how to speak English.  I told my Panget to fall in line while I *spy* what can be done.  I don't like to wait very long, so went inside to the counter to ask if I can buy food and drinks for take away.  This lady in the picture smiled and pointed me to the cashier beside her.  So I asked what I can order - she said any of the pastries on display and hot chocolate.  

This is the very nice lady who entertained me.  Can you see the people outside the window?  That was how long the line was already.  There's a small cart somewhere there but no one was noticing it.  Hahaha!!

I then went outside to inform my Panget that we can do take away - and he was okay with it.  So I asked him what he wanted - he said *What else, the hot chocolate*  Oo nga naman, so I ordered 2 hot chocolates to go and a pastry - an eclair to be exact.  I was too curious on the taste of the hot choco that I wasn't able to take a photo of it.  But believe me when I say - it was the BEST hot chocolate that I've ever tasted.  It was the perfect combination of sweet and bitter.  It was really thick and really really hot.  I was trying to save some more so I put it down in the bag while we walked back to our place.  When I got home - I poured the contents out to a mug (so I can heat it), I was expecting to see the chocolate settling down at the bottom of the cup and I was prepared to scoop it all out.  But guess what?!?!?! THERE WAS NONE!  All the chocolate was poured into the mug.  It was amazing.  I was so used to hot chocolates that when you don't finish it immediately - you'll see the settling of the *mixture* at the bottom of the cup.  But for the Angelina hot choco - there was none.  (Yes, I had to repeat the sentence)  I don't know what kind of mixture they did but I was so happy and impressed that I didn't see a mound of chocolate at the bottom of the cup.  WOW.  I apologize for not taking pictures.  Hahaha!!

I think after that day, my Panget and I were instant fans.  It was a pricey cup of hot choco, but then as my Panget would say - When in Rome, do what the Romans do.  So we savoured and enjoyed our Angelina experience.

But wait - we didn't just have one, we had two Angelina experiences.  For the second time, we were walking behind the Luxemburg Garden and then saw another Angelina store.  My Panget was a bit tired so we decided to try our luck and go inside.  It was not full and we were seated immediately.  We ordered the cold version of the Angelina hot choco and this beautiful Mont Blanc.  It had a description that said Chestnut (I immediately remembered Rowena, as she likes chestnuts - I am not much of a fan)

It looks so perfect.  I didn't want to touch it.  But we had to eat it, right?  Hahaha!  And so I dug my spoon into the chestnut and tasted it.  Well, it tasted chestnut-ty, so I guess that was good.  But I felt that the taste fell a bit short or being *really good* so I dug some more, and then there was a white meringue cream inside.  So I dug in and caught a good amount of white meringue cream mixture and the spaghetti like chestnut mixture.  I must tell you - it made all the difference.  The white meringue mixture made all the difference, it was able to propel the taste to a wow, it's good different.  But I guess not everyone will have a liking to this.  I would not order it again if I had the chance as I would like to try the other pastries.  It was something that you'd like to try - out of curiosity and be satisfied with it.  But maybe for those who like chestnuts - this should be very good.

I'm happy to say that Angelina has opened stores in nearby countries - specifically Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore!  During our recent Hong Kong trip, I was so happy to learn that Angelina was in IFC but then when I saw the price, my heart fell - one cup of hot chocolate was HKD88.00 (PHP528.00), yup it was pricey.  But then I thought, how come when I was in Paris - I didn't mind the price tag?  Well, it was Paris.  Hahaha!!  I guess being there was enough reason to soak in all things Parisian.  Hahaha!!

Click the link above to see their official website and browse through their history, menu and stores.

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  1. I wouldn't mind spending for hot chocolate. hahaha. :)