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Friday, August 14, 2015

There's a fad going on that I wasn't aware of - the Disney Princess Magic Clip Dresses.  During the recent trip, Kailee was screaming and jumping like crazy when she saw the clip dresses.  I thought she was just excited to see them - I didn't know that she has been watching youtube videos of those toys!  When I posted the picture on IG - friends commented telling me that a collection was in order, that I would like to be able to buy all the princesses in the clip dress series.  I took in passing, dismissing their *claims*.  Two days after, I was surprised to find out that my Panget was wanting to *collect* all for Kailee and that he bought all that he saw on display.  So I guess, it was my Panget who bit the bug.  Hahaha!!

Life was not the same.  I would try my luck in local toy stores for those princess that we don't have yet - specifically, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty.  It slipped my mind that there were other *princesses* Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida, and Jasmine!

A few days ago, I tagged along with Glaiza of Moomymusings.com to the RichPrime Trade Show.  I was quite excited because Glaiza mentioned that they were the ones who distributed the Disney Magiclip Dresses.  I think that was my main focus on the way to the venue.  Hahaha!  Kailee was very excited too!

We were toured around the trade show and I was impressed with the selection of toys, arts and crafts, apparel, and so much more.  This company truly has made their goal to make the kids of today very happy.  I must admit, I am so envious of kids today - there are so many many many selections to choose from.  The possibilities are endless!  OMG.  I was so overwhelmed.  I mean, these people mean business - and business for them is to be able to bring smiles to kids of all ages with various interests.  WOW.  Thank you RichPrime from bringing in these toys.  They really make my kids very happy.  Thank you!!

I will for sure be on the look out for these magiclip accessories, to add to Kailee's collection.  In all seriousness - I like these toys, they're plastic and they're practical.  You can interchange the dresses across all princesses!  Hahaha.. You can almost never do that to other toys, right?

Thank you Richprime Global Inc. for bringing in these wonderful toys!!

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