Cooking Quest: Steamed Milk

Friday, August 07, 2015

When I tried Yee Shun's steamed milk - it piqued my interest.  I wondered how they were able to make this kind of dish - so silky, soft and flavorful.  The cashier (who I assumed is the owner) was very friendly - I told her that I loved the steamed milk  and that it was very very good - she smiled and said that it's just milk and eggs!  She was so proud of their product and I guess the simplicity of it too!

I got curious and researched.  I found a recipe and tried to replicated it.  I got the basics right on the first try, but then I found the consistency too firm, I wanted it to be more silky so I tweaked the recipe and found the consistency that I liked.  The I realized, I may need to use a scale in weighing the ingredients for it to be more consistent.  I will do that on my next try.

So here is the finished product.

It may not look as nice and taste the same - but in my books, it's good enough!
I want to keep trying to make it.

Here is what my steamer looked like.  I was so excited, that I waited and waited.  Hahaha!!!  I kept on looking at it and opening it!  Hahaha..  

Here is the recipe:

Steamed Milk

1 cup of Whole/Full Cream Milk (I tried Skimmed and it didn't work! Haha..)
2 Tablespoons of White Sugar
1 egg white of 1 egg
Cling Wrap


1.  Dissolve the sugar in the milk
2.  Heat the milk and bring to a boil
3.  Strain the milk and let it cool
4.  Whisk the eggwhites
5.  Slowly pour the egg whites to the milk mixture
6.  Pour the egg and milk mixture on the bowl (try a shallow bowl first)
7.  Cover the bowl with cling wrap
8.  Put in the steamer for 15 minutes

You can serve this hot - it will be very silky or serve it cold it will be silky but more *firm*

Good luck!!


  1. Thanks for this recipe did! Kaya ba ung steamer sa rice cooker Lang?

  2. I am curious! Will try! I always see a milk store on Nathan. It is on the left side of the A21 bus going back to the airport. Is that it?

  3. Boo to skim milk! Hahaha! Whole milk all the way! Parang ok to ah. I want to try chocolate steamed milk din