On Class Suspension & Traffic

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Today we experienced Kailee's first suspension of classes because of the weather.

Thing was - she was already in school.

I received a Viber message on the suspension - so I called him.

Good thing, my Panget brings her to school and waits for teachers and some classmates of her to arrive before leaving her.  He was told that the school decided to suspend classes.  He then decided to just bring Kailee to the office instead of bringing her home.

Good thinking - Panget!

When I was younger, I would eagerly await the suspension of classes on AM radio.  (In today's time - there's Facebook and Viber groups!)  I loved it when there was no school!  It was a reprieve for a day!!  But now that I am a parent, all I can think of is *sayang tuition!*  Hahaha..  How ironic huh?  But I think at Kailee's age - she's still unaware.  She's enjoying school very much and is eager to wake up and dress up for school everyday.  I'm sure that in a couple of years - things won't be the same anymore.  Hahaha!!

IMHO - I think class suspension should be announced very early.  At the very least - at 5:00AM.  Why?  Because kids wake up at 5:00AM to get ready for school!  Announcing it later hassles the ones who brought the kids to school because they need to go back to and pick up the kids.   Imagine the horrendous traffic!!  I'm sure that inside the school - the kids way are safer.  I would rather them stay in school than be stuck in traffic for hours - hungry.  But that is just me, how about you - what do you think?

I'm sure the local government has their own monitoring teams that do recommendations.  Are they asleep too?  Last Monday - when classes was suspended midday - traffic was a mess on the border of Quezon City and San Juan.  We were on our way home from picking up Kailee - and we were stuck for a good 30 minutes.  We were not moving at all.  The reason for this was that there was no stoplight.  And you know how Filipinos are when there is no working stoplight - it's FREE FOR ALL!  No one cares to give way, it's all about *makalusot lang ako*.  There was no stoplight, and so I assumed that at least have a traffic enforcer on duty, right?  Wrong!  When classes are suspended - it seems that traffic enforcers too are excused for work!  There was no one to direct traffic thus - heavy traffic because no one wanted to give way.  Sigh.  It was such a hassle - instead of getting home in 20-30 minutes, it took us an hour!  My kids were restless in the car.  Sigh..

I am still hoping that one day, things will improve.  One day.

P.S.  Thank you for your well wishes on my previous post.  Super thank you...


  1. I remember experiencing that during my elementary days. Since the school won't let us out until our sundo arrives, it always felt like it was free time forever. Hehe! But yeah, local governments should take into consideration that kids go early to school kaya dapat mag-announce na ng suspensions early in the morning.

    Also, sending lots of big, big virtual hugs your way. <3

    1. Michelle!! Thank you thank you! :) hugging you baaaaack!!

  2. Actually dapat nga night before para di na rin hassle for both parents and children. I really really hope we can have coffee soon! :)