Freedom of Speech

Friday, July 31, 2015

I wrote this on my FB page:

I felt that what they were trying to do was half baked.  At first, she submitted a *fake* draft speech.  Why even do that?  It's shows that she didn't have good faith when she submitted it, it's even misleading.  Then when speech time came, she veers to another direction.

The school the stops her.  She then goes on TV and says that there was nothing wrong with what she did and that she exercised her FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  My dearest lady, if you are ballsy enough to say on TV that what you did is an act of Freedom of Speech - then be an ADULT and accept the consequences of your actions.  It takes one thing to deliver that ballsy speech and another to accept the consequences like an adult.

Children make mistakes - but then if these mistakes are found by the parents as correct, automatically the child will assume it's correct!  Parents should be able to guide us to the right path.  Parents are more mature, have much more life experiences to be able to impart the proper wisdom to the kids.  I felt that it was anger that pushed them to do this - anger begets sudden attention, but what's to do after the sudden attention?

I really believe that this should have been handled differently.  Now that she needed to secure a slot in UST, she's being asked for a good moral certificate - why will the school require such document?  The school was disrespected.  Obviously they will give her a hard time.  Simple logic lang yan!  If you disrespect your parents, will they still allow you to go out?  You will be punished obviously.

Every action has a consequence - like a reaction for an action.  And so, if you did something - stanby it!  But there is another thing she can do - APOLOGIZE.  Maybe then just maybe, the powers of forgiveness and compassion will melt the school admin's heart and give maybe (just maybe) her good moral certificate.

But let me just say this on record - what she did?  It doesn't deserve a good moral certificate.  She didn't act in good faith.  She submitted a speech that she never planned to use!  Why even bother?  Go that far?  She knew what was coming (the media attention) but what she didn't expect was the sudden need to for a *good moral certificate* from UST.  To be honest, I don't recall ANY university asking for that when my friends and I were trying to secure our respective slots in our chosen universities.  Was this a sudden change?  I'm baffled.

I'm sure she wanted to make noise - and she got her attention because most everyone sympathized with her.  But what she didn't expect was the backlash from her university of choice.

At this point - I pass the blame to UST.  Why even demand such certificate?  Does it matter that she won't be given one?  Can't you make an exception for her? Or are they banking that she not be given one so you don't *need* to take her in?

We are solely responsible to the words that we say.  That is why I believe words are important, they are very important, so be careful to what you want to say.  Think twice, thrice or more times before you say what you want to say - because words can heal but it can also cause a lifetime damage.  Choose your words carefully.  Think before you speak.  If you have decided to say what you say, then be an ADULT to accept all the consequences.  ALL THE CONSEQUENCES.

Life happens.  Shit happens.  Man up or shut up, diba?

You can always apologize - it's a start you know.

If I were the parents of Kristel, I would have thought of an elaborate game plan in plotting revenge.  I would make sure to protect my daughter first and foremost and then make noise.  Cover all the bases and then attack.  But nope, like the speech - it was half baked.  We all have evil-ness in ourselves, put it to good use by thinking, sorting and planning properly.  Being systematic works you know.  Use it to your advantage.


  1. I don't understand why she has to order for the arrest of the high school officials. Ganun ba ka-grabe yung consequences ng Good Moral Character Cert? I think she and her family has to shut up na and find alternatives if di sya tanggapin ng UST. Honors mean nothing if don't know how to respect.

    1. I used to take for granted conduct in school. It matters pala talaga in real life. If you are unruly and disrespectful, it will be somehow be a gauge on how you will be in life.

      I admire her for speaking OUT but then hindi napag-isipan ng maige because they're facing a problem now - Kristel needs a certificate to secure her slot. Kung dati pa napagisipan na nila, they didn't need to see the court's help anymore. But then - wala eh, masyadong bara bara - hindi talaga pinagisipan yung move. Kung ako yan, I would have thought of a game plan talaga.

  2. UST grad here. The GMC certificate has always been a requirement of the university (19-kopong-kopong ako pumasok as freshie, hehehe!). Nasa list yun ng mga requirements when we get our application form for entrance exam, so even before enrollment meron na kami dapat nu'n.

    I dunno if UST can grant an exception. Maybe the university sees it na kung pinagbigyan nila si Kristel, e iisipin ng ibang graduating HS students na pwede rin nilang gawin yung ginawa niya and expect to get in pa rin. Or something to that effect. And true, there are other schools naman that she can go to if ever she loses her slot in UST.

    1. Hi Michelle! I think there are no other school except for UST. Haha! Ang sama ko ba? But feeling ko she's pressured rin e.

      I know this will be a precedent to students - parang yung plagiarism ng judge! Haha.. Twisted morals talaga ang bansang ito! I'm sure when this issue goes up to the SC - iba nanaman ang resulta. Makes me thing, ano bang set of morals meron sa CA??

  3. Here's trivia for you, Di. When I was graduating from 8th grade, I was awarded a certificate for most outstanding student in academics, having an almost perfect overall grade. 99+ yun. But when they were calculating for valedictorian, they promoted someone whose class standing was fourth in class. Because I didn't greet the teachers daw, or something like that. Three of us filed a case with DECS (DECS pa nun) and we didn't attend our graduation. In the end, DECS changed the standing, and it turned out the middle school committee gave more weight to character vs academics. So on paper, I became valedictorian. But yun nga, missed the graduation ceremony. Oh well. Hehe. Haba ng kwento.

    Whereas I do not agree with how the school handled the situation in Mallari's case, I also do not agree how she embarrassed the school with her speech. There is a proper way to protest something, and sadly, she took the low road.