Freedom of Speech

Friday, July 31, 2015

I wrote this on my FB page:

I felt that what they were trying to do was half baked.  At first, she submitted a *fake* draft speech.  Why even do that?  It's shows that she didn't have good faith when she submitted it, it's even misleading.  Then when speech time came, she veers to another direction.

The school the stops her.  She then goes on TV and says that there was nothing wrong with what she did and that she exercised her FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  My dearest lady, if you are ballsy enough to say on TV that what you did is an act of Freedom of Speech - then be an ADULT and accept the consequences of your actions.  It takes one thing to deliver that ballsy speech and another to accept the consequences like an adult.

Children make mistakes - but then if these mistakes are found by the parents as correct, automatically the child will assume it's correct!  Parents should be able to guide us to the right path.  Parents are more mature, have much more life experiences to be able to impart the proper wisdom to the kids.  I felt that it was anger that pushed them to do this - anger begets sudden attention, but what's to do after the sudden attention?

I really believe that this should have been handled differently.  Now that she needed to secure a slot in UST, she's being asked for a good moral certificate - why will the school require such document?  The school was disrespected.  Obviously they will give her a hard time.  Simple logic lang yan!  If you disrespect your parents, will they still allow you to go out?  You will be punished obviously.

Every action has a consequence - like a reaction for an action.  And so, if you did something - stanby it!  But there is another thing she can do - APOLOGIZE.  Maybe then just maybe, the powers of forgiveness and compassion will melt the school admin's heart and give maybe (just maybe) her good moral certificate.

But let me just say this on record - what she did?  It doesn't deserve a good moral certificate.  She didn't act in good faith.  She submitted a speech that she never planned to use!  Why even bother?  Go that far?  She knew what was coming (the media attention) but what she didn't expect was the sudden need to for a *good moral certificate* from UST.  To be honest, I don't recall ANY university asking for that when my friends and I were trying to secure our respective slots in our chosen universities.  Was this a sudden change?  I'm baffled.

I'm sure she wanted to make noise - and she got her attention because most everyone sympathized with her.  But what she didn't expect was the backlash from her university of choice.

At this point - I pass the blame to UST.  Why even demand such certificate?  Does it matter that she won't be given one?  Can't you make an exception for her? Or are they banking that she not be given one so you don't *need* to take her in?

We are solely responsible to the words that we say.  That is why I believe words are important, they are very important, so be careful to what you want to say.  Think twice, thrice or more times before you say what you want to say - because words can heal but it can also cause a lifetime damage.  Choose your words carefully.  Think before you speak.  If you have decided to say what you say, then be an ADULT to accept all the consequences.  ALL THE CONSEQUENCES.

Life happens.  Shit happens.  Man up or shut up, diba?

You can always apologize - it's a start you know.

If I were the parents of Kristel, I would have thought of an elaborate game plan in plotting revenge.  I would make sure to protect my daughter first and foremost and then make noise.  Cover all the bases and then attack.  But nope, like the speech - it was half baked.  We all have evil-ness in ourselves, put it to good use by thinking, sorting and planning properly.  Being systematic works you know.  Use it to your advantage.

#MMShakeDrill happened. Where were you?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I think the metrowide #MMShakeDrill was a success.

Where were you when it happened?

Me, I was on my way to a friend's house (because Kailee's dismissal was a bit late because of the #MMShakeDrill).  I was honestly rushing, trying to beat the 10:30am drill - but I got stuck on the road.  It was really nice to see signs everywhere saying EARTHQUAKE DRILL ON-GOING.  So everyone on the road was halted - for 45 seconds.  There was an orderly movement of cars after a minute or so.

While on Wilson, I saw that Cardinal Santos was participating the drill.

I was impressed that they participated, more so they were headed to an evacuation site!  It felt really nice that they took it seriously.

To those who took the drill seriously - kudos to you!!

You know what I had in mind?  I thought that power will be cut, as well as mobile phone signals - but it wasn't.  Imagine if it did - everyone would be panicking.  I then remembered of the shows that I used to watch - Revolution.  One day the power just went pfft.  And there was no power (any where in the world) every since.  Well, except the few (who were *in* on the conspiracy.

EATs Hong Kong: Yee Shun Milk Company's Steamed Milk

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ever heard of steamed milk?  Well, yeah - every coffee house serves this!  But in Hong Kong, it means an entirely different thing.  I've read about this steamed milk dessert on the internet for years, but I never got to try it, ever.  I was told by a friend, Talia - to look for Yee Shun Milk Company in Causeway Bay.  Since, I don't go to CWB that much, we just  breezed through and walked by this place.  At least, I knew where it was at.  So finally during the recent trip - we got the chance to try it!  I didn't know what to expect.  The place is small, but it's always full of people.  We decided to go after one of our dinners.  We went inside with no clue what to order, but then it was recommended that we get the Steamed Milk in Two Filn (I think they meant film - for whatever reason, I had no idea).

The steamed milk was served almost immediately - and this is how it looked like:

This is the Steamed Milk.  
It was very good, I loved the silky texture and since I LOVE milk, I loved every single bite!  The sweetness was just right.  It's a very very simple dessert - my first impression was *this is it?* Hahaha!!  Yes, I judged it immediately.  I remembered my friend Talia mentioning that she had a second serving.  I honestly wondered, why?  But when I tasted it - I immediately knew.  As Talia would say *walang share share!*.  She was absolutely, right!  It was really yummy.  It's not the best - but for the humble milk, sugar and egg whites - this was really really good!

My Panget had this Steamed Milk with Coffee

Well, it was good, but not as good as the ordinary Steamed Milk.  He liked mine better, so I had to share (as usual!)  I felt that this was made to answer the variety, but for me, it wasn't at par.  The texture though, was the same - silky.  Maybe because it was coffee that I didn't like it as much?

If you happen to be in Causeway Bay - try this for a change.  It's not just a dessert place, they also offer breakfast items like french toast and more.  They open at 11am and closes at 12midnight.  The staff, well the main staff knows how to speak English and they also have an English menu - I asked for this because I don't like to stress myself in reading a Chinese menu (when they have an English one, hahaha!!)

The next day, we saw that there was a long line to be seated.  I just ordered for take away and it was much faster!  hahaha.. :)  Panget wanted the steamed milk with some red bean toppings.  He said that it was better than the coffee one. 

Yee Shun Milk Company is located along Lockhard Road in Causeway Bay, it's the street of Sogo's back entrance.

My Faith

Monday, July 27, 2015

I grew up Catholic with some Buddhist traditions thrown in.  I would remember waking up to hear Sunday Mass and then in the afternoon going to Narra temple to do some *pai pai*.  I was still a child and so *faith* was nothing more of a routine.  I didn't listen to the homily, I just sat with uncles and aunts waiting excitedly as they would bring us to line up with them to receive Holy Communion.  It was a different high and excitement for me back then.

As I grew up, I learned about being a Christian in my formative years.  It wasn't that religion was hard pressed on us - well, yeah - we had the first Friday Mass and then the receiving of Holy Sacraments.  But I didn't feel like it was forced upon me.  My mom was very open minded in telling us that she'd rather we go hear Mass because we want to rather than it be a chore to do every weekend.  I think it was when I was out of college - after studying abroad that I started hearing Sunday Mass regularly.

I remember, I was in my late 20's that I really started the journey of my faith.  I heard Mass every Sunday - I began really listening to the messages, really listening to the readings and homilies, and I started to sift through the priests that I wanted to listen to.  Let me be honest, there are some priests that say long homilies that don't make sense.  It's hard enough to sit through it - more so, put your faith in them, right?  But that's just me.  And then I found a Church nearby that I was excited to go to every Sunday.  I think it was God's way of making be go back.  And I think ever since then, I enjoyed hearing Mass.

EATs Paris: Robert et Louise

Friday, July 24, 2015


I'm glad that my Panget likes to eat and whenever we travel, we indulge once in a while.  This is another restaurant that my friend Kath recommended.  It was a busy Sunday - there were a lot of people walking in Le Marais, it was crowded but a nice crowd.  We were enjoying strolling through the streets when we happen to see people checking out the menu of a restaurant.  As Pinoys, we were curious and so my Panget told me to check it out.  And I did, I was surprised to see that it was the steak place Kath was telling me about - Robert et Louise.

We decided to go to another place since it was full, but vowed to come back since it was nearby.  I think it was the next day that we went back.  Hahaha!!  We were very excited.  I remember reading some reviews that restaurants in Paris would refused entry to patrons with kids in tow, yikes!  So before we entered, I had to ask - and they were nice enough to welcome us and even help us carry our stroller!  Wow, impressed!  I had the impression that French were snobbish and unhelpful (well, I experienced this when I visited in 1996!)

We were then given a menu, my Panget and I looked at the steak, ahahaha!  We're meat eaters - and so we decided to get the steak that was good for 2.  It was 800grams worth of steak - my Panget was skeptical and was asking me on and on if I would share it with him.  I was confused telling him YES over and over again.  I was wondering why he was worried and kept on asking me.  It was strange really - I thought maybe he wasn't himself?  Hahaha!!

True enough, when the steak was served:

It was HUGE!  Look at the steak in comparison to Kailee's hands!
So, this was why Panget was asking me.  I didn't realize that it was really big!  Hahaha.. I assumed that it was just small.  Don't ask me why but I guess I thought that 800grams was small.  I forgot that 200 more grams, it would weigh a kilo already!  Hahaha..

The steak was wonderful.  It was grilled to perfection.  I would prefer it be a bit more done, but my Panget likes it medium.  The fries was a different kind, as they used real potatoes and that's why I felt it was yummier.  I was glad to order red wine as it enhanced the flavor of the steak.  The meat was really good and juicy!  It was really meaty, you know - a *manly kind of meat* (imagine a deeper voice saying this) - it wasn't full of fat yet it was very tender.  My Panget and I enjoyed the steak very much - we were taking our sweet time because of the size.  Hahaha!  We cut some pieces for Kailee to try and she liked them.

This is the red wine that I got.  I wasn't able to ask for the name.  I'm so sad, because I really loved this red wine.  Even my Panget agreed that it was good.  I never tasted wine this good!  Honest!

Escargot - snails!  So good, even Kailee liked it!  Haha!

Our server suggested to order this sausage dish for Kailee, and she loved it.  We were surprised because she ate them all without struggle!  Add to that the pieces of steak we cut for her.

Looks tiny?  Well, it extends to the basement.  I'm amazed on how space is utilized in Europe!

When your brain - FREEZES

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm proud to say that this doesn't happen often.  Hahaha!  Ang yabang ko, but seriously - I think this has happened very few times.  But then, ever since what happened - there are moments that I pause or space out.  The most recent brain freeze story is when we travelled last week.

Image grabbed from THIS page

I don't like doing things the last minute.  I usually prepare at least more than a week ahead, more often that not - I prepare 2 weeks before a trip.  This gives me more than enough time to anticipate whatever it is that I missed or forgot, a game plan sort of.  But for this trip - I planned it just a few days ahead.  I kept postponing the planning, thinking it was still far away.  I can't fully explain why - but I guess my mind and heart were somewhere else.  There were far more things that I was worried about and needed my attention more.  I thought to myself that I can probably wing it.  Hahaha!  It honestly did not occur to me that we were traveling - soon, it was only when I received an email on the travel did I realize that it was the following week already.  Apparently, there was a reason why I do things early.  Anyone who knows me, know that I prepare very well (even for out of town trips), as in very well.

I was left to plan what to do and bring - in less than a week.  I wasn't prepared.  It was literally a photo finish for this trip.  Really.  I wasn't used to this.  I wasn't prepared - mentally.  Brain FREEZE literally.

When we got to the check-in counter, I realized that we forgot Kailee's hand carry stuff.  Her extra clothes, hair clips, brush and etc., her water bottle, her milk bottle, her snacks, and most importantly - her medicines!  I tried to call the driver - but to no avail.  I couldn't believe I forgot it.  It was a good thing that the place we were going to, I was very familiar with.  I was worried about the medicines, since you can't easily buy medicines in a foreign land.  I just prayed that Kailee be blessed with perfect health during the trip.  While on the plane, Kailee kept asking for her snacks and water bottle!  I said sorry so many times because I forgot them!  Kailee was very understanding, which was surprising.  She would usually throw a fit because it was very early in the morning!  We had a close call though, when I let her play in the bath tub!  After bathing, she started coughing and then she said she wasn't feeling well - uh oh!  It was a good thing that there was a 24/7 supermarket nearby - so I ran and bought some meds.  I was clueless honestly because I couldn't understand what they were for!  Then I saw Panadol for children and I immediately got a small box.  I have to be honest, the only thing I know to give kids when they have fever is Tempra (Paracetamol) so when I saw the generic name of Panadol, I was skeptical - but then, I had no choice right?  It was a wonderful thing that the tablet was chewable, a lifesaver!  Then for her allergies, I just have her a small bit of my allergy medicine.  I know, I'm a bad mother for forgetting - but please give me a break, I wasn't my normal self.  Please don't judge.

Then my Panget likes his morning coffee strong, thus we always bring coffee with us.  The ones given on for free in the rooms don't suffice.  I pack them every single time.  But this time, while in the plane, it suddenly occurred to me that I forgot to bring it.  Sigh.  Another spaced out moment.  It was nice though that the lady in who was in charge of cleaning our room is very nice.  She gave me extra coffee.  I was really running on pure luck this trip!

I was really out of the loop and my mind was somewhere else.  I was telling my Panget, this wasn't me.  He just looked at me and said that I was going through something that's why my mind wasn't that concentrated on things.  I agree.  My mind is in shambles, well not really - but you know what I mean?  I am not yet 100% back - I'm still struggling somehow - trying to keep up with what should be done and what should not be done.  Confusing really.

When we got to our destination - I realized that I forgot something else.  My *hotdog* pillow that I bring with me ANYWHERE.  I forgot it.  I didn't get to pack it in.  That pillow has been with me since I was a baby - and it went with me wherever I went.  I brought it with me when I studied in Beijing.  I bring it on short and long vacations.  I never left home without it, and this is the first time EVER that I forgot it.  I missed it very much to be honest.  But what was I to do?  I forgot it.

So, this is what happens when your brain FREEZES.  This is how the mind works.  Strange really, but now I have a better understanding of why there are people who can't function 100% when they are going through something.  The brain is attached to some sort of emotion that can't fully make you function like before.  Is it a chemical reaction?  A chemical imbalance?  God only knows what that is.
Right now, I'm still in the process of getting back to where I used to be.  I can't seem to shake of the *what ifs* in my life because of what happened.  But readers have been very comforting in telling me to hang in there and that things will get better.  I know it will get better, but I'm not hurrying it up.  Time will tell.  But right now, I'm okay - doing good.  Hanging there.  I will forever appreciate the concern and well wishes.  I will still want hugs and smiles.

But there is one thing - the feeling of loss, that I think will never ever leave me.  To be honest, I think I was scarred for life.  I think I will take this with me, forever.  I will be physically okay, but mentally - I think it will be a constant.

Has something like this happened to you?

EATs Paris: L'Entrecote de Paris

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No idea what entrecote means, nor did I have an idea on what this restaurant served.  I was just told by my friend Kath to try this place out when in Champs Elysee.  Kath sent me a picture of their card and I kept it on my phone.  On the day we decided to walk along Champs Elysee - I was already secretly looking for this place.  I think the first few minutes of walking - I couldn't see it.  I was beginning to give up when the signage caught my eye!  It wasn't actually along Champs Elysee - it was tucked in one of the streets parallel to Champs Elysee.

This restaurant has a number of dishes on the menu, but their specialty here in L'Entrecote de Paris - is their Steak Frites and a burger dish.  So we ordered one of each.  I was glad that they carried a kids menu and I quickly picked the chicken nuggets - please don't judge me, but it's the one most likely to be eaten by Kailee.  The other choices were small burger and pasta, Kailee was not with those.

This is their burger dish.  I forgot how much this was, but it was good.  The size was just right for me and it wasn't very hard to bite into.  I must say though, that their fries are ahhh-mazing!  I love fries and this for me was one of the best that I've tried in my life.  It was crispy and soft in the inside.  You can actually hear a crunch when you bite into them.  I enjoyed it immensely, it was a great thing that it was unlimited - meaning, I could just ask for more and more and more!  Yes, unlimited - not just one or two servings.  I asked and asked, they just gave me plates full with smiles on their faces!  I was so happy!  Hahaha..  

This is their specialty - Steak Frites.  When you look at it, the serving seemed to be small.  My Panget immediately uttered *Magugutom ako neto!*  He judged the serving immediately.  But then as we ate and ate - he started to feel full!  When he finished all the steak he declared that it was very filling.  I had a bite or two and it was good.  It wasn't the best steak I've had, but it was good enough.  I love the sauce too!  I couldn't quite figure out what the sauce was, but it complemented the steak very well.

 I was so proud of Kailee because she finished all the chicken nuggets on her plate!  Look at her!  I was so happy and proud that I had to take this picture as *proof*!  Haha..  Kailee wanted to feel like an adult and so she had her own adult glass of water.  Hahaha!!

This is the dessert plate for of the kid's menu.  This was really charming.  Kailee was so happy to see the Kinder Surprise!  There was a Haribo ice cream with gummies.

We enjoyed our Parisian lunch at L'Entrecote de Paris.  My Panget felt like it was a tourist trap, but then who's complaining?  We loved the food, it was good, we were very satisfied - and I thought, that was enough.  Hahaha!! :)  This was my first ever experience with entrecote - and I personally enjoyed it so much.  So, thank you Kath for recommending this!

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention.  I can't emphasize enough how much I love this product.  I've written about it twice - here and here, and I think this product deserves a third post.  Yes, this product deserves more than a two blog posts and now it's getting it's third.

Ever since I tried the product last year - there was no going back.  I've recommended this to friends and family.  My kids and I personally use this product.  I bring Grandma El's Diaper Rash Prevention + Remedy in my bag every day.  I bring a whole tube when I travel.  It's in my *must have* list all the time.  It serves as my lipbalm when I go somewhere really cold

I just came back from our yearly travel and it was more than timely, since going through what I went through - it was a welcome change (even if it was just a few days).  Since I am still waiting to expel it completely (naturally), I needed to wear napkins everyday for protection.  And when the environment  of the city we were traveling in is very hot and really humid and you walk practically 90% of the time - there is definitely friction somewhere down there.  On our second day - I felt an irritation - think of it being caused by the heat and of course *friction* (from all the walking) I'm sure our kids' diaper rash is caused by the same conditions.  I was more than glad and so relieved to have brought a new tube to Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention in my luggage.  So that evening, when we finally got to the hotel, I settled down and decided to take a bath.  After I bathed,  I applied it immediately.  I knew it was a miracle product as I've been using it ever since I learned about it.  But after applying some at that time - it was still really irritating, uncomfortable and a bit painful.  I put more product, just to be on the safe side.  I was relieved that it was towards the end of the day that I felt the irritation - perfect timing.

When I woke up the next day - the pain was gone.  No more irritation, no more pain - it was as if nothing happened!  I was really happy - I knew this product so well and I tell you, it's really a miracle product!  Thank you Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention, it saved my life (well not in the literal sense but, you get what I mean - I was staying a few more days and I having that irritation - it would ruin the trip most definitely)  So everyday, I put the product ever so thinly and it really helped.  After that one time, I never felt the irritation and pain - I was able to go through my travels without a hitch.  Thank goodness really for Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention.

A few weeks back, I got invited to Grandma El's launch.  I was so proud and happy because this product is distributed by my next door neighbor.  I believed so much in the product and I was raving about it to my blog friend (that were in the event as well).  I was telling them that I even used Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention as a lipbalm!  Yes - the product is that good - it can help your dry chapped lips, it smells wonderful and it tastes yummy (this is true!!, I'm NOT kidding).  I love this product very much that I have it in my bag, everyday (yes, I need to say it again and again!!)  Grandma El's also has lotions, baby washes and baby shampoo!

I am so happy that this product is very versatile - great for kids and adults alike!  It's not sticky, it spreads easily, it's in a tube (you can easily get the right amount of product and is sanitary!) plus, you don't need so much product.  A little goes a long long long way!  If you put this product side by side with Desitin, Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention is a runaway winner, hands down.  I have used Desitin since Kailee was born and I hated the fact that it was sticky, paste-y, it's so hard to wash off (I don't think you can even wash it off), and smells so bad!  Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention is the exact opposite and is more magical, if you ask me.  Can you use Desitin on your lips?  No effing way!

SUPER thank you, Vanessa for bringing this product to our shores.  Now we have an alternative to that icky yucky diaper rash cream.  I swear, you need to try this product to believe it.  And yes, three posts here on my blog for the same product - I definitely LOVE this product.

Grandma El's products are available in Babyland stores, Robinson's Supermarket, and Metro Gaisano.  You may also check online shops like Lazada, Cudsly, Bambino Baby Shop and in Cebu - Bao Bao Babies.

Grandma El's Philippines is also in Facebook!

Emotional Rollercoaster

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I think I am going through one.

First, I'd like to cry.  But no matter how I try, the tears just don't want to come out.  My friend M suggested that I watch a tearjerker - I would like to watch, but right now - I don't feel like it.  When I read comments and well wishes of friends, I get teary eyed - but that's about it.

I think I need to cry.  I know I need to cry.  Crying is my form of release and I feel that when I cry - it somehow helps with the closure.  I'm very emotional and so crying is quite easy for me, but this time - I find it really hard.  I need help to cry.

WARNING:  Another *emo* post ahead

Happy Birthday Panget! Life begins, NOW

Friday, July 10, 2015

I met my Panget on the street - it was at HV Dela Costa Street on a sidewalk!  Hahaha..  I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday.  My very good friend Shirley, wanted to introduce me to her cousin - Panget.  At that time - I was in a phase of meeting people.  In the Chinese-Filipino community, it is known as *kai-siao* - it meant *to introduce* so there, we arranged a dinner-movie double date.  I remember that I came from the salon (my monthly haircut - I had pixie cut then) and so they met me on the street, on the side walk of HV dela Costa in think it was infront of the Chili's branch back then.  I was surprised because I thought it was only Shirley that was meeting me, it turns out - my Panget tagged along *meeting me* on the street.  It was a bit weird to be honest.  We then waited for the car to come around and rode it to go to the then *it* place to hang out - Glorietta 4!  Hahaha..  We had dinner in a Korean restaurant and then saw the movie *Blade 2*

I don't exactly remember how the conversation started but I learned that my Panget was into Star Wars.  With my limited knowledge of Star Wars I asked him the question *If the force was strong in Anakin - why wasn't he 'detected' early on?*  I already knew the answer because I asked my friend, Bny who is my best source in Star Wars information he said that *Because Tatooine was too far away and the place wasn't a place where you'd usually find those with the 'force'*  It was a trick question - since I already knew the answer.  I just wanted to hear what *his* version of the answer was.  My Panget just shrugged his shoulders and said that he'd think about it.  Hahaha!  Corney diba?  I thought, Oh well - at least I enjoyed.  On that particular *date*  I was my talkative self.  I was with Shirley - I was very comfortable.  And anyone who knows me know that I ask a lot of questions and I feel awkward with silences.  The night went on, and I think I enjoyed naman, it wasn't boring - it was okay.  There were no immediate sparks.  But there was one thought in my head *May salamin nanaman?  A guy who wears glasses again?*  Hahaha!  I don't remember why that thought came out.  So  I went home that night not thinking if it ended good or bad.  I wasn't interested.  I think I was in like with someone else (but that someone else was NOT in like with me)  I wasn't looking to going into a relationship because in a few months time, I would be leaving to study in Beijing.  

A few days after, I got a text from my Panget.  He asked Shirley for my number and asked if it was okay for us to *text*, and so we did.  I honestly wasn't that keen on developing something.  I replied without thinking that anything will progress.  The texts went on and he eventually asked me out again.  I thought to myself, to just enjoy the attention, no pressure for it to blossom into anything.  And so we talked and talked - I enjoyed talking to him.  Maybe I enjoyed his different views because he was much older - I think he's the oldest that I've ever been introduced to.  So that blossomed into more dates.  I guess, I liked him?  Because I accepted his invitations to go out.  But what triggered the like?  Well, he's into books - and I like reading too.  He then asked me if I read the book *Love Story* by Erich Segal.  I haven't - so he lent me his copy.  And the rest they say is history.

Today, my Panget celebrates his 40th birthday.  I think I am the one who isn't ready to come to terms with it.  He is forever 35 in my head.  Hahaha!  This past year, he has been saying that he's nearing *Kwarenta* and I never took it seriously.  Don't ask me why - but my mind refuses to acknowledge his age.  Then, when I really counted - it was only then that I realized that he is indeed turning 40.  Wow.  But you know what, age is just a number.  My Panget doesn't look 40 at all.  Well, he looks young - he dresses young (well, he can pull it off) and so you won't think that he's already 40.  Him being 40 destroys all of my past impressions of people turning 40 - he doesn't look it, he's very active, he doesn't sport a belly, he doesn't have grey hair, he doesn't put his cellphone on his *belt*, he still wears rubber shoes all the time, and he's *fit* - really.  Shempre you will need to believe me on this as I've never posted his face in this blog.  Can you believe it?  Almost 10 years of blogging and his identity remain anonymous?  Hahaha!  That was his only directive *You cannot post my picture on your blog* and I have been following that directive ever since.  And that is why I call him my Panget - because he used to call me that - and as revenge in this blog - that has been his nickname ever since.  When I introduce him to *blog* friends they always say without fail *Ikaw pala si Panget!*  Haha.. Revenge...

my Panget insists that he looks like Connor.
Well in this particular picture - they do look alike, somehow.
Same expression, same fashion, same stance.
For this particular day - FINE, YOU LOOK LIKE CONNOR!

So Happy Happy Birthday to you my Panget.  Thank you for the laughter and tears.  I wouldn't hate to love you and loved to hate you if it weren't for your usual self.  There are times when I want to kick you in the groin, wring your neck, punch you in the face and throw buckets of ice on you when you're sleeping.  Even if you make me cry, sad and question my being - well, what can I do - I fell in love with you.  Wala naman na akong choice diba?  We are exact opposites but somehow work well together when we choose to.  Even if you're always nakasimangot, I know that when you make that genuine smile - my heart melts and I will have that loving feeling for you again.  Thank you for buying me the bags that I have, hahaha!  Thank you for making me eat good food whenever we travel.  Thank you for taking the kids to swim, alam mo naman how KJ I am.  Thank you for including Kailee whenever we travel and also for taking care of her when I can't (even if this happens ONLY when we travel).  

My birthday wish for you?  Well, more for me - Hahaha! I wish that you:
a)  Smile more when you see me.  Nakakabwiset kasi when I greet you with a smile and you give me your simangot face.  Nakakawalang gana.
b)  Appreciate me more for the things that I am doing for you (without pay!)  Utos with LOVE 
c)  Treat me better and spoil me like you spoil yourself and the kids
d)  That you finally get that chance to go to the San Diego Comic Con (and bring me with you)

In all seriousness - I wish you good health, more kayamanan, more LOVE and more birthdays to come.  Kahit gusto kitang patayin at times, I can't deny the fact that I love you.  Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of SCI-FI and geeky-ness.  I don't think that you're my soulmate - well, I don't believe in that anymore - but what I believe is that you are there for me and we click and I think that matters a lot.  I don't think we'll have a boring conversation together, ever.  There are so many things to talk about!  Ours is NOT a perfect relationship - but it works out somehow.  As long as there are good days, then it's okay.  But sana more of the good days than bad, diba?  Thank you for enjoying meals with me.  

Happy 40th my Panget!  Mwah!!

Life begins NOW daw.

On Class Suspension & Traffic

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Today we experienced Kailee's first suspension of classes because of the weather.

Thing was - she was already in school.

I received a Viber message on the suspension - so I called him.

Good thing, my Panget brings her to school and waits for teachers and some classmates of her to arrive before leaving her.  He was told that the school decided to suspend classes.  He then decided to just bring Kailee to the office instead of bringing her home.

Good thinking - Panget!

When I was younger, I would eagerly await the suspension of classes on AM radio.  (In today's time - there's Facebook and Viber groups!)  I loved it when there was no school!  It was a reprieve for a day!!  But now that I am a parent, all I can think of is *sayang tuition!*  Hahaha..  How ironic huh?  But I think at Kailee's age - she's still unaware.  She's enjoying school very much and is eager to wake up and dress up for school everyday.  I'm sure that in a couple of years - things won't be the same anymore.  Hahaha!!

IMHO - I think class suspension should be announced very early.  At the very least - at 5:00AM.  Why?  Because kids wake up at 5:00AM to get ready for school!  Announcing it later hassles the ones who brought the kids to school because they need to go back to and pick up the kids.   Imagine the horrendous traffic!!  I'm sure that inside the school - the kids way are safer.  I would rather them stay in school than be stuck in traffic for hours - hungry.  But that is just me, how about you - what do you think?

I'm sure the local government has their own monitoring teams that do recommendations.  Are they asleep too?  Last Monday - when classes was suspended midday - traffic was a mess on the border of Quezon City and San Juan.  We were on our way home from picking up Kailee - and we were stuck for a good 30 minutes.  We were not moving at all.  The reason for this was that there was no stoplight.  And you know how Filipinos are when there is no working stoplight - it's FREE FOR ALL!  No one cares to give way, it's all about *makalusot lang ako*.  There was no stoplight, and so I assumed that at least have a traffic enforcer on duty, right?  Wrong!  When classes are suspended - it seems that traffic enforcers too are excused for work!  There was no one to direct traffic thus - heavy traffic because no one wanted to give way.  Sigh.  It was such a hassle - instead of getting home in 20-30 minutes, it took us an hour!  My kids were restless in the car.  Sigh..

I am still hoping that one day, things will improve.  One day.

P.S.  Thank you for your well wishes on my previous post.  Super thank you...

Things happen for a reason..

Monday, July 06, 2015

It's empty.

That's what the doctor said.

I didn't know what I was supposed to feel.

**Warning - EMO post ahead**

(I am thanking you in advance for reading!!)

Clothes shopping on

Friday, July 03, 2015

As I've said, I am a late bloomer.

That means, in everything - most especially in fashion.

Fashion?  What are you talking about?  I am not into fashion - and that I am.  I swear,  I am the most *tamad* person you will ever meet when it comes to shopping for clothes.  I am the type that will just wait in the dressing room while someone hands me clothes (what she thinks will be nice on me).  This happened a couple of times - with my sister-in-law.  But that was years ago, I think five years ago to be exact.

A few months back - my good friend Kath gave me a loot bag, in it were two tops, two bracelets, two lipsticks and a long necklace.  I am very lucky because Kath hands me stuff that she thinks will look good on me.  I love it, really!  I feel like a kid receiving a Christmas gift whenever Kath sends me a text saying *I have something for you!*  Anyway,  so one day, I decided to try an Elin top she gave me.  I wore it because I thought, why not now?  So I did.  I loved how roomy it was.  My Panget said I looked nice (even if I am fat! - so that must be something, he rarely compliments me, boooo!)  And since he did, I had to ask Kath where she got the top.  She told me Elin (I remember reading about and seeing Elin online because of the #SoMoms)- and that, that particular top was called Marlowe.  She then gave me a list of a few styles (on  Elin's website) she thought would look good on me.  Since I liked the Marlowe top, guess what I did - I bought it in the only other color available - Blue.  It didn't stop there - Kath then told me to get the Kristen top and dress, the Jana tops too.  The Bran Tee would also look nice on me she said.  So I listened to her and I bought them.  I so regretted not purchasing the Kristen dress - now that it's out of stock  - there was nothing I could do.  Sad.

A few months later - I saw that the Jana Tee had some new colors - so I decided to purchase some.  And then a few days later - I saw that they had a new Jana dress.  I immediately told Kath about it and she encouraged me to try one.  And I did - now I own it in every color.  Well, I was a bit late - so I only have it in Aqua, Navy and Charcoal.  It was soooo comfortable to wear!  I love it!  I'm honestly contemplating on getting another batch of it - just in case the ones I have gets damaged (since I wear them every so often!  Hahaha.. I'm a creature of habit!)

This is the Jana dress in Charcoal!

This is the Kristen Top.

Elin's price point for me is reasonable.  It's not very expensive and the fabric is very nice too.  The workmanship and stitching are alright too.  They deliver for free when you order more than a thousand worth of clothes!  They even give you a 10% discount on your first purchase!   I love that their clothes are so versatile!  I brought all my Elin tops (the first batch I bought) when I travelled to London and Paris.  The fabric was cool when the weather was hot and warm when the weather was cold - SERIOUS yan ha.  I mean, I was able to survive the cold with just the Elin top, a jacket and a scarf - I didn't need to wear thermals or tank beneath it.  It's easy to wash and dry too!  I just threw it in the washer and dryer - praying that it won't shrink!  Thank goodness it didn't!  So happy!  Wonderful, right?

So right now, I'm obsessing about Elin.  I check their website every so often (everyday na yata!) in the hopes that I would be *surprised* to see that the Kristin Dress would be back in stock again.  Hahahaha!!

Changing sizes is a breeze too!  Just inform them if the size is too big or too small and they will gladly exchange it for you.  You'll need to send it back to them though.  In my case I was lucky to have a messenger do it for me!  I've never had so much fun in local online shopping - Hahaha!! :)

Thank you Kath for introducing me to Elin.  You know that I'm a hard head when it comes to shopping.  So, THANK YOU for pointing me to the right direction.  I love you to bits!! Mwaaaah!! :)  Now, please cross your fingers for me that the Kristen Dress will be available!  Hahaha...  Next stop will be Tin's Chicify store.  Hahaha!!

YummyKitchen by Eunice

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My friend Kath and I, we loooove to eat.  We share discoveries with one another.  I super trust Kath's palate.  If she says it's good - I'm sure it's good.  Kath mentioned Yummy Kitchen - she told me that their BBQ Pork Buns are good.  I haven't placed my order on those yet - but Eunice was nice enough to give me some of her popular breads and a yummy Pandan Macapuno cake.  Let me tell you, the Pandan Macapuno cake - my mom finished it immediately.  My mom is NOT a cake person ha, but she was able to finish it - it was that good!  I was telling Kath too that I really liked that cake.  I asked Eunice about it and she said that she only made them during Christmas - my heart sank.

Then a few days ago, I saw Yummy Kitchen's post on IG of her Kiam Pung - I love Chinese food and so I was intrigued.  She indicated in her post that she had two (2) sizes - One Whole and Half - I wanted to order half - it just so happened that Kath also wanted to order half!  Yehey!  And then Kath mentioned that she wanted to try the cake as well, so we each had our halves!  Hahaha..  So we ordered and during lunch - I picked up and paid for my order:

Kiam Pung (or Kiam Peng) 
P500.00 (half order) P1,000.00 (whole order)

When I saw it I was impressed.  It was dark (I am wary of not too dark Kiam Peng) and filled with so many ingredients.  You can see the mushrooms, the meat, the carrots, the veggies, and chestnuts!   Her Kiam Pung is perfectly mixed and seasoned.  The ingredients blended well together and I love the texture and consistency - it wasn't very sticky and was just right for me.  If I am correct, I think she used Japanese rice - and it worked!!  I liked too that she separated the green onions, fried shallots and peanuts!  It was love at first taste.  I was scared when I saw the veggie - I am accustomed to my mom's Kiam Pung without veggies.  But when I ate her Kiam Pung - it's as if the veggies were just there to support the flavor of the Kiam Pung.  It added a *crunch* to the usual sticky rice and meat combination.  I loved it!  Really loved it!

This is what the cake looks like up close.  What a beauty, right?

Pandan Macapuno Cake P800

I mentioned it before - my mom LOVED it and she isn't partial to cakes!  It was light, soft, and very flavorful.  To be honest - most pandan cakes I've tasted were bland and confusing because I didn't know and I couldn't make out the pandan at all.  I've always wondered if my taste buds were wonky - but this cake - the pandan flavor stood out - as in really stood out!  This is the pandan taste that I've always wondered about.  She combined it with macapuno and it enhanced the pandan taste!  I really really loved the icing - there I said it!  Hahaha!!  I super loved tasting the pandan in the icing.  Super!!

Below are the assortments of bread that Eunice makes, they're P40.00 each (minimum of 12 pieces)

Cheese Rolls, BBQ Pork Buns, Chicken Asado Buns

Caramel Cheesy Ensaymada

 BBQ Pork Bun

Eunice's buns are softest and lightest that I've ever tasted.  The filling is just right (but secretly - I hope it's more - hahaha!!)  and it's very good.  I hope she can sell the buns without the filling!  Hahaha.. (Demanding!)

Thank you Eunice!  We looooved the Kiam Pung, Pandan Macapuno cake and the breads.  I am so happy that through you I can experience authentic Chinese cooking!  I must say, you are very lucky to have been taught to cook the traditional Chinese dishes - teach me?  Just kidding!  Hahaha..  Oh!  BTW - she also makes the Birthday Misua!

For orders, please contact Eunice on the numbers below: