On the go with Lysol To Go!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A few months back I was invited to the launch of Lysol Wipes.  I was so happy with the product that I even brought some with me to during our trip!  It was a lifesaver for us, especially when using public toilets!  I can't stress enough the convenience it has - I used it on the plane, in the airport, in restaurants, and other places.  It's so very useful!

In line with this, Lysol is launching a new product - Lysol To Go!

What is it exactly?  It's a miniature version of the trusty Lysol spray!  It's small and handy that you a can keep it in your bag and bring it with you everyday, everywhere!  Imagine my delight!  I am maarte when it comes to cleanliness so this is really something that makes me giddy with delight.

I was telling Michelle, Lysol's brand manager that I used to lug around a small atomizer with diluted Lysol concentrate in my bag since I'm quite OC on cleanliness.  She now tells me that I can stop doing that and just bring this with me!  So convenient right?  Super!!

We were treated to a very nice joyride!  Literally we were moms on the go as we discussed the products of Lysol and the benefits of Lysol To Go!

Lysol To Go will be available in leading supermarkets this month!  The price is super too - Php150.00!  Michelle told us that this powerful little thing lasts up to 60+ 3 second sprays!  Yes, they even counted it for us!  Hahaha!!

There are germs everywhere - and it's a threat to everyone, especially to our kids.  You know how they're innocent and naive on these things and so we do our best to protect them!  Lysol kills 99.9% of germs - and this comes in handy for us on the go moms.  Just spray it on a surface and wipe - and that area is clean! :) I used to think that Lysol was only to clean the air - I was corrected by Michelle - she said it's often the misconception, but in fact - Lysol is a surface disinfectant!  You spray it on the surface - door knobs, tables, chairs, cabinets, children's toys - and voila, clean and germ free!

So watch out for this in your favorite supermarkets.  Be sure to get one for every family member!  That's what I will do, one for every kid's bag!  Hahaha!!  Yes, I am OC that way.

Thank you Lysol Philippines for bringing it to our shores!  

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  1. These product sounds good because as a mom we need to keep our kids away from germs.